Episode 63: Even I Can Do That


Ali Edwards (Designer Digitals and Technique Tuesday) joins us to discuss December Daily! How it got started, tips for making it happen, and what’s worked or hasn’t worked for Ali and Katie. Will Peppermint and I join in the fun?

Joining the Discussion:

Ali Edwards
Peppermint Granberg
Katie Nelson

From the Mail:

From the Show:

  • Katie’s 2011 December Daily
  • Ali’s December Daily
  • Daily Digi
  • Pre-planning Digital Pages Part 1 and Part 2


Ali: Photo Notepad from The Penny Paper Co.
Peppermint: Thumbtiles
Katie: Persnickety Prints 6×6 Freebie Template
Steph: Instagramables Mini Book



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36 Responses to Episode 63: Even I Can Do That

  1. Soraya says:

    Hmmmm…. for some reason when I click on the link to listen to this week’s show, the one that plays is Episode 55, recorded on Sept. 11, 2012… Am I doing something wrong?

  2. dawn n says:

    Me.too… I was super psyched to see a new episode, and now I am bummed.out. ;(

  3. steph says:

    I have no idea why it’s not working. It’s been doing that in the app for a few weeks. I’ll see if my programmer can take a look.

  4. steph says:

    You can right click on the link and save as to your computer and get the right one. At least the link appears to be correct.

  5. Soraya says:

    Strange. I downloaded it, and the file is called “TDS063_Even_I_Can_Do_That.mp3″ but when I play it, in the introduction you say it is Episode 55 with Anna Aspnes….

  6. Tammy says:

    Haha! I must be a little slow – or not paying attention…I think I was about 15 minutes in before I realized it was the wrong show {blush}

  7. steph says:

    Okay gang! The correct show plays now! I would say it was my Mac’s fault, but then I would have to run hide from the lightening bolts of the Apple God’s! So, I won’t say that. I’ll take the blame. It was my fault.

  8. michellehuegel says:

    Glad to see its all fixed now! I listened on my drive last night and enjoyed relistening to the old one LOL! I figured y’all would fix it quick, and I’m so excited to listen to this week’s all about DD, I’d been wondering/hoping you’d do one!

  9. Crystal (Lukasmummy) says:

    Today’s show was awesome, just wanted to share something with you that might go along really well with December Daily, it’s called The Truth Is In The Tinsel – http://truthinthetinsel.com/ I am not affiliated at all, just something cute and fun I bought for my kids last year we didn’t get around to doing much this year but looking forward to some of the activities this year. Hugs Crystal xx

  10. McAmy says:

    What a great show today! I loved when Ali said that in these types of projects she has a “high tolerance for mistakes”. It is a good way to keep things in perspective and moving forward.
    Last year, just like Katie, I thought I’d do a project life-ish December Daily. I didn’t complete a single day. This year, I’ve been enjoying Cathy Z’s Thirty Days of Thankful. I have a pre-made digital template with papers and fonts included. Every day I add a picture(s) and my journaling and that’s it. I’ve managed a page every day so far which, at only nine days in, I consider wildly successful!!! I’m hoping to continue this momentum into December and do a December Daily.

    • steph says:

      I would love to hear an update on this! I think you are right on; the trick is finding what works for you and just going with it! :)

  11. Gail Evans says:

    Just wondering if the corrected show will show up on I-tunes as that is how i usually get the show. Thanks for your help.

  12. Leah says:

    Haha, so glad it wasn’t just me! I was listening in itunes last night & was thinking that Anna sure repeats herself a lot. I mean, she talked about exactly the same things last time she was on. Oh boy. After 10-15 minutes of that, I realized the reason it sounded familiar is that it was a show I already listened to :) Looking forward to listening to the real show with Ali – I’m starting to get out all my (non-Halloween) holiday craft stuff and think about how I want to document the season so this will be a good one!

  13. Rita Q says:

    Hi there… will comment after listening to show but do not see it listed in iTunes yet so can’t download to iPhone. Am I missing something? Bummed… wanted to listen while working out. thanks for the entertainment & info :)

  14. Allie says:

    I started my DD last year… and made it to the cover (it was cute!) and the inside pages…. and then I promptly didn’t do ANYTHING in December.

    I’m tempted to rip off the “2011” and make it just “2012”

    Thanks for a great show! Loved having Ali on!

  15. Rhadonda says:

    I always love listening. I struggle with thinking “do i really have anything to scrap every day?”. I know someone said everyone does but i truly find it hard when i am now an empty nester, work from home, blah blah blah. BUT… i am encouraged to maybe go ahead and try a DD and make myself LOOK and SEE something every day because I do know there is much to be thankful for in each day. So here’s to giving it a try. Also thanks Steph for your free tutorial on how to use a template. I LOVED it! and have now made 2 pages! So much more to learn. I wish you had a forum or a blog or something because i so would love to pick your brain and ask tons of questions about LR, your process, etc.

