Episode 50: The Tell-All Show


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We celebrate 50 episodes under The Digi Show banner. Steph, Katie and Peppermint are sharing their biggest secrets:

  • Our secret indulgences (this might shock you)
  • Why Steph doesn’t share her last name
  • Steph’s most traumatic experience in the digital community in the past 9 years
  • Who Katie and Peppermint like to make fun of
  • How Peppermint decides who to collab with.
  • Which pick by someone else on the show has changed our lives.
  • How Steph decides what designers will contribute to The Digi Files when.

Joining the Discussion:

Peppermint Granberg
Katie Nelson

From the Show:



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54 Responses to Episode 50: The Tell-All Show

  1. Laurel says:

    What a fun show! I loved it. I was amazed to hear how much lead time goes into TDF. It’s something I never even thought about — truly amazing!

    I think we should all take a digi scrap trip to New Zealand and Australia…and go find some Hobbits. Sounds like a ton of fun to me!

    Thanks for another great year of The Digi Show, and may there be many, many more!


  2. BlueFeathered1 says:

    In my family, my husband is usually the font of technical knowledge and I LOVE it when I learn of something cool or new from Peppermint. Many times I have paused the showed and run into my husband’s study and said “Did you know ______?” and he confesses it’s news (and I notice he’s Googling as I leave).

  3. Anna Forrest says:

    I loved Peppermint’s comment that she learns things because she broke them – that is so me too!

  4. BlueFeathered1 says:

    Steph, I can’t believe didn’t think of this before! Plan four trips a year to places that provide the hair extension services you are seeking. I would think you can work the visits in with business trips — or you could beg for listeners to take you in to keep your costs down. I don’t think Sun City is a hotbed of hair extensions (it doesn’t even look like a hotbed of hair) but you’d be welcome if you find a beautician in central Texas.

  5. Lucrecia says:

    What a fun show!! I love how one question can lead you ladies off on so many rabbit holes of interesting info!!

    So glad I’m not the only one with a diet soda addiction – but Pepsi? Really? I may have to re-think my allegiance. *Sigh*

    I’m with Peppermint on the computer knowledge – I was too dumb to know that I could break something in the beginning so I wasn’t afraid to go in and mess around. Expensive learning curve right there!

    • BlueFeathered1 says:

      Lucrecia, if your beverage of choice is Diet Coke rest assured you’re not alone. I drink Diet Coke and my husband favors Caffeine Free Diet Coke — so the silver Cokes are mine and the Gold ones are his — no fighting (we are like little kids who need to color-code their belongings). Be that as it may, we enjoy fountain Diet Pepsi when we are out but loathe it in the can. The two are so different. We used to succumb to a great sale price on Diet Pepsi in cans from time to time and usually ended up giving all the cans away save the two we opened in the first place. The last time was in 2007 and we believe that truly was the last time.

      • Steph says:

        Well…if you must know…lol. I only drink Diet Mt. Dew out of a can and then switch to Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi in the afternoon or evening.

        I LOVE Diet Pepsi out of the fountain and try very hard to get one a day!!

        I do not like Diet Coke in any form, but I will tolerate it over water. I really don’t like Diet Coke at McDonald’s or Disney…sadly! I do like the Disney Diet Coke with vanilla or cherry though on Main Street.

        NOW you know far more than most people about my diet soda indulgence! Hahaha!

      • Peppermint says:

        I’ll drink Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, I’m not all that partial – especially when it comes to fountain soda. Really any diet soda is fine by me, I just can’t tolerate much sugar – makes my stomach hurt. And after all these years of drinking diet sodas the regular ones are like getting punched in the mouth. I usually keep some Diet 7up (for vodka drinks!), Diet Orange and Diet Root Beer around, too. And lately Nicholas has gotten me addicted to that Mio water enhancer stuff .. just the Blueberry Lemonade flavor. And blood orange San Pellgrino. I drink a lot of different stuff, but there’s always Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke around, that’s the one constant.

