Episode 68: Katie’s Co-host

Steph, Peppermint and Katie are answering more of your questions plus they discuss Instagram, Steph’s Mac, and so much more. From the serious to the silly, you will get it all in this week’s show!

Joining the Discussion:

Peppermint Granberg
Katie Nelson


From the Show:

Peppermint: Turn Holiday Photo Cards Into Contact Images On Your Phone
Katie: Pinhole Press Wall Decal Removable Photos Small, Medium, Large
Steph: New Trent iGeek IMP99D



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65 Responses to Episode 68: Katie’s Co-host

  1. Michelle Huegel says:

    Hello! I’m a faithful listener (you make all the car trips shuttling kids around town bearable!!) and I have a question. Who better to answer it than the preeminent digiscrapping experts?! :) I currently own CS3 and am contemplating upgrading before Dec 31. But $200 is still a lot of money. Do you think it’s worth upgrading to CS6 for a scrapper? I am a heavy scrapper, do some digi art journaling, and enjoy the advanced tricks and technical stuff, but I have no plans to do any designing. I also use PS for all my photo editing. Anyway, I’m debating between upgrading to CS6 or buying RadLab or Lightroom with my Christmas money. What do you all recommend between those options? I am anxious to hear the wisdom of the Digi Show gals and all your smart listeners!! Thank you!

    • Chelle says:

      That’s a good question Michelle, I own both CS4 & CS6. For my scrapping needs, CS4 would be just fine. With CS6 I can puppet-warp ribbons (especially curly ones) but that’s not worth $200 IMO. If it were me, I would get RadLab. I LOVE it and use it on a lot of my photos. It’s so quick and easy to fix and/or add fun looks to your photos.
      That being said, I understand that Photoshop has changed the rules. Right now, you can upgrade from any version to the current version for the upgrade price. However, if you miss upgrading to CS6, then you will not be able to upgrade to CS7. You’ll have to pay for the upgrade to CS4, then the CS5 upgrade, the CS6 upgrade, and the CS7 upgrade. So although I don’t think the $200 is worth it for the scrapping features in CS6, it may be worth it so you can upgrade in the future.
      (But you’d still have to pay to upgrade to CS7 or you can’t do upgrade pricing to CS8) Just another thing to consider when deciding if it’s worth it.

    • steph says:

      I would download a trial of Lightroom (if they offer them) and make sure you like it. If you do, I would vote LR and Totally Rad because I’ve just started using them together and LOVE them! CS3 is my favorite version so far (I’ve used CS1, CS2, CS3, CS5, and CS6 a little). I do LOVE puppet warp in CS5 and up though.

      The other thing you might want to consider if you like LR is doing the subscription with Adobe. I am subscribed to the annual and pay only $30 a month and get access to all of the latest and greatest versions of Adobe products.

      • StudioWendy says:

        If you have an academic option, you can subscribe to the cloud, I think through 12-31 for $19.99/month. That’s such a hard call, though, to choose! I don’t have rad lab so I don’t know what I’m missing. I’d vote to upgrade my Photoshop. You can always get other actions for less money and save up for Lightroom or RadLab later.

    • Gennifer says:

      RadLab! You will not regret it, Michelle! They’ve got a coupon code posted here for 15% off. :)

  2. Christine N says:

    Did you guys plan to start talking about New52 at 52 minutes into the show??! That’s so awesome, ha ha! My New52 project in 2011 is something that I’m really proud to have stuck with and it really did change my life. Just going to back to read some of my new experiences bring joy into my life, even now. I’m still planning on making a photo book of all 52 experiences, I just haven’t had the time to do it yet.

    I bought a box from Scan My Photos and even paid the upgrade so that they keep your photos in the same order when they send it back to you. I just haven’t gotten my photos organized to send it off! I really need to do that. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. linda says:

    I wanted to note that if you wanted branded instagram photos, even though it’s a lot more work… you can always send yourself an edited square photo from your computer to your smartphone. Then when you post to instagram, choose that edited photo from your gallery and post it, instead of taking one on the spot. It’s a workaround that takes a lot of work, but I suppose it’s nice for curated images.

    For example, if you wanted to repost your blog images on instagram or websites, technically when you surf the web, you can save images to your photo gallery, then you can use them to post on instagram.

