Episode 21: Equal Opportunity Technology

Join Steph, Peppermint, Katie, and Anna discuss projects. What projects did they try this past year? Were they successful?  What projects are they committing to for next year or are they?

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Joining the Discussion:
Katie Nelson
Peppermint Granberg
Anna Aspnes

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Picks of The Week:
Peppermint: PinholePress.com
Anna: Finding Photo Flow and iPad Case
Katie: Photo JoJo Holiday Shopping Guide

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44 Responses to Episode 21: Equal Opportunity Technology

  1. mrshobbes says:

    Hi Steph! Obviously I’m so excited to get a new episode because I haven’t even gotten my email notification yet, lol! (I’m too early, I know!) But when you right-click the link it goes to the previous episode. :/ Listening to it right on the site, though–I need my TDS fix, lol!

  2. linda says:

    Love Peppermint’s thoughts about her project attempts and how she needed to re-evaluate and really figure out what she enjoys and feels the happiest doing… I agree that it is easy to follow the flow at times, like assignments. But it doesn’t always serve our own personal interests and goals…

  3. ari macias says:

    peppermint is my twin:)
    i have been going thru pretty much the same thing she is. i purchased a project life album and i was finding that i was printing pictures that i was “saving” for digital pages to include in the binder. having the big binder that i had to pull out to put all the little things in wore me out. i think i made it to may and then i put it away. the guilt that i felt that a. i spent a big chunk of money on yet another project that was left by the wayside and b. that i added a bunch of paper stuff to the stash that was not being used was KILLING me. i kept thinking that those 60+ dollars could have been better used printing 60 pages @ persnickety. UGH!!!!!! no bueno for the mojo.
    the big reason why i switched to digi is because we just have no space left i our house for storage. the biggest piece of furniture we have is the huge expedit bookcase that is full of scrapbooks that are completed, plus the four or so plastic storage bins that have all my minibooks in. it was overwhelming and it was just too much. 8×8 pages are perfect because they are flat and small and just AWESOME.
    so this is what i did: i took all the project life stuff and put it into a box wih a corner rounder, adhesive, square punch, and and scissors. i purchased a box of baseball card page protectors in both vertical and horizontal. i have a HUGE box of ugly pages that just took up space, so i am slowly going thru them and cutting down the pictures to fit. the pages are all in a 3 ring office binder that i am calling “Life”. this is what it looks like:
    i am enjoying it so much that i purchased a box of BH’s assorted protectors for the big 12×12 binders and it looks like this:
    in between doing my digi pages to continue my life flow, i am doing these two projects. i feel like i am accomplishing so much more in both my memorykeeping AND my storage issues. totally works for me! i really believe in doing what feels RIGHT:)

    • Peppermint says:

      I love how you repurposed! When my husband and I started talking about going to IKEA to buy the L-arm for my desk, I knew I had some decisions to make as far as my projects go. My office isn’t that big to begin with, and I’m like a goldfish in that I seem to grow to fit whatever my surroundings allow.

  4. ari macias says:

    welcome to the dark side, steph!!!!

  5. Eve says:

    Really enjoy all the episodes, use them as my ‘me time’ and work on organizing kits while I listen.

    I really liked today’s conversation on ‘projects'; my biggest problem is feeling like it is too late to start something… like I am planning on doing a P52 in 2012, but part of me does not want to because I didn’t do it in 2011. Do yall ever have a hesitation or feeling of guilt almost about starting something new like that?

    I am going to try it regardless, but I wanted to know if I am crazy for feeling strange about it LOL

    • Peppermint says:

      I feel hesitation every time I start a new project, especially a long-term one. Although I felt no hesitation in beginning New52 this year (where I do one new thing each week) but that was because it was more of a life-experience thing than a hobby that would require supplies or a dedicated period of time.

      Guilt? Maybe not so much. I tend to feel the guilt once I’m actually IN the project. Haha.

  6. Linda says:

    P-have you thought of getting a micro 3/4 camera…they are about $600 at max and r pretty cool looking. I am stalking the Panasonic Lumix GF2 or the GH2. I upgraded last year because I had a D70 and didn’t want to go higher until they had video on the DSLRs.