      • Lara Read says:

        Funny I was sipping on a diet Pepsi listening to this show!. I prefer fountain soda over canned or bottles any day. :)

  6. Erika says:

    What a great show just finished it. Lots of great info! Here to another 50 shows

  7. Maribeth says:

    What a fun show! Steph – I, too, was diagnosed last summer with Peripheral Spondyloarthropathy (in the Ankylosing Spondylitis family). So far the meds seem to be working. I also go to the Y every day for Aqua Aerobics which has been as important as the meds, if not moreso. Recently, since I have other auto-immune diseases in my family, specifically Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, I have stopped eating gluten. There has been research that it can help ease the pain caused by the inflammatory arthritis. I hope you feel better and better and thanks for a fun show!

    • Steph says:

      Thanks Maribeth! So good to hear you have found things that work for you!! Thanks for the well-wishes! They aren’t 100% sure that’s what I have and think I may be in the early stages of some other kind of auto immune disorder. The medication I’m on now is mostly working for the pain, but seems to be decreasing in effectiveness (someone tell me if that is the right or wrong version of that word…lol).

      The weather definitely plays a huge part, so getting to an area with less rain should help…I hope!

  8. Angie says:

    Great show ladies – one of the best yet. One thing I have learned being an accountant and a teckie Peppermint is that if you press all the buttons, you will eventually hit the right one. Katie, you are such a trooper. The things you do for your kids. You need a mom badge :-}. Peppermint you get a teckie badge and Steph – you get the podcast GURU badge. I hope you make it to 500 episodes but that is me dreaming!

    • Heddy says:

      You know — they’d get to 500 episodes a lot sooner if they did TWO shows a week instead of just one. (Not to mention the fact that many houses would be substantially cleaner because of all the listeners who clean while tuning into The Digi Show!)

      Just kidding around, ladies! The Digi Show is a highlight of my week. :) I love the hour I spend with all of you!

      • Angie says:

        If only we could get 2 – 2 hour shows per week I would only have to find two extra hours of podcasts per week and I would have all my commuting covered!

      • Angie says:

        Oh and if we could get them to tape it and put it on youtube we could see what kind of Jammies they wear! Just kidding. That is a topic for another 50th episode show.

      • McAmy says:

        I agree Heddy, I get a lot of laundry and cleaning done while listening to the show. Then the show ends and I stand there thinking “now what?…. oh yea, I should probably finish cleaning”. love the show!

      • Steph says:

        The thought of 2 shows a week almost gave me a panic attack there! :)

        • carrie says:

          So I guess three shows a week is out of the question, huh? I guess I’ll have to settle to listening to older episodes.

          It’s a good sign when your audience is left wanting more. :D

    • Katie says:

      You are so sweet Angie! Thanks for the virtual badge :)

  9. Tammy says:

    Katie, I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only homeschooling mom who has a hard time with math! I was okay until my son started middle school last year. This year, both of my boys will have middle school math & I am NOT looking forward to it! I’m so glad I will have help with it :)

    • carrie says:

      I was glad to hear that, too, Tammy! Same situation here at my house. I use Splash Math app a lot to help my son practice the basics and Khan Academy’s (http://www.khanacademy.org/ ) website–it’s free– has great how-to videos for just about every bit of math you can imagine. If it weren’t for those two things, my poor kid would be ultra confused by me. I’m thinking we might use a tutor this year because I’ll be starting my business again and I don’t want the things (aka MATH) I’m not great at to get put aside because my brain hurts.

      Katie, Congrats on your son’s milestones- graduating and college! I really appreciate you sharing this with us listeners. There’s an awful lot of info available about kids in elementary school with Asperger’s, but not so much when they hit the tween and teen years. Maybe that’s because these are the first few generations of kids in this age of (new) autism understanding (and mainstreaming)? In any case, I’ve been trying to absorb everything I can about the older kiddos on this journey with autism. I am curious to hear how the both of you fare in college because one day I’m sure I’ll be walking in similar shoes.

      • Tammy says:

        Hi Carrie! Yes, Khan Academy is awesome…we used them a lot to supplement last year. Over the summer we used a free trial of Aleks Math, but will go back to using Khan once the school year starts. Best of luck in this new school year! :)

      • Katie says:

        Thanks Carrie! It is an interesting journey!