    Many people use this method in the beginning to load up their new brand new instagram account. Of course, ongoing, it’s a lot of trouble! Someone should invent custom filters for instagram, so we can have branded frames, etc…

    • steph says:

      Yes, this is what I will be doing. Katie was specifically wanting to stay on her phone for all of it though.

      • Katie says:

        Yep, the thing I love about instagram is that it is all phone based.

        • Denice Lingen says:

          Have you tried Photoforge2 Katie? I use it on my iOS devices (it works for both iphone and ipad) when I want to add layers to my photos. I’ve used it mostly for project life (the traditional – non-digi method). I’ve saved a few PL digi embellishments on my ipad, and using Photoforge, I can layer these over my photos and then save them back to my camera roll or Dropbox or whatever. I don’t use Instagram much, but it seems to me that you could do the same thing. You’d have to design your logo, save it as a tiff file, and get it into your iPhone (via Dropbox preserves the transparency). Then when you take a picture, you’d open it in Photoforge, add the layer with your logo, and save to the camera roll. Then open the newly-saved image in Instagram, and you should be good to go. It’s not all within Instagram, but it is all inside of your iPhone (once you get your logo into your camera roll)

          • Denice Lingen says:

            Of course, I’m assuming you are on an iPhone (which, reading the rest of the comments here about Mac/pc, maybe you’re not! I haven’t listened to the rest of the episode yet . . .) I don’t know if Photoforge works on android or not, but I’m sure if it doesn’t there is something else similar!

  4. linda says:

    Wanted to raise my hand and say that I’m a happy Mac user and Google user. My phone is actually android, not iPhone. Our family has both types of devices (apple tv, ipad, pcs, etc) Obviously, technology is not perfect and lots of problems can pop up depending on your exact setup and situation.

    Ultimately, it all comes down to preference and whatever works for you personally.

  5. I’ve had the wifi issue on my iphone. It doesn’t connect unless I have no password on the wifi connection at home. However it works fine with some other wifi systems, just not at home!

    I talked with my ISP (who gave me the router) and they said that there tends to be issues with older routers refreshing the DHCP leases – also on the iOs side, Apples tend not to like certain characters in passwords and there are firmware issues with certain routers. So Steph, sounds like you have the perfect storm.

    Don’t even get me started on iTunes. I have used Apples for about 15years, and have nothing against them, but I feel they work best with ALL Apple hardware (no mixing and matching) and for people who aren’t power users.

    • steph says:

      My firmware is up to date on the router, that was the first thing I thought of. I did not, however, think of the password issue and that very well could be it. I’m going to change it and see. Unfortunately, I have to have a password on it (I have the fastest internet in the neighborhood).

      • StudioWendy says:

        The best thing we ever did was buy the Apple router. It works soooo much better than any brand of previous routers we had, and we went through many! Our cable modem is another story, however.

    • Barbara says:

      I *detest* iTunes upgrades! Probably every other upgrade completely messes up either my phone or my (PC) computer. For nearly all of 2011, I didn’t even bother trying to sync my iPhone with iTunes on my laptop, as the last upgrade was SO destructive. There’s a new version out and I’m quaking in my boots at the thought of what demons will be unleashed this time….

    • Steph says:

      Melissa! The password thing seemed to fix my problem! Thanks so much for posting that tip!

  6. Leah says:

    Had to chime in on the Mac issue. I love my Mac. I used to have a PC laptop that was so slow it was unusable. Then I got a promotion at my job (this was at least 5 years ago) that came with a Mac laptop. I’ve never looked back – I’m on my 3rd Mac (would be 2nd but I dumped a cup of coffee into the hard drive of one of them – do NOT recommend that!) and have never had any of the issues you described on the show.

    That said, I think I can explain why you can’t save things to your EHD. EHDs are formatted to work with either Windows or Mac, but not both. I’ve used a Mac-specific EHD, which was super easy, but also accidentally bought one that was for Windows. I just had to reformat it for use with my Mac, which took a Google search and about 5 minutes, and it works perfectly now. I realize that doesn’t solve your problem though, since you are using your EHD to go back and forth between the two platforms – but hopefully it at least explains why, and that you aren’t insane.

