Episode 71: Oh Yeah We Went There

Debbie Hodge joins us to discuss color and somewhere along the way we dive head into a rabbit hole about…kit pricing and our opinions. Oh yeah, we went THERE! It is a colorful discussion for sure (in one way or another)!

Joining the Discussion:

Debbie Hodge
Peppermint Granberg
Katie Nelson



From the Mail:

  • Text Size Matters


From the Show:

  • Monochromatic Layouts
  • Color Palette-ify
  • Color Popping Against Achromatics
  • Color Overlays On Photos
  • Selecting Colors for Layouts
  • Using the Eyedropper Tool
  • Roy G. Biv
  • Getting the Most From Your Kits
  • Grayscales Are Going to Clear Up

Peppermint: Layout A Day App
Katie: Instaport (download all of your Instagram photos)
Steph: Google Drive as cloud storage
Debbie: Cara Cara Oranges (from your local grocer)



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35 Responses to Episode 71: Oh Yeah We Went There

  1. Chari says:

    No Pressure or anything!

  2. Chari says:

    Can we ask why you chose to print with Scrapping Simply over Persnickety Prints?

    • DebbieHodge says:

      Hi, Chari, It wasn’t a choice against any other processor, but a convergence of things for Scrapping Simply. Over digiscrap weekend in the fall, I had a coupon from Scrapping Simply, and so I uploaded EVERYTHING . . . and then didn’t place the order . . . which is typical for me. So then I was wanting things when I didn’t have a coupon and everything was uploaded at Scrapping Simply and I saw that not only could I do a bulk purchase, which I see you have, I could pay with paypal. Being able to pay with paypal vs a credit card for anything is always appealing for me, personally. I had some questions and Scrapping Simply customer service responded promptly and helpfully. So I ordered 200 and they came right away and I loved them and I was on a roll so I got another 200 and another 200.

  3. Marina D-K says:

    Cara Cara oranges and Honeycrisp Apples are both my favorite produce secret too. The Honeycrisp go away pretty quick here in Cali but the cara caras are around for a while. Can I ask why you all aren’t fans of Crashplan? We’ve been using it for a few months now and currently back up three computers. We haven’t had to do any restores but DH and I are happy about the seamless backup in the background of our 3 computer hard drives and 3 external hard drives. Please let me know if there have been any major issues. Thanks!

    • StudioWendy says:

      We always try every new variety of apple we can find. I’ve never heard of the Cara Cara oranges, but I’m totally going to look for them! Honey Crisp are our least favorite variety of apple (that’s my polite way of saying I didn’t care for them at all LOL). My all-time favorites are the Cortland and the Granny Smith. The Cortlands are hard to find and usually only around for a week or two when they do show up.

    • Peppermint says:

      I’m still a CrashPlan fan! I’ve been using them for 2 years now .. just renewed for my third (because I guess their prices are going up?)

      I just know that Steph and Katie have both had bad experiences with them, so whenever it comes up their response is a little predictable. LOL

    • Katie says:

      I can’t remember what episode I talked about Crashplan in, but it just took me forever and a day to get anything uploaded. I figured it would take me until the end of my lifetime to get things backed up. I found out after the show that there were some settings I could have changed to make it go faster, but I just decided it really wasn’t for me. I don’t keep my computer on and running and I’m always moving around my EHD so it was just hard to get a consistent backup.

  4. Karen says:

    Steph said we should support our favourite designers (which I’m more than happy to do although my bank balance does not always agree) but I have a question: do both designers get an equal split when I purchase a collab kit? Usually I favour one designer over the other so I buy through their store but when I like them equally does it matter whose store I support? I feel like a parent playing favourites.

    • Laurel says:

      Good question — I’ve wondered this, too. I always struggle to know which store to purchase the kit from.

    • Peppermint says:

      Yes, they do! :)

      The designers settle up with each other on a regular basis. Or not so regular basis. LOL But it all gets worked out!

    • Kami says:

      This is a great question! There are lots of reasons why, some of them more business oriented and some of them more financial- but I think if you have one favorite designer you are purchasing the collaboration kit for, you should totally purchase it from their store!

    • StudioWendy says:

      In my collabs, we usually only split up proceeds for the first few months. After that, we found that it was pretty even and not worth the bookkeeping. In general, I don’t think it really matters. If you have a store preferences, support the store you prefer because the admin there will get paid from the commission. But as far as the designers go, I don’t think it really matters!

  5. Bobbi says:

    I’m more a fan of Minneola tangelos than of oranges, but we bought a bag of the Cara Cara oranges yesterday, and they’re delicious!

    I learn so much from The Digi Show, and not just about scrapbooking/techno stuff. I’m padding around in my Acorn slippers, nibbling on Cara Cara oranges and checking out my favorite blogs via Feedly on my new Samsung smart phone (Android :)) Thanks so much for all you do, ladies. You always brighten my weeks.