    • Katie says:

      Tammy – I’m glad to know I’m not alone on that either. The money I pay our math tutor is the best money I spend! :)

  10. LeslieM says:

    Diet Pepsi?! Really??? :O Coke Zero in a can is the only way to go! I can handle fountain diet Pepsi if I mix in about 20% cherry Pepsi or Dr. Pepper in the top. ;)

    I love Feedly too, and set up my feeds into a few categories. I set up the Daily Digi and the Digi Show feeds into my “daily” category (along with a few others) and read them once a day. I let the others accumulate and look them over once a month or so.

    Good luck to Katie’s son in college. That’s so great he (and mom) are moving on. I bet it works out just fine. I can see Katie getting her routine down pat very soon into the year.

  11. Donna Jackison says:

    Great to hear you mention New Zealand as I live in Auckland New Zealand and listen to you ladies while scrapbooking. It would be great to have you here for a visit, we are lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world and would are known for our great hospitality.
    Because we have such a small population 4.5 million people, paper scrap supplies were very limited, but with digital scrapbooking I am able to shop till my hearts content. I have picked up some great tips and have now got all my supplies and photos catalogued which has made things a lot easier. From a long distance away you ladies make me feel as if am part of your community. Keep up the good work!

  12. Chris Simmons says:

    Hello, I enjoyed the episode as I do them all. Thanks for providing such a wonderful resource and CONGRATS on this milestone. My question has nothing to do with the episode but with sharing digital photos.

    As the family genealogist, I have amassed tons of family history photos and documents that I have scanned from relatives, culled from online genealogical databases and scanned at courthouses. Understandably people have been requesting copies of the photos. I have no problem in sharing but technically it has been a challenge so I have a backlog of photo requests. Some have accused me of being selfish and hoarding the photos (they say it jokingly but I am sure they totally mean it) and others are just patiently waiting. So my question: My technical problem is that I do not want to just put the jpegs on a cd and call it a day because some of these folks would not know what to do with it or have viewing software that would make it simple. I cannot scrap all of these photos and provide layouts. Even if I did, I would still have the problem of how to create the CD so it would be easy for them to use. What I would like is a way to put the images on a CD along with a simple viewer that can be launched from the CD. I might put a few completed layouts on the CD as well as a few genealogical documents that I have come across. Do you have any suggestions of programs and methods to get these photos to others in a user friendly way. Thanks so much for your help! Chris

  13. Peggy M says:

    Loved this show! I always feel as if I have all of you in the car with me while I head to the campground and listen.

    Peppermint is so on target about learning things when you “break” them. Many years ago, I sat on a committee testing a “new” product called Windows 3.0 and Microsoft’s Excel for our accounting department to compare to QuattroPro and Lotus. We’d been using Lotus since moving off SuperCalc (yeah, it’s been a while). We were specifically told to “go see if you can break them” to determine how other users in the department would fit with the newer versions. We knew then that people will find a way for technology to “break” and get frustrated & wanted to limit how much frustration there would be. (BTW, we did move to that new Windows product.)

    I’ve always kept that theory when learning new software now. Play with it, see if you can break it and learn all the ins/outs at the same time. More often than not, most of us learn to use what we need to use and then stop. In the “Afraid of the Magic” episode, you talked about using spreadsheets to manage trips etc. If people would learn what spreadsheets (and word processing software too) actually can do (instead of often forcing it to do something else), they would feel as if they have unleashed the technology. Too often we don’t let technology do for us what it really can do & just make it harder on ourselves in the end.

  14. Tammy says:

    Hi Steph, I’m very sorry to hear about your diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I hope that you’re able to find a medication that works and really helps! I have a question kind of related to that. I have noticed as I’m getting older (*sigh*) that I have the beginning of arthritis in a couple of the fingers on my right hand…probably from all the crafting over the years! It gets worse when I’m using a mouse at the computer for extended periods. I know this is nothing like Rheumatoid, but I’m wondering if you (or anyone else reading) have had this issue & if you have any suggestions to make it easier on my poor ‘old’ hands to digiscrap. ;)

    Also, Peppermint, I can totally relate to you learning how to do things because you “break” them. My motto has always been, “Play with it until it works” :) I learn a lot that way!