    Also, just to be fair – I no longer hate Windows – I use both platforms at my job, and modern Windows computers have come a long way since the worthless piece of garbage I owned years ago. I still love my Mac, but if I was buying a computer for myself as opposed to using one provided by my job, I would at least consider a PC because it’s less expensive.

    • steph says:

      The people at the Genius bar said I shouldn’t have a problem taking the EHD’s back and forth. It used to be that you couldn’t do that, but they said I should be able to do it now.

      I don’t think I mentioned on the show that I can’t save over a file with the same name in Photoshop on any harddrive (internal or external). Even if I start creating it on my Mac, then save it. Then if I want to just save as I’m working, I can’t. I have to save it as a name every single time.

      The cost is exactly my issue. If I’m paying 2x as much as a PC, it better work 2x as good. So far…not so much.

      It has been really good for me to have the Mac experience because I can help my customers more, but I don’t think I will be buying a new one anytime soon.

      • Amy says:

        My work computer was switched from a Win to a Mac in July of last year. My NTFS formatted external hard drives would not work with the Mac. After a bunch of research, I found this software that allows NTFS drives to work on the Mac without having to reformat them. Now I can take all my externals back and forth between my home Windows machine and my Mac laptop with no problems.

      • Leah says:

        Maybe it depends on what EHD you are using? It’s been at least 6 months since I bought one, but I know the one I got was not formatted to work on a Mac. Anyway…sorry you are having such a hard time, my experience with a Mac has been the opposite.

  7. Anna Forrest says:

    Just a quick comment on the sharing data between computers. I use a 4TB raided NAS drive for all the family’s storage. My main scrapping computer has a wired connection to the drive, but all other computers in the house connect wirelessly. If I need to I can access any of my scrapping stuff from any computer in the house – although due to the wireless connection it is noticeably slower when you’re working with a massive PSD!

    With a 4TB drive though – that is mirrored storage so I really only have 2TB worth of room to fill up. At the moment though I haven’t managed to fill it :) And when I get close I can always trash some of DH’s files :)

    The drive wasn’t terribly expensive – couple hundred I think. More than your average external but less than ongoing subscription to an online service. One drawback: a lot of those online backup services don’t like NAS drives. I have yet to figure out how I am going to get an offsite copy of my data.

  8. Anna Forrest says:

    umm, did i missed an episode? Where is 68?? Actually, Steph introduces it right, so it is just a dodgy title on the blog post :)

    • steph says:

      Fixed it! I had it all labeled correctly then my editing guy made me second guess myself and I think I guessed wrong…lol. Thanks for letting me know!

  9. Kate says:

    Hi! I love this show! I think this is the first time I’ve written in – I had to respond to a couple of things.
    1 – Steph mentioned having problems with her Apple products dropping the WiFi connection. We had to replace our wireless router recently because our old one wasn’t working well anymore with any of our devices. After doing some research to see what would play well with my new MacBook Pro (which I love, by the way :) ), I decided to get Apple’s AirPort Extreme because I discovered that some routers just don’t play nicely with the Apple devices. The AirPort has worked really well for us – all of our devices work well with it including the PC’s, XBox, and Wii. The big bonus is that I was able to hook up a USB port to the AirPort and connect our USB printers and external hard drive and access them from any computer on the network. A solution like that could help the person whose question you read on the show – she would be able to access her files from any computer across the network.
    2 – I had the same problem with my external hard drive – I could read the files on it, but not write to it on my Mac. Like Leah said, I had to reformat the drive in a Mac-compatible format and now I can read and write to the drive on both my Mac and PC.
    3 – I am soooo glad that I bought my Mac before I heard this show. I really struggled with buying it because I was afraid I’d spend all that money on it and not love it. It took me a couple of weeks to fully get used to it, and now I totally love it. I don’t go back and forth between my Mac and PC, though.
    4 – I just tried adding something to my Google calendar on my iPad and it worked just fine. I’m all the way back on ios 4, though. I’m not sure if that makes a difference or not. What I haven’t taken the time to figure out yet, and it’s driving me a bit crazy, is how to sync up my Google contacts with my contacts on the iPad and Mac. Once I get that done, I should be a really happy camper :)
    Thank you for taking the time to produce this show every week. I really enjoy listening to you guys talk and the things that I learn about digital scrapbooking. It’s a lot of fun!

