Episode 31: I Don’t Scrap Like That

Super Listener, Ronnie Crowley joins Steph, Katie, and Peppermint to discuss curating those stories and memories until you have a chance to scrap them. We discuss the systems, process, programs, and apps we use to help us remember the important things we want to scrap.

If you have a “pick of the week” you would like us to share on the show, please call and leave a voicemail or fill out the form below. (digi)


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Joining the Discussion

Ronnie Crowley
Katie Nelson
Peppermint Granberg

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Picks of The Week:

Peppermint: brainpickings.org

Katie: http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/  http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/mobile/

Ronnie: Slip in Style Builders here and here

Steph: breakfast tray for my laptop, mine looks like this

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29 Responses to Episode 31: I Don’t Scrap Like That

  1. Deirdre says:

    I’m just about to listen but wanted to ask a question first. Steph, since you had such success influencing Becky Higgins to go “digi” with her Project Life line, any chance you could work your magic with Amy Tan or Elizabeth Kratchner? I find myself tempted to buy their products because I love their style, but know I’ll be annoyed because I really just want them as digital elements.

    I love how Ali Edwards is able to offer some of the same products for paper scrappers through Technique Tuesday and for digi scrappers through Designers Digital. I think we need to help (ie: pressure!) American Crafts get a digital line through Jessica Sprague’s store or another venue!

    PS: Hoping that Stephanie’s pick means she tells us more about her “no back pain” set up!

  2. linda says:

    Thanks Katie for reading my comment and mentioning that she took out things from her scrapbook. I agree there is no right or wrong way.

    I want to deal with pages I don’t enjoy anymore, but I certainly don’t want to be quick to edit.

    Shimelle on the Roundtable actually shared her input, that perhaps we can put pages in a separate holding area… so they aren’t in the album when we flip through. I suppose it’s like purgatory for scrapbook pages!

    • Katie says:

      I like the idea of a holding area. The purgatory comment made me laugh because I’ve unintentionally condemned hundreds of pages to “purgatory” because I haven’t bothered to put them in albums yet!

  3. Carrie says:

    I haven’t listened to the whole show, but my husband asked me today if there was a new digi show out today– sure enough there was. When I asked my son if he was ready to listen, he surprised me with an enthusiastic “yes”. He has asperger’s syndrome and I think the sounds of your collective voices soothes him, for which I thank you! He can’t stand most other podcasts, so it’s a treat to get listen to the show while he’s awake. The Digi Show has become a family experience for us, which makes scrapping even more fun!

    • Peppermint says:

      I feel all self-conscious now for some reason. LOL

    • Katie says:

      So glad you commented! I’m not sure if you know that my son has autism? I can totally “get” what you are talking about here. When my son was little, we had almost 18 months of time where he couldn’t tolerate the tv or the radio being on. We weren’t tv junkies or anything, but it was really hard to not even be able to check the weather report or let my daughter watch Sesame Street. We had to sneak it all in when he was at school or asleep. The summer was brutal. lol! I would have been thrilled to find a podcast that he would listen to!

      That’s really neat that it can be a family experience for you to listen. My daughter likes to listen with me, but I’m afraid that my son and hubby are not so inclined. I’m always amazed when someone’s husband will listen with them.

      Thanks for being a listener!

      • Deirdre says:

        This made me laugh, because my three year old always says “NO DIGI SHOW!” when I start any podcast:) He knows my attention won’t be fully his, but I found it hilarious that he had picked up the name of the show.

  4. Nicole says:

    Had to comment and say I LOVE the Momento app. I have it on my iPhone and usually only use it when I’m traveling or otherwise away from home and have something I want to remember but don’t want to tweet or post it on Facebook because I don’t want it to be public that I’m away from home. Also, when traveling I used to write in a journal every night so I didn’t forget anything, but sometimes when I’m traveling I’d like to jot something down in the middle of the day, but don’t want to drag the journal around everywhere. Now I just pull out my iPhone and type it in Momento. Then when I get home I just sync my phone with iTunes and upload my Momento “moments” as text files onto my computer. Thanks for another awesome show!

  5. Christine M says:

    I have not even listened to the show yet, but when I saw the synopsis, thought my question would be good to post here.

    I have developed a new workflow for scrapping since I started using Lightroom. I have loaded my digi supplies (including templates) into the catalog along with my photos.

    When I download photos, I tag them, edit, and add captions and/or titles.

    As I have time, I pick my favorite photos, template, and digi supplies that I want to use in a layout, and put everything that I have selected into a quick collection (in LR). From the quick collection, I open everything in Photoshop, then use Photoshop’s “Load files into stack” script to load the open files into a single layered file. When that is complete, I save the layered file as a TIFF for later when I will have time to finish the page.

