Q: Where can I find the older episodes before you took the show out on your own?

A: /digishow

Q: Steph, why don’t you use your last name?

A: I share the details of this in episode 50.

Q: Where do you print?

We talk about this a lot in episode 52

A Steph: I print most of my 12×12 layouts at Persnickety Prints and I print my photobooks at Adoramapix.com. I always use matte when given an option (or anything non-glossy)

A Peppermint: I’ve printed all of my 8×8 layouts at ScrappingSimply.com (matte finish) so far and been pleased with the results. I’ve printed photobooks at Blurb.com – but only two. I’m mainly a layout girl, the photobooks were theme specific.

A Katie: I print all my layouts in 8×8 size matte finish at Persnickety Prints. If I need something done the same day, I will go to Costco, but I really notice that Persnickety has the best quality. I have only done a few photobooks in the past at Shutterfly and they turned out nice. I would love to try both Adoramapix and Blurb though.

Q: What kind of external harddrive do you use?

A Steph:  I try to stay away from Western Digital. I use Seagate and my next purchase will be a Lacee. But, reality is that all drives will fail!

A Peppermint: Whichever is on sale? Haha. I’ve had better luck with Western Digital on the non-portable drives, with Seagate on the USB-powered portables.

A Katie: I’ve had the best luck with Seagate. I only use USB portables and I have 2 of them, both in 1 TB size. I’ve never had a problem with them (knock on wood). I also stay away from Western Digital as I had a few of those fail on me.

Q: What is your backup system?

A Steph:  I was using Crashplan but was not happy with my restore experience when I needed a whole drive shipped to me. I will most likely continue using Crashplan for local backups and will be switching to a new online back up soon.

A Peppermint: I’m a CrashPlan devotee, I use them for both my off-site and local backups. I talk about optimizing your bandwidth settings in the comments of Episode 38 so you can mitigate the “Your initial back-up will be complete in 40 years” problem when you first back up.

A Katie: I really wanted to love CrashPlan, but I confessed my ineptitude at figuring the whole thing out in Episode 38. I currently use a few different methods for backing everything up: 1) I make copies of everything on two different external hard drives 2) I also back up all my photos to Flickr using a pro account so I can access full-size resolution copies of my images (Bulkr, my pick from episode 12 is a great way to do mass downloads from Flickr) 3) I also back everything up to a pro-plus level yousendit.com account. I zip all my files and upload them. 4) Every once in a while I make a back up set of dvds and give them to my Mom to store at her house.

My system is definitely a manual one – I have to manually add all of these files to each place, but I’m in total control of how it’s backed up and I can download any single file at any time from my online backup sources.

Q: What software do you use and what do you recommend for newbies?

A: We talk a lot about this in episode 52. Steph and Peppermint use PSCS, Katie uses Photoshop Elements. We all recommend using what you have or using (buying or the 30 day free trial) Photoshop Elements if you don’t already own software.

Q: Is there an RSS feed to subscribe to the comments?

A: Yes. The feed for the comments left on all of our shows is located at: https://thedigishow.com/comments/feed/






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