    • steph says:

      1) I’ll try some of the things others have mentioned. I think my issue is an Apple thing because the Wii, PCs, Kindle Fires, all stay connected. My router isn’t even a year old. I also like using NetGear routers because I can set up internet filtering that is active for any device connected to the internet through it. I got sick of having to make sure every single computer and device had filters installed. I can also set up exceptions specific to my machine for it.

      2) I responded above as well, but I can’t write to my internal harddrive either from Photoshop. Again, it’s an Adobe/OS issue. :( and very frustrating!

      3) I thought I would LOVE it and wanted to LOVE it; I was planning on it, actually. But I owe it to our listeners and readers to be honest with them about my experiences.

      4) I didn’t start having issues until I upgraded to iOS6, which is also when they got rid of Google Maps. Because of my involvement with developing apps, I had to update to the most current version.

      Thanks for all of the kind words about the show, it is really appreciated it.

  10. betsy says:

    LOVE your show! I noticed you all mentioned Google Calendar and it seems like Peppermint may use other google apps. I use iGoogle as my home page and I love it – I can see my apps at a glance and it’s a great home page. But iGoogle will be no more in November 2013! Do any of you use iGoogle and what will you do when it’s gone?!

    • steph says:

      We all use a lot of Google apps. I know we all use Google Calendar, Drive, Chrome, and Gmail. I’ve also added a paid Google search feature to The Daily Digi, I use Google Analytics on most of my sites, and Feedburner on all of them. I also use Google voice for my business phone number…I think that’s all.

      I think Katie uses iGoogle; she did a post on it a while back /igoogle-as-a-home-page/
      I’ll let her address what she will do when it’s gone.

      I never really got into iGoogle because I just keep my browser open with everything in tabs and go where I need to. I never got in the habit of using iGoogle.

    • Katie says:

      I used to use iGoogle as my home page and I loved it. Once I found out it was going away, I quit using it. I didn’t want to invest any more time into something that wasn’t going to stick. Now I just make really good use of my bookmark toolbar. You can read about my approaches in this post /organize-your-online-life-part-one/ and also this one /organize-your-online-life-part-2/

      Here’s another older post I wrote about organizing bookmarks /organize-your-bookmarks/

      • betsy says:

        Thank you so much! I’m going to send your links, Katie, to one of my boys who refuses to organize his bookmarks! You know how kids listen to anyone except their parent?!

        • Barbara says:

          I have iGoogle, too, and was a bit panicked when they announced it was going away. We were out of the country on vacation when the end was supposed to come. I got home, turned on my computer, and there was (and still is) iGoogle. Nothing has changed! Not sure what’s up with that…. :-/

  11. Rhadonda says:

    I am still listening to the show but i wasn’t sure where to write in with questions. My question perhaps for a future show would be: Steph, i totally changed my way of organizing my digital supplies after you shared about lightroom and saving previews. I did great with the initial transfer of everything. My next save of previews after that kind of was a mess, not having really researched further, i realized i had to make a new folder for what i wanted to transfer each time i bought new products. Anyway, i wondered how it was still working out for you being organized in Lightroom? Have you learned anything new? Tagged anything else beyond previews? Anything you could share that you have learned since organizing this way? Thanks so much! Love you guys.

    • steph says:

      I got stuck on my second save as well. Here is an email I sent to a reader that emailed and asked a similar question (and I will credit Peppermint for cluing me in on this first solution, which would work for you). I will schedule an update post for TDD in January about this, let me know if you have questions::

      This is something that I got a little stuck on as well in the beginning. :) There are a couple of different ways you can do it. With that import you have done that is mixed together with your older stuff, click on your preview smart collection, then under the window where you view your previews, you see the word Sort: click the little triangles there and select “added order”. In my LR it put the most recent on the bottom. You can then see everything that doesn’t have a tag, select them by CTRL+clicking on them or SHIFT+clicking the first and the last one. Then you can add the preview tag and other tags as you want.

      Until I tried the method above, this is how I have been doing it…
      I no longer go through my folders and sort by designer. Instead, I start a folder with that days date and put all of my downloads in there until I’m ready to import into Lightroom. Then, I have Lightroom only import that folder. I go deselect everything and then manually go through and select the previews. I import those and then tag all of them right then and start a new download folder.