    My problem is that when the separate files are loaded into one file, the description (caption) from my photos is not added to the metadata of my layered file. I have to go back to lightroom to see what I wrote in the caption to prompt my journaling for that page.

    Is there a way to write an action or script to run that will add the title and description from the metadata of the original file to the metadata of the stacked file? I was thinking the best way to make this happen would be to have something that will copy the text from the title and description in the original opened picture file and put it into a text layer in that file. Then, the stack script could be run to load all of the layers into one file.

    I’m not sure if this is even possible to create, but it would be so handy if it is possible.

  6. Sarah R. says:

    Listening to the show right now and had to pause to come comment on the “to do lists” section. Steph mentions Toodledo which is so funny because earlier in the show when Peppermint was talking about not wanting to mix her personal and business lists, I immediately thought “I wonder if she knows about Toodledo”! As a follower of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) approach, I have found this program to be a powerful cross platform tool. I use the paid version (which is very reasonable at $15/year) mainly for the added function of sub-tasks.
    I may be back with more comments after I finish listening but just wanted to add my 2 cents on this. Love that this show give me a dose of tech along with the digi talk :)

  7. Melissa L. says:

    Great show, ladies. I’m so grateful for TDS – it’s taught this new digi-scrapper so much. I’ve actually listened to a few episodes several times and I pick up new info each time. I listened to the Prenup episode with Kayla for the third time yesterday (I just got Lightroom). :)

    I love how you all are digi-scrappers but your approach is so unique to each of you. I guess it’s just affirming to me as I find myself evolving from an “event only” scrapper to more of a “moments” or “story” scrapbooker. All but 1 or 2 of my scrapping friends are “event only, must scrap every picture I’ve ever taken” paper scrappers and the ones who digi-scrap are about the same and most only use CM’s products. Don’t get me wrong — I love CM and respect what they’ve done for the scrapbooking community, I just tire of the “this is the one & only way to scrap” attitude I get from some of the users of their products. :) Can you tell I’ve just come off of a weekend crop? If I had a dollar for every time I heard how many layouts so & so completed….

    Anyway, I digress — Steph, Katie & Peppermint — could you find three more different & unique styles? And yet you all “gel” so wonderfully on the show and teach us all so much through your diversity.

    Great show, great topic, great guest. Fun getting to “know” you, Ronnie. Thanks for the tip about Oh Life and Momento — I’m going to give them a try. Keep up the great work!!

  8. LeslieM says:

    One way I make Evernote a little more “user-friendly” on my droid is to set up “shortcuts” to several Evernote notebooks inside a folder on one of my home pages. I have several other apps/shortcuts I use a lot inside the folder. One of my evernote notebook shortcuts is to my Scrapping ideas/stories folder. I dictate into my phone (using the microphone on the Swype or Swiftkey X keyboards) and my dictation is coverted to text and it’s good to go!


  9. Tiffany says:

    I haven’t really looked into Pinterest, but I know you guys love it. I’ve heard about some issues with Pinterest’s terms of use and how it might violate copyright, and I was wondering if you guys would weigh in on it. Basically, I think there is something in their

  10. Tiffany says:

    Sorry, I linked that incorrectly.

  11. Maribeth says:

    First, let me say how much I love TDS. I look forward to it every week and listen to it on my waterproof ipod while I am at the Y doing my water exercises. It makes the time go so fast!

    I didn’t get to listen to all of this weeks podcast yet, so I don’t know if you solved this issue… but in regards to Steph’s disappearing menu bar at the bottom of her windows when viewing Photoshop in full screen mode with the menu bars…I am on a mac, but there may be something similar for you on a PC. In my mac preferences, I can opt to let the menu bar (the dock on a mac) automatically hide and show when I bring my mouse down to the bottom of the screen. I like it because it’s there when I need it, but tucks away when I don’t and let’s me see that much more of my screen. Hope this makes sense!

  12. L Squared says:

    Another great show.
    I was wondering if you all could discuss or lead me to a Daily Digi post about tagging. You all often discuss having tagged photos or previews. I guess I’m wondering more specifically what tags you use. I know that Stacy’s Library of Memories has a tagging system and I’m sure that its discussed in Finding your Photo Flow too. I’m wondering what works for you gals? I want to spend more time scrapping the I do organizing and appreciated that theme in the Digital Scrapbook Organization post. At the same time I know that having my photos organized so I can pull them up quickly will help speed me along. I want to tag enough so I can find what I’m looking for but also not have 200 tags to have to remember. I also want to have room to expand but not have to go back and add tags to photos that I’ve been through. Any thoughts would be great, or even a list of the tags other people are using. Thanks for all the work you all put into this great show!

    • Deirdre says:

      I have mixed thoughts on tagging. I’ve always organized my photos rather painlessly into folders labeled by year, and within those by month, and within each month, folders based on event (or when I downloaded). That all happened automatically when I downloaded.