    • Katie says:

      I have some arthritis in my hands as well. My doctor told me that crafting and typing is actually good for me because it keeps my hands nimble. But it does hurt sometimes! I find that I have to keep my hands warm as the cold really makes it worse. Sometimes I even soak them in a warm bath or even a sink full of warm water if I don’t have time for a bath. It seems that if I massage them at night with some cocoa butter, that helps also. No fun!

      • Maribeth says:

        Katie – Bengay Cold Therapy has been a godsend for my arthritis. Even though it’s cold, it helps so much, especially on my hands and feet and works really fast. You might want to give it a try!

  15. Lara Read says:

    I was wondering if you have done anything different when posting this show and the last one? I have an android and google Listen App to listen to my podcast. For some reason my listen App is not picking up the new posts. Did you change the feed URL or anything like that? Just trying to figure it out. THanks for all your great work!! Lara

    • Anna Forrest says:

      I read somewhere Googles’ listen app was being discontinued. Maybe that is having an impact? I dunno. Anyone have an alternative to this app?

      • Steph says:

        Yes, Google is shutting down Listen. You can only listen to what you have already downloaded, not download anything new.

        We are also listed in Miro (not sure if that’s Android or not) and I have applied to be part of Stitcher, but haven’t heard anything yet.

        Does that help?

        • Lara Read says:

          Yes that does help. Thanks. Listen wasn’t that great anyway. I found you in the Podcast App BeyondPods and it is working great. Thanks again! Lara

  16. Stacey says:

    I just picked up digital scrapbooking about a month ago while I’ve been on bed rest. I had quit paper scrapbooking because it was so much more time consuming, costly, and took up a lot of space to do that I didn’t have. I joined the Digi Files almost as soon as I started digi scrapping. I have been going back and listening to the older episodes and I love to do this while I am scrapping! My husband has gotten to recognize you guys by my stories of what happened on the podcasts I listened to during the day. Now I just hope that the discount code will be available when I get out of the hospital after having the baby next week!

    • Steph says:

      Congratulations Stacey! I think we can all relate to the reasons you went digi! How funny that your hubby “knows” us so well! ;)

      If everything goes as scheduled, The Playbook Packs will be released on the 15th and the code will be good for members for a week from then (or whenever it’s released).

  17. Valerie says:

    OMG! Help! Maybe this should go somewhere else, but my computer froze while PSE was starting up. I did a hard restart, and now when I open PSE all my actions are gone!
    What do I do?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

  18. Angie says:

    C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\10.0\Photo Creations\photo effects

    Check to see if they are still there
    C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\10.0\Locale\en_us

    Go in here
    delete this file


    start pse again, it will restructure

    or look under hummies world “how to add actions”

  19. Angie says:


  20. Becca says:

    I’m still catching up on this episode, but had to recommend a podcast for Katie, Peppermint & any other Survivor fans. It’s “Survivor Fans Podcast” and when the show is airing, there are 3 episodes a week– recap of the show by the hosts, interview with the person who was voted off, and a listener feedback episode where loads of fans call or write in their thoughts on the episode. It really enhances the Survivor experience! :)

  21. KristiG says:

    Katie, I told my husband about what you shared about going to college with your son. We both thought this was admirable, and have a little understanding of the situation as we have a daughter with special needs as well (Down Syndrome). However, she’s just starting Kinder this year, so we’re not quite where you are yet! Anyway, my husband said he thinks that P&G (Proctor & Gamble) should make an ad about you! If you’ve been watching the Olympics you’ve seen all those tear-jerker ads about the super-supportive Moms of Olympic athletes. I just thought you might appreciate hearing that. And don’t worry, we haven’t told P&G so they probably won’t actually be following you around with cameras any time soon!

  22. Trisha aka Iceteeeeee says:

    Great show, but I still want to know the story behind Peppermint’s name!;)