      • Rhadonda says:

        Thanks for the help. I love looking for things in lightroom and when i do find the kit i can right click to “show in explorer” so i know where to get the actual kit to begin scrapping. My problem is i have 3 folders on my desktop in my ignorance at the beginning. How can i merge them and still have lightroom be able to “show in explorer” because it appears it will say it is not found if i move it from the original folder it was imported from. I am sure this is clear as mud. I am going to try to do some research more on this but afraid what i have already read it might be more complicated than i can understand. I wanted one folder so that when i do a search for certain elements in Word i only have to search in one folder. Hope you all are feeling better too! Sorry i always make things complicated.

        • StudioWendy says:

          You need to move them from within lightroom. I think you right+click and choose update folder location.

        • steph says:

          I have a couple of questions for you:
          1) Do you want to keep the folders where they are on your desktop, but include the previews that are in them in Lightroom?
          2) Are the items within the folders already in Lightroom, but you want the folders moved off your desktop?
          3) Do you want to move the folders off the desktop AND bring the previews into Lightroom (they aren’t there already)?

          • Rhadonda says:

            Sorry so complicated. You are a doll to take time to help. I want to merge the folders on my desktop into one. All of the previews are already in Lightroom from each folder are already in lightroom. When i tried moving stuff around originally then in lightroom when i clicked “show in explorer” it said it was not found. That is my concern. Thanks again. But Wendy also gave me a response to try. Did you see her response? Either way i think it may be a pain and i will just live with 3 folders to search on my desktop for png etc.

            • steph says:

              Yes, I saw Wendy’s answer and she is right. But there are some other work arounds as well, depending on your situation.

              If the folders are already moved and merged (and you get that not found error), then you can navigate to where the folders once were in the folders bar on the left. Right click on each folder and select Find Missing Folder. A browser will open and you can navigate to the new location of the folder, select the folder and click OK. Everything will update automatically as long as it sees the photos in there.

              You can also move items from within LR, but for some reason, I usually do the update method. It’s really not hard at all.

              I’m going to do a post on TDD this month showing my process for importing previews after that initial import, how I have my photos sorted and tagged (in the same database), and I’ll cover this as well. I’m getting lots of questions via email about it too.

              • Amy says:

                Can’t wait to read your post later this month … I am still importing previews but would love some tips, etc.! :)

  12. Ann says:

    Thanks so much for your show! Week in, week out, I enjoy it. I’m both a Mac user and a paper scrapper, yet I always find great takeaways from the show. If I was frustrated with my computer, I would be annoyed as well. Fortunately this is not my story!

    What I appreciate most about your show is that it is obvious you genuinely respect one another even you disagree or one of you has no desire to what another is doing. In a world where respect can be rare — especially in many forms of social media — you ladies are a class act!

    • Katie says:

      Thanks so much! That’s what I love about doing the show with Steph and Peppermint – they truly are the best! We really do have a great time together and I love that we can appreciate each other’s unique perspectives and experiences. Thanks for your kind words :)

  13. steph says:

    Thanks so much Ann! We appreciate your kindness!

    We do appreciate and value each others opinions, especially when they are different from our own! :)

  14. Leonie-Australia says:

    I was a windows user for years and then went to Mac, I LOVE it, I wouldn’t go back to windows after having a Mac, I think Peppermint is correct, in the fact that I don’t think they work all that well swapping between the two. I think you should put the PC away for a month & try using nothing but the Mac for everything. My husband has a PC and it is quiet frustrating going between the two because they are so different. Really Steph I think if you use nothing but the Mac for a while you will end up loving it -Long live the Mac LOL.

    • StudioWendy says:

      I tend to agree. I think if you were working on an all mac workflow, you’d find very few problems. I cannot explain the drop box issue, and I am not in love with my Apple TV (the only Apple product I’ve ever been disappointed with), but when our household went all mac (including routers and mac-friendly EHDs) we’ve had very little trouble. But, I totally understand not every family can work on a mac-only setup.

      • Katie says:

        We actually love Apple TV and use it all the time. It’s funny how we all have different experiences with the same technology, I guess that’s just how it goes. :)

        • StudioWendy says:

          Too funny! Part of our problem is that it’s not very easy to switch it between iTunes accounts and we all have our own, so playing music through it became frustrating. And one of the main reasons we got it was for Flickr, but then we realized it only works if you have a public Flickr feed, and we don’t. Plus it was literally the only thing I got for Christmas that year, so overall it was just a big disappointment. We still use it for Netflix, but that’s about it.