    • steph says:

      You are welcome to email me or post comments here or on The Daily Digi! I’m happy to help! I get emails quite often about organizing in LR. It always helps me to know where people are struggling. :)

  16. Angie says:

    Someone was asking about shortcuts in an earlier show and I found THE most awesome list on shortcuts on the planet from one of the blogs I follow…


  17. Kami Leonard says:

    I am so excited about the 4 x 6 format this year!!! Like Katie- I really struggled with getting my photos printed to put in my album and I only got through Day 6 last year (eeek!). But after listening to the show, I’m totally excited about December Daily again because I can print my 4 x 6 photos at home and have them ready every day! I’m so motivated I actually just sent all my pictures from last year to the printer so I can finish up last year’s album and start building my pages for this year’s album.

  18. Shannan says:

    I have done a December Daily album for the past four years and love those albums so much. (I did Journal Your Christmas for the first time last year too – great). I just wanted to say don’t worry about not having something to include every day!

    Some of the things I have done in my DD albums when I didn’t do anything of note on a particular day include: photos/stories of my kids’ first Christmas, a letter to each of my kids about them right now, my favourite carol, the Christmas music I have bought this year, the Christmas movies/books we are watching, stories from Christmas-past (mine, my husband’s, my kids), a photo of new decorations, pages about baking, choosing my menu, photos of my pile of Christmas cook books and magazines, a page about the weather (it was really cold and rainy in Sydney last December which was not the norm), recipes we enjoy, gifts the kids are asking for, a list of new and old traditions for our family…

    There are so many things you can include in an album like this. Can’t wait for December!

  19. SarahT says:

    Hi Girls! Great show as usual :o) I loved hearing all these great ideas for Dec Daily albums and memories. I’ve only done DecDaily once….in 2009. I just finished it and got the book printed last year…2 years late – oh well! My kids love it tho! They pull it out and look at it year round! I’m thinking the “less is more” approach is going to work the best for me. I tend to take app edited and enhanced photos that end up on instagram nearly every day. The idea of an instagram/blurb book seems really super easy and affordable. I think that might be my plan this year! Wish me Luck!!!

    On another topic…Steph, I loved your pick! CD is such an artist!! I’d love some tips on ways to make digital bits look like handmade art. How do people like CD and Anna Aspnes and others do it? How can you make things you draw look good in PS or PSE? Who are other designers that have a very hand-drawn/hand-painted style? I’d love to have a show on this topic!!!

    • steph says:

      I know that CD does most of her work on paper first with real supplies and then digitizes them from there. We did a show with Kate Hadfield earlier this year on doodling and mentioned a lot of designers that create a lot of their artwork by hand.

  20. LeeAndra says:

    I was so psyched to see that this was a DD-themed show! I’ve been collecting all my old Christmas kits (and buying new ones!) to get myself ready. I completed DD last year (although mine is called a Countdown to Christmas), and I’ve already gotten that album out to get my daughter excited about next month.

    I love that this album ‘forces’ me to focus on what am I actually emphasizing as the reason for the season. Seeing several days’ worth of pages together makes me realize what I’ve been doing well at showing or teaching my daughter and what I still need to work on in the days to come. Now that my daughter is becoming old enough to understand what’s going on and why, I am planning on incorporating more service-oriented activities into the month and am looking forward to reliving those experiences each night when I pull my page from that day together.

    • steph says:

      Some really great ideas here! It made me think that maybe I should involve my kids and see what they come up with. Hand them their small cameras with memory cards cleared and fresh batteries and challenge THEM to take a photo each day in December. Hmmmm…I wonder if they would do it??

  21. Lucrecia says:

    LOVED the show. I completed a DD album two years ago, and it’s still one of our favorites. I did it completely digital and I used the daily template put out by the girls at Sweet Shoppe during the month. I just used whatever they had that day and made it work. I’m sure it wasn’t that easy but that is how I remember it :-) I’m thinking of going hybrid this year, I bought a 4×6 album from Elise, but now I’m thinking that may be too small and I’m going to give that to my daughter.

    We start some things after Thanksgiving that I wanted documented. So rather than do literal days my album is more 25 seasonal things for this year. One page was even a mimi that was going around that year with about 30 questions about the season. I figure one day my kids will love having my answers. My big plan is to have someone different answer the same questions. every year.

  22. Kris says:

    SO excited to get to work on my december daily album this year! I just can’t wait. Hopefully will get a chance to work on it over the Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks for a great show!

  23. Katie (sakura-panda) says:

    What an interesting show! I can barely keep up with the “regular” scrapbooking that I want to do, so I don’t even look at all of the cool projects that are out there. I have to admit that December Daily is one of those projects I’ve known about, but never thought to do it myself.

    I’m similar to Peppermint with projects — they sound so great when everyone else is doing it, but I can’t seem to execute it for myself. I do this *knowing* that I will be making changes to fit myself and my style, but it always seems like So Much Extra Work that I often plan what I want to do but never actually start.

    I love the idea of taking all the traditional activities that we do and compile them into a single album. We don’t have any December traditions, but we do have activities that we do at the same time each year and it would be fun to do a small album documenting those one (or every) year.

    I followed Ali’s DD progress this year and I loved the 4×6 format. (I have created a digital 4×6 album once and LOVED it. I wish I had an excuse to do more.) It would be fun to put together a similar album for the dozen or so activities that we do annually over the year, rather than covering just one month.

    Thanks for the December Daily insights, even if it did give me Yet Another Great Idea that I’ll never execute. LOL