    • Linda says:

      ooh…and tax returns r the reason and you know you can write it off as a business expense too…just saying

  7. mrshobbes says:

    This episode has made me reevaluate the list of projects I want to do for next year. I started my list sometime in November, but like P, I think I was planning all these little things to clutter up my bigger issue. So i went back to my list and started deleting stuff to do, and then putting smaller projects under more major ones (categories). So for next year I have three major categories I want to work on: my blog/website and getting that off the ground, myself with personal and doable projects like getting back into an exercise regimen, and scrapbooking, with maximum three projects I will work on, only one of which will be year-round. I really enjoyed the projects I did this year, and the fact that other people were doing it as well helped me. But I realize, like P, that in the long run if it doesn’t give me gut-wrenching joy to do it, my passion for the project will fizzle out.

    Thanks so much for being vulnerable enough to share how you felt, P! It certainly inspired me to think hard about where I want to go with my scrapbooking for next year–and beyond :)

    PS/Thanks SO much for reading my comment, Katie! That gave me such a thrill :) You know what’s cute is sometimes it’s like you and Steph finish each other’s sentences or that you both know what the other is thinking–even through just a Skype call, lol. :)

    • steph says:

      It’s so funny that you picked up on that. We actually do it a lot! Quite often we will email one another about the same topic or with the same idea at the exact same time. I always play the Twilight Zone theme in my head when it happens. It’s really crazy! But, I think a lot of that is that we “get” each other, we are on the same page with our goals and objectives (and everything else), and we really do love working together. We always say that we make a good team and we really do!

      • Katie says:

        So totally true! We really can finish each other’s sentences a lot of the time because we seem to be on the same wavelength so frequently. Awesome!

  8. Angie Gladwell says:

    I think you should have named the show “Peppermint’s Therapy”. I can so relate to how she feels so overwhelmed. I went back to work with a one year old and a three year old. I commute two hours a day and those precious minutes at home are spent making dinner and trying to get a three year old to bed on time. I think about all the great pages I can make but when I get home I am too exhausted to do anything. Peppermint hang in there – I know how you feel.

    To make you feel better I have a huge list of picks for you:
    Elements+ It is only 12 dollars and is an add on to elements

    Any thing annaaspnes – yes I know I have a problem


    Digital Goulash Elements training videos for your ipod for free

    Stephanie Howell`s blog – she has four babies and her husband is in the military – when I feel sorry for myself I read her blog and kick myself because she has twice as many kids and she does it by herself sometimes.


    Great show

  9. PattiP says:

    Re scheduling scrapping: It is something that my scrappy friend Trish & I have done and boy it helps! We get together everyone Monday, and if we can’t get together, we spend as much of the day working on projects while we scrap. Sometimes we do classes together that we’ve both signed up for, sometimes we are working on our own separate projects. It’s helped us both get a lot done this year, we brainstorm ideas about solving problems with projects, storage, layouts, etc. I highly recommend scheduling scrap time, and also, when possible, scrap with a friend. It helps make sure you actually use that time for scrapping.

    • PattiP says:

      I obviously hit post before proofing!. What I meant to say is that we get together every Monday, and if we can’t get together we Skype.

  10. Laura says:

    Hi, guys! I’ve been listening since the beginning (the first beginning, actually) and I love every show. My question has nothing to do with this particular show (well, maybe it does, I haven’t listened yet, I’m a little behind) but with digi scrapping in general. I’m a paper scrapper, but I do plenty of hybrid stuff. I think I could be convinced to come over to the dark side for one reason: the ability you all talk about being able to reprint layouts in any size you want. I dream of printing layouts in 12×12 for me, but then being able to print my favorites in 6×6 or so to give as gifts. The grandparents would love these! But, I’ve always wondered how this works. Is the journaling or even the title still legible at that small size? Or do you reformat the journaling to make it work in the new size? Do the photos get too small? Are word-based embellishements left unreadable?

    Just a tidbit that has always had me wondering. Thanks for your help, and keep doing what you’re doing! It’s gets me through my long (hour plus each way) commute!

    • StudioWendy says:

      That a great question! I scrap 12×12, but print 8×8, so I usually make my journaling plenty big on the 12×12 (usually 18 point). When I reduce it, it’s just about right. But, if I were to size down to 6×6, I’d either need to start bigger, or probably rework the journaling to fit the 6×6.