  15. LeslieM says:

    I’ve used ScanCafe for digitizing my family heritage photos and my negatives from pre-digital days.

    They have an Express Option (costs a bit more) that does not send your photos out of the U.S. They post your scans available for download in about 2 weeks. I chose that option for my precious irreplaceable family heritage photos. For my other media I have purchased the value pack box which does go overseas. I have copies of the photos and didn’t worry so much about sending negatives abroad. Scancafe value packs do have a fairly lengthy turnaround time (2 months) but it’s a great choice if you are not time crunched.

    I put my media into ziplock bags labeled by date or subject and Scancafe returns them to me the same way. They organize my scans on the cd by the date or subject I have labeled my media. Very handy and there is no extra charge!

    I check their site daily for sales. I snagged a 40% coupon code a few months ago and shipped off 40 vhs and Hi8 video tapes to be converted to dvd. :D


  16. Lindsan says:

    I did New52 in 2011, after seeing Peppermint and Christine’s posts on it. While I loved it, I was also stressed out by the fact that there was something to happen each week. My life is so repetative and “same old same old” that it was a bit difficult to keep up.

    However, I did feel like the new things enriched my life and so I came up with a new (ha!) plan. My husband and I both turn 40 in two years and we decided to list 40 things that we want to do before then. So, instead of putting pressure on myself to complete a task every week, there are 40 things to do or try within the next two years. Also, I get to do many of them together with my husband which I am so excited about.

  17. I was thinking something new every week would stress me out. So I’m thinking mine will be New12 – one a month is my goal.

  18. Jennifer says:

    RE: Google Calendar and Mac.
    This is most likly a browser issue, not a Mac issue. Google calendar works fine on my mac at home and at work using Firefox. My company uses Google everything and all our computers at work are Mac. We’ve had no issues. Have you posted in the Apple Support Community?

    RE: The external hard drive issue is frustrating. My only advice is to take a fresh out of the box (NEVER used) and format it on the Mac for both PC/Mac. It doesn’t work the other way around.

    I LOVE my apple products. I love how everything just works. I love how I can share all my photos across all my devices.

    I think you should use whatever computer you like and that works for you! Why force yourself to use a Mac when you don’t like it?

  19. Jennifer says:

    PS – Just trying to be helpful, but my post sounded like a lecture! So sorry!!!

    I love the show and I’m a paper-only scrapper!

  20. Allie says:

    Hey Digi Show’ers!

    I have a question about templates, and I figured this would be as good of a place as any to post it, with Katie being the template expert!

    I love the look of Nettio Designs’ templates and pages– so many layers! But that’s the other part that stresses me out about her templates (and several other layer heavy designers) is that there are SO many layers– does anyone have any tips on “dealing” with templates with a gagillion layers? I try to put things in folders/groups to “organize” within the templates, but that just complicates things, order wise.

    There may be a simple solution to this that I’m just not seeing, but I would love people’s input!

  21. Molly McCarthy says:

    Hello Digi Show hostesses:

    I come from the PC world. In my former life (aka before kids) I worked as a PC Specialist testing software/hardware and training adults on Windows and the entire Microsoft suite of software. I give you this quick background because when looking for a new computer last year I was torn between PC and Mac. I wanted to be able to use programs that were in both environments so in February 2012 I bought my first Mac (the big desktop one). Notice I didn’t say I “switched” to Mac because I didn’t.

    I am running a terrific software applications called Parallels Desktop 8. (www.parallels.com) This software creates a partition on the Mac drive which allows me to switch between Mac and PC simply by clicking on the Parallels window on the Mac. It also shares files between both platforms and works with DropBox. I’ve been able to test this system for almost a year now and it’s stable and easy to use.

    On my PC I still run all of my Microsoft programs and a few others that aren’t Mac compatible. On my Mac I run my calendar, contacts, iTunes, PSE11 and manage my photos. I feel like I have the best of both worlds in one computer.

    Please share Parallels Desktop with your listeners who are on the fence and let them know that there is an option to have both.