      I would rename my favorite photos almost immediately, usually with the name of who was in it and some context. This made it easy to pick photos to upload to Shutterfly or wherever I was printing.

      When I wanted to find a photo, I usually had a good idea of which year/month folder to look for it in. Everything changed when I started doing more photo books and layouts based on a theme—for example, making books for my parents. I would search (via windows explorer) for every photo with “grandad” in the name and find lots. But I’d have to do another search based on if I had used my dad’s name or just dad. I started to realize how inconsistent I was with rename and to see how valuable tagging would be.

      That’s a lot of background/TMI about why I’ve started tagging. I’m mixed because I don’t like doing it, it feels like a chore and the whole system is dependent on my doing it consistently. I haven’t gone back and tagged old photos yet. As my kids get older, I’m realizing my memory is blurring and it might not be so easy to find those photos just based on date soon. I’d post separately to actually answer your question about what tags I use, but I’d love to hear from others if tagging works for them, how they are able to do it consistently or if this is just a time-suck that I’m going to abandon eventually! Thanks!

      • Deirdre says:

        My tagging system is based on Stacy Julian’s LOM ideas (I haven’t taken her class, but have read her books), and how I’m most likely to want/search for a specific photo.

        I use PWL (people we love), PWG (places we go) and TWD (things we do) in front of specific labels so I can see all people names together, etc. For example, under PWG I have PWG Chicago, PWG school, PWG waterpark. It makes it easier for me to scroll to the one I want.

        I also have a Celebrate category with all the holidays and a birthday tag, a Food tag, and a Seasons tag.

        Only immediate family and our friends-who-are-family get a specific name tag. The rest are grouped under “cousins” tag or “friends” tag. I have found it helpful to have a tag for “All5″ and “3brothers” to designate photos of my whole family or with all three boys. I also use “D&B” for photos of just my husband and me. I haven’t come up with tags yet for old childhood photos, but think I’ll label them DKchildhood or DKcollege, etc.

        How specific you want to get is up to you. I tag all our sports photo “TWD Sports” rather than baseball, soccer, swimming, etc. At least at this point in my sons’ lives, I don’t take a ton of sport photos and am willing to scroll through to find the one I want rather than label them most specifically.

        Hope that was helpful!

        • Deirdre says:

          The English teacher in me is compelled to comment AGAIN just to apologize for all the typos above. Hope you can still make sense of it!

  13. Aino says:

    I was smiling at y’all chatting along while I was driving home from work today. I have realized that Peppermint and I are very similar – I am also pro-android/pc, have an asus transformer tablet, and feel completely laid back about scrapping – I nodded in recognition while listening to her comments today. Just letting you know girl, you are not the only who is not very nostalgic, who wouldn’t be jotting down daily events (doing a week or monthly book would dry up my creative juices I think…) and use scrapbooking more as an outlet for my own thoughts/memories/release. :)
    I can’t wait to see your new kit in the store.

    Take care ladies! I am already looking forward to the next show.

  14. Christine M says:

    Steph: to switch between programs when you are in the full screen mode of Photoshop (or at any time), hold down “control” on PC (command on Mac) and tap “Tab” to cycle through your open programs until you get to the one you want.

    • Aino says:

      Or, you can hit the flag/start button on a pc (somewhere next to the ctrl and alt buttons, usually on the lower row.

  15. Michelle T. says:

    I love your show! I discovered it when you had Becky Higgins on and she had a link to it on her blog. I’m new to digi scrapping and feel a little overwhelmed at how much I don’t know. I feel like I should listen to your shows with a pad of paper next to me so I can write down everything I learn :)
    In regards to keeping track of to do lists I wanted to share that I use google tasks and the google task organizer app on my Android (not sure if it is available on iPhone). I love that I can update it through my email or on my phone and you can add due dates and reminders for tasks if you want.
    Thanks for your show!

  16. Terra says:

    Thank you Peppermint! I have to say that I have tried to do the traditional “moment” and “event” scrapping and it just doesn’t really feel “sincere” to me. It’s not getting to the heart of what I really want to translate when I want to either look back on it or to pass it on so someone can really see how I see/saw the world… I’m definitely going to give that up and just “scrap from the heart”.

  17. Susan Paquin says:

    I have an off topic question, but I know you guys are the perfect ones to ask… where is the preferred place for digi scrappers to post their layouts? In a specific shop’s gallery (what if you use outside products), on flikr, on your own blog??? Thanks for the help. I bow to you! :)

  18. Pat8 says:

    Haven’t listened to the whole show yet nor even read all the comments but loved the “to-do” discussion. I’m like Peppermint and don’t like messy lists. Years ago I began using a highlighter for crossing off items. Your eye quickly adjust to just seeing the items that are *not* highlighted and your list stays nice and fresh with the added bonuses of a) being more colorful and b) items still being legible after “crossing off”.