  11. Sarah T says:

    Can I make a confession? I just finished my December Daily from 2009 today. How’s that for a project fail!

    When I listened to the show last week with Ali and you all talking about December Daily, I remembered that I had worked on it once, and I wondered how far I had gotten before I finished. You wanna know? I got stuck on December 22. December 22!!!!!! I looked back in my files and found that I was super organized. I had actually made notes, listed details, chosen templates, and tagged pictures all the way through December 25, but just hadn’t finished it.

    You know what’s making me finish it now (besides the shame of only being 3 days away from accomplishing this project)? I have a gift card code to a photobook site that expires next week, and it’s the project that’s closest to being done.

    When I listened to this episode, my heart resonated with Peppermint’s. Projects aren’t what keep me going. Telling the story that’s on my heart is what does – whether it’s an old story or new. It’s ok not to be project oriented. Knowing what works and motivates and inspires you is indeed powerful.

    • Lucrecia says:

      You finished the project, so thats not fail at all!!! Congrats on going back and wrapping it up!

  12. Sarah T says:

    Here’s a question I hope you will consider discussing. What tips do you have for being a success in taking an online scrapping class? There have been several classes over the past few months I’ve really wanted to take, but have been gun shy in actually buying them. I’m afraid that I’ll buy the class and then not have the time to get all out of the class that I can and end up wasting my money. How much time per day does the average class take? What do you look for in a class that you’ll take and enjoy? What do you do when “life” gets in the way?

  13. sarahdg says:

    I tried something new last year in my yearly album. My albums are chronological, so I did a page of “random” pictures from each month before the rest of the layouts from that month. In the past, I had always stuck in a couple of random pages here and there, and I found that I like my new method of putting the “random” photos on monthly layouts much better. Maybe it’s kind of like a monthly “Project 12″ (instead of P365 or P52).

    In 2012 I’m going to try something very new for me. I’m going to try to scrap fewer pictures. Eek! In my life in general I subscribe to the theory that if you have a lot of stuff and think that everything is “special,” nothing is truly special. A while back on the PRT I heard Stacey Julian apply basically the same theory to photographs. She said that if there is no scarcity, none of the pictures hold special value. So this coming year I’m going to try to scrapbook only the most special and wonderful pictures. I’ll still take a ton and upload a ton to Picasa, but I’m going to try to make the scrapbook about just the most special pictures, moments, and events. We’ll see how it goes!


  14. Lyndel says:

    This show was perfect timing for me, I had just created a new blog for whatever long term project I decide to document in 2012. Funny how the show ended up being about what we aren’t going to do next year. I say “we” because I always feel part of the conversation :-)

    I started the year with a whole list of things that were my creative project goals for the year. Most remain unfinished or even unstarted. The one project that has been a perfect fit for me is “A Year of Weekends”. The inspiration came from Peppermint’s blog at the end of last year and it has worked so well for me because it’s only one layout a week and the weekend is when I naturally take photos. Our family has always focused on that mini holiday we get every week. I set up a blog specifically for the project and will make a photobook as soon as the year is done. It’s been fun for me, and my family like it too – we can really see what we did with our year. I designed some simple blocky templates and the journaling is never anything particularly stellar, but it works and any other layouts I do can be just for fun to stretch my creative muscles.

    I did year in review photobooks for 2006, 2007 and 2008 and love them. In 2009 I attempted P365 and that is stalled at Day 270, but I haven’t given up on pulling the last 95 photos from the archives. My year in review book for that year made it to May (so far). 2010 is MIA. There is a lesson there somewhere. Less is definitely more achievable.

    Like Katie, I love this time of the year and enjoy the process of waiting for my “one little word” to find me – not that I have ever scrapbooked about it, it’s more of a spiritual focus for the year. I still don’t know what theme I will follow next year, but that’s OK, it will become clear in time – the new blog is tentatively titled “A Year of Adventures” and I’m sure it will be.