    P.S. Steph, I think you got a Mac lemon. My rule of thumb with any new computer, if it fails at three key client issues it goes back. You’ve already spent too many man-hours trying to make it work. Hopefully you can complain enough to get them to exchange it for you. Good luck.

    • StudioWendy says:

      Parallels is a great option for running windows on your mac, and the reason my husband switched as well. Fusion is another program that does the same thing. You do need a copy of windows to install in those environments. And, they can be a little slow (ie. you probably don’t want to run Photoshop on the Windows side). But definitely a great way to get both operating systems and only need one physical machine.

  22. Gary Ratajczak says:

    Looked through the posts, and did not see any mention of dual band routers. If your router is newer than a year or so, there is a good chance that it is a dual band. Most of these are factor set to only transmit at the lower frequency, which in many cases can be very noisy (busy). I was able to activate the higher frequency on the router. After doing so, when your wireless device does a scan you will see a new network active. I run my Ipad and Laptop on the higher frequency, and all other devices on the lower frequency.

    Also, it’s a good idea to totally shut down the router every once in a while and then reboot. This refreshes the IP address and can help eliminate issues. I found for my Time Warner “Turbo” it worked best to refresh often. Just hooked router to a digital timer. Shuts it off every night at 1 am, and back on 1 minute later. Eliminated all issues with turbo internet.

  23. Val says:

    First off… I love the show and wait each week for it to be posted so I have something new to listen to on my commute to work while my son listens to Lego Ninjago movies. Just wanted to chime in on Heddi’s question on digital page protectors, I did Project Life digitally last year and really wanted it to look similar to my paper PL from the year before, I looked around and there are definitely a bunch out there my favorite that I use is by Valorie Wibbens at the Lily Pad, her’s look just like a real page protector and she has lots of different sizes and the clipping mask (hope that’s the right term, I’m a fairly new digi scrapper) that goes with them. She also has some that have stitching.

  24. Amanda says:

    I hope you figure out your mac problems! I had issues with google calendars syncing with my ical and it was a known issue on google’s end. Also had issues with my Netgear router and my macs. I now use Airport Extreme with 2 Airport Express repeaters (solid wood walls tend to block signals!) and love it. I don’t use internet filtering because my kids don’t have internet access yet. I’m not ready to turn them loose on the internet! LOL!

    We have 2 laptops (one pc and one mac) and an iMac. I keep my files on my imac and backup onto externals and Backblaze. To access my files from any computer in my house, I use my wireless network. I turn on file sharing (in system prefs on a mac) and add the folders or drives I want to share and adjust the user settings. I do the same thing to folders/drives that I want to access on every machine and this allows me to download, access and transfer wherever convenient. Hope that helps someone!

    Thanks for all the information from this show! It was a great one!

  25. Sara says:

    Hi there! I first wanted to say thank you for all that you do. I have learned so much and my “to do” list of scrapping has gone way down since catching on to the Daily Digi. With three small kids at home I feel like you are my link into things that can make my life easier (and more fun!) without me having the time to search for them, so thank you!

    My question is working with Lightroom. How do I get my master photo catalog on both my desktop Mac and laptop? I’m thinking about making the switch to putting all of my files on an EHD to be able to work from the living room (oh! the luxury!).

    Then that leads into another question. I use Leap and Deep to tag my supplies (LOVE that system. I was too intimidated to try using Lightroom). Do I need to also have a copy of Leap and Deep on my laptop too?

    And how do you all use Photoshop on more than one computer? Do you just pay and have it on all of them?

    Backups of an EHD? Do you just do it once a week or does Time Machine work with those too?

    Too many questions! I hope someone else is struggling with some of the same and can be helped at the same time. I am so excited to finally get this to work on more than one computer!

    • StudioWendy says:

      The way I understand it, if you want to access your Lightroom database from multiple locations, you need to store the database itself on an EHD that all your computers have access to.

      I’m not familiar with Leap and Deep, so I’m not sure how that works. Photoshop can be installed on two computers with one license. If you have the boxed version, it would be two macs or two pcs. If you have the Cloud version, you can do one Mac, one PC, or two of either.

      Backups…Time Machine won’t backup your EHDs. I think SuperDuper might? Or, you can look at cloud backup for your EHDs. CrashPlan is an option for backing up EHDs. I tried Mozy, but it couldn’t handle my terabytes of files.