Episode 108: It’s Mixed Media?

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The Topic:

Lorilei of Studio Rosey Posey is joining the girls to talk about…. Art Journaling…or is it Mixed Media?  There were a lot of “lightbulb” moments, new ways to look at things, and plenty of inspiration!

Joining the Discussion:

Lorilei of Studio Rosey Posey
Peppermint Granberg

Katie Nelson

Show Notes:

Picks of the Week:

Studio Rosey Posey: Tim Holtz Distress Paint
Peppermint: Add To Feedly (Chrome) • RSS Handler for Feedly (Firefox)
Katie: Lisa Congdon (BlogHand Lettering)
Steph: Project Life Art Journal



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7 Responses to Episode 108: It’s Mixed Media?

  1. Penny says:

    I just had to pop in and say I’m enjoying the recording and didn’t think I had done much “mixed media” scrapping but now realized that I actually have :)
    I just love your unscripted style and natural ease with each other. Thanks for choosing to be vulnerable with the digi show.
    Now I gotta run and finish listening ;)

  2. Vicki Robinson says:

    This might be one of my favorite episodes ever. Both of Lorilei’s interviews were fantastic. She’s a real hoot to listen to and did a wonderful job of explaining mixed media and art journaling. I chuckled during discussion of the pronunciation of “gesso” because I will never forget the first time I got brave enough to ask an art store clerk for clear “guesso”. She had no idea what I was talking about, and neither did her supervisor. It took a kind-hearted customer to clear things up (no pun intended). But my two favorite moments were (1) the reader mail about Katie’s “wrong answer?” – I very, very clearly remember that moment and (2) listening as Steph and Katie both “get it” about the concept of mixed media. Great show (as always) ladies!

  3. Katie Scott says:

    I participated in a live chat hosted by Debbie Hodge at Get It Scrapped because I think it was digi scrapbooking day? A bunch of paper scrappers were also in on the chat and we were discussing which podcasts we love and a few paper scrapbookers said that they hadn’t tried The Digi Show because they were paper!

    I told them about how The Digi Show is often general enough for paper scrapbookers; I did make a list of the more general episodes that paper scrapbookers might want to get started with – I hope this is ok? – I posted a list on my blog, here’s a link:


  4. Rhadonda says:

    Listening to the show as i unzip and try to organize all my DSD goodies! Another great show. I want to say thank you to all of you for taking the time, for bearing your souls and for keeping it real. I know how hard that is and sometimes a thankless job–so thanks! I just wanted to say i am still trying to figure out what “box” i want to hang out in. Still not sure of my style, drawn to so many when i am buying but when i go to scrap tend to lean toward simple, maybe its because i am still new and learning and usually have no idea what i am doing! But I still love it, I want to keep learning and I appreciate everything about The Daily Digi as you hold my hand and help me figure out who the digi me is. Loved Lorilei–her humor, her talent, her “um hums” ( : Thanks again! A faithful follower


    I’m just now seeing/hearing this, and omg. Like, oh my gosh. If you could see me I’d be totally embarrassed because I’m all geeking out right now. Like squealing, bouncing in seat, fist pumping geeking out.

    Thank you so much for mentioning the video tutorial and the lovely things you ladies said. <3 I mean really, thank you.

  6. AnnaRobyn says:

    Still catching up on shows and as always I continue to be amazed and entertained . . . thank you so much. I heard Lorelei mention a kit that Peppermint did when she guested on SBG with a Lego theme. I have a Legoland trip to scrap that this might be perfect for . . . is it still available and if so, where can I purchase it?