    School finishes here this week and we will be heading off to the beach for some camping on Friday, so I’ll take the opportunity now to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year. The Digi Show is a happy place in my week. I still listen to the Roundtable – too much scrap talk is never enough – but the Digi Show is home. Thank you for all the effort you put into arranging it all and getting it posted, I doubt you realise just how appreciated it is. Thanks so much and I so look forward to hanging out with you guys in 2012.

    xx Lyndel in Tasmania

  15. Tina says:

    Hello ladies ~ great show! I had to listen twice so I could remember all I wanted to comment on. First of all I totally get what Peppermint was saying about projects. It reminds of my paper scrapping days when the big thing was “swaps.” We had a scrapbook club that met once a month and every month we could sign up for a new swap. You talk about crazy ~ it didn’t take me long to realize that these swaps were eating up all my scrapping time and everyone else’s. It’s kinda like that with projects…you dive in thinking it will help you scrap more, but for me (liek Peppermint) it’s simply a diversion to the big picture ~ our story. I’ve signed up for Katie’s Round-up class and I’m determined that this will be my one project for 2012.

    Here’s a tip for Peppermint’s “I need a new camera” dilemma: park your car at the gym, leave your camera in it’s case in the floor board of the front seat even though your mother taught you better but you’re in a hurry and not thinking, then wait…this is not a guaranteed method, but unfortunately it worked for me. I was devastated when this happened. Eventually my hubby got tired of all my moping around and bought me a new Canon Rebel. I was doing the math when you all were talking about your cameras and couldn’t believe it’s already been 5 years since that fateful day. I still love my camera ~ it still feels new to me. My ISO goes up to 1800 so for now I’m happy with that. :)

    I too am hoping to find an iPad with my name on it under the tree this year. And I’ve already had my eye on those iPad cases Anna was talking about. My 9 year old has his eye on everything else in the Brookestone catalog. :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 to all of you!

  16. Laurel says:

    Hi Ladies,

    Love this episode! I’ve listened to every episode, but rarely comment. I loved the conversation about Project Life and 365. I just read a post on Simple Scrapper this morning that really made me think (http://www.simplescrapper.com/2011/12/12/has-everyday-scrapping-gone-too-far/). I have done 365/Project Life for 2 of the last 3 years. I enjoy it, but sometimes I wonder if it’s really accomplishing what I want it to, and often feel it’s something “I have to do.” I’d love to hear the regulars take on this article.

    As for Steph’s announcement — Congrats! I was a PC girl in college (had to use a mac for an education class and HATED it!). My husband had a colleague who convinced him to switch to a mac about 5 years ago. I got an iMac about a year after that. I’ll never go back unless there are some MAJOR changes in the market. Mac costumer service is amazing! I keep hinting that I need a macbook now so I can scrap on the couch by my hubby. Might have to be my own Santa on that one :) That leads me to a question that I don’t know if you’ll know the answer to. I think Digipalooza sounds like so much fun, but I’m not on a laptop. Will there still be stuff I could do? What about the classes, is everyone expected to be on a laptop?

    Thanks so much ladies for all of the time you put into this show, your blogs, and products. If you lived next door I’d bring you cookies :)

    Keep smilin’


    • Laurel says:

      oops–I meant Digiscrapapalooza, you probably figured out that one out, but thought I’d make sure ;)

    • mrshobbes says:

      Laurel, I was just coming here to post that very link! Jennifer’s thoughts on PL and some of the “consequences” she listed reminded me of P’s words about feeling obligated to scrap. I embarked on a LOT of scrap-based projects this year so I don’t disparage PL. But I know I couldn’t handle a year-long project with the kind of documentation that PL entails. I *do* however, plan on having a PL-approach to a 2009 trip/cruise to Alaska because I collected *so* much ephemera from that trip, so having them all in page protectors bound together and some scribbled notes is appealing to me. But doing my trip is way easier than a year-long process, I think.

      • Laurel says:

        I think it’s a very fine line between becoming a chore, and really enjoying it. I’ve done mine completely digital both years, so there’s no ephemera (although I think I’ll add that kind of stuff to my next Week in the Life because I think some of it can be very interesting years later). I used to keep a journal, but I can’t get motivated to do it anymore — Project Life/365 acts as my daily journal –which is the whole reason I keep it up.

  17. I’m on month 6 with a Mac and I still hate it. I’m hoping that next month I’ll start loving it.

  18. Aino says:

    Hi there ladies!
    I have enjoyed your shows for a while now – I download on my Android smartphone and listen to them in the car on my way to work or while doing chores at home. I have even taken you along to do my groceries – which I really can’t stand doing, but together with you I was doing it with a smile. :D

    I also enjoy the episodes where my “old” Designer Digitals fellow ladies come on stage, i,e, Patty, Debbie or Anna. (I was on the DD CT team for a while). I was thrilled to hear how chirpy and happy Anna was in this show I listened to today – she is always a great inspiration to me. And I truly enjoyed Peppermint’s personal dilemma story …. I know EXACTLY what she says, as I have a lot of the same thoughts on my scrapping this last year. OK, so I have had to make a choice and put it away in order to make time for my “real” work for the time being, but somehow my scrapping has lost it’s ….. vibe, and I miss it.
    Anyway, just wanted to let y’all know I enjoy you and you are fun to listen to.
    Keep up the good work Steph, Katie and Peppermint !!

  19. LaraR says:

    I took Kayla’s class during her second round and I love being able to go back and review the lessons and read up on discussions that continue to go on. That is the great thing about that class is you have a lifetime membership so he can even follow the new discussions and get any updates if needed.

    Anna mentioned how Kayla set up blocks of time to work with you one on one over the phone. I just had my 30 min session with her and it goes in my book of AWESOME. Figured out a great import flow, printing tips and folder management. I could spend all day with her, that 30 min went by too fast.

    I found Kayla through the Digi Show when she was on last year and got Light Room for Christmas last year because of the show she was on. I still listen to it over and over. Thanks for having such great guests on the show I learn every time I listen. Merry Christmas!

  20. Chelle says:

    I appreciated the discussion about including more photos of yourself. My teen daughters are getting pretty good with the camera, so I have a few photos of myself with our youngest, but I really want to have more. I found these tips from Sarah Wilkerson helpful: http://onestorydown.com/2011/11/bash6-cm/

    My project for 2012 is to be IN more of the photos. I haven’t worked out all the details, but I’m determined to do it. I followed Sarah’s advice and got a remote. Now I can capture the candid interactions with my children.

  21. Kat says:

    I really loved your conversation about upgrading cameras. In May, my husband splurged and bought my first DSLR camera. I chose a CANON 60D. I picked it for several reasons, but primarily because I love Canon and my MIL (mother in law) had 2 canon lenses that she gave me to go along with it.

    I’ve loved photography as long as I can remember and my MIL has been the amateur photographer in the family. Her eyesight has gotten very bad so she can no longer take the photos she did before, sadly. She is glad I have a love for photography so there is still someone snapping away.

    My photos improved so drastically once I upgraded my camera. I can’t tell you how impressed I am. I was able to capture fireworks this 4th of July (with 4 days of practice) that blew my socks off. http://tankersley.smugmug.com/Photography My goal is to work professionally as a photographer, even just part-time if I can. I enjoy it so much.

    I have to brag a bit and put an idea out there for anyone who may not realize this could be a purchase option. We bought my camera through the local University’s campus computer store. My husband could pay off the camera on payroll deduction as a staff member. It was basically an interest free loan. We’ve paid some money down and then paid on it for an additional 7 months now and it’s paid off next week!! We also got a great deal because of the discount given to staff. If you are a college student (or have a child in college), you could consider checking with them for pricing and see if they too offer an educational discount. Our computer store will order just about anything you’d like. It’s really awesome!

  22. Tan says:

    I think it was this episode where Steph and Katie were discussing the `what we wish we knew first’ guide to digital scrapbooking? I wasn’t sure whether that was something that was available to the general public and I just missed where to get it somehow, or is it a digi files subscriber thing? Thanks!

    • steph says:

      It is free for anyone that wants it :) Just go to TheDailyDigi.com and click on the image in the sidebar that says: Free Digital Scrapbooking Manual :) The section that shares what we (and other digital scrappers) wished we would have known is toward the end. It’s a PDF and you can save the whole manual to your harddrive for reference :) ENJOY!

  23. Jen says:

    Just wanted to let you know that Peppermint’s little outburst made me laugh so hard!! I listen to you lovely ladies at work, where I sort mail at our local university. There I was, sorting away quietly with my co-workers, when I burst out laughing!! They all thought I was nuts!! I am a paper scrap booker stuck in a MAJOR rut, but I hope by listening to you all , I will be inspired to start scrapbooking in some form soon. I LOVE your show. Keep up the great work ladies!

    • Steph says:

      I don’t remember that, but I’m glad it’s making you happy and inspiring you!! :)