    • Peppermint says:

      Yay for all those things!

      I found the CaraCara oranges at our grocery store, too. I’m familiar with all the apple varieties, but hadn’t really noticed that there were other oranges. Other than, say, clementines vs. navel oranges. I haven’t tried the CaraCara’s yet, but my husband has and he loves them.

  6. SharonS says:

    Just finished listening to the show and enjoyed it as always. Here’s my chuckle for the day. Friday evening when I went shopping I saw Cara Cara oranges and bought some because I knew I’d read about them somewhere just this week. Naturally, I couldn’t remember where, but thought I’d give them a try. I ate one for lunch yesterday and it was amazing! Then today, I’m listening to the show and figured out where I’d read about them–from the Digi Show email! Thanks for a great show as always!

  7. Lisa says:

    This is not related to Show 71 — but I did it. I finally got RadLab. Pretty cool. I’m just wondering about using it from within Lightroom. I notice that when I do the edit in RadLab, Lightroom creates a new copy of my image before opening RadLab — am I missing a setting somewhere? I really don’t want the extra pics (unless I choose to keep them once I’ve done all my edits). I normally don’t keep my edits after pulling my pics into photoshop unless I’ve spent a lot of time cloning something out.

    Thanks — if you have any tips, or if you can just confirm this is what it does for you gals too.

    • Peppermint says:

      There’s no way around it creating that second copy, no. But after you’ve done what you want with it (exported it for print, exported it to Photoshop, etc.) you could always delete that extra copy. I keep mine, and I choose the “stack images with original” option and keep the stacks collapsed. So it only shows up once in my catalog, but the image will have a “2” in the corner so I know there’s another one in there and I can expand the stack to see it.

      I know sometimes I go to edit a photo in RadLab then when it opens up in their interface I’ll notice something I should have taken care of in Lightroom first (like noise, or cropping) so when I cancel out that “extra” copy is there, and if I go to edit again it will create a third copy. So I always delete that RadLab copy, do my Lightroom edits then send it over to RadLab again.

  8. LeslieM says:

    This was not a topic on the show, but for anyone trying to decide on upgrading to Lightroom 4, there are a lot of free presets for download on Matt Kloskowski’s blog at http://lightroomkillertips.com/category/presets/

    I have Crashplan for online backup and NovaBackup for the EHD backup. I believe in being doubly cautious. :) Crashplan is great for the multi-computer plans (family of 7 here). I have restored a few files as needed from the cloud to my laptop from Crashplan.


  9. Jackie B says:

    A couple of questions ladies:
    1. I have external drives and alternate by keeping one off site. I have Backblaze but I don’t think I am going to renew my subscription. Wouldn’t it be just as simple to burn a DVD with my pages completed as an extra precaution? My photos are important but they are not my business so I think off site storage may be a little over the top for me.

    2. I have an iPad and download the Playbook every month but the video instruction does not come across. Also, since you changed to a different “Cover” it is difficult to see the month of the playbook and I have not found a way to change it in my Library list. As always ladies, thanks so much.

    • Peppermint says:

      My photos aren’t my business, but I would be heartbroken if I lost them. I can’t go back and re-take them. So off-site storage for my photos is a “must have” for me. But if that’s something that wouldn’t keep you up at night then off-site storage would be overkill. :)

  10. Kate says:

    Such a fun show, as always! I just gave myself a little anxiety attack trying to imagine designing with only four colours , so I thought I’d return the favour and just let Peppermint know that I’m working on a new kit and on my desk at the moment I have 37 pens and 23 coloured pencils. (Yes, I counted!!) ;)

    • I mean why limit yourself – I add another color or two to the mix

    • Peppermint says:

      You’re the person I’m thinking of whenever I say that “some designers” are most comfortable with a dozen (or 60!) colors, Kate.

      I bought a 10-pack of multi-colored Sarasa gel pens a few months ago to add a little pizzazz to my To Do lists – and I still only take one out per day and use it. Sometimes I use the same one all week. I tried using several different colors for about a week and then it made me twitch.

      I’m a total head case.

  11. Stacey says:

    After hearing so much about Lightroom I have to ask: What is the difference between tagging in Lightroom and tagging in Bridge?

  12. Laura says:

    Hello, ladies! Great show as always!

    Not a digi scrapper here, but I wanted to chime in to the on-going conversation about 10×10 albums and say that I know plenty of paper scrappers that would love 10×10 albums! A much more manageable size, with more real estate than 8×8, and they fit on standard bookshelves. If WRMK or AC came out with them, I’d buy up a ton and it would change my scrapbooking forever! Ring-bound for me, though. It accommodates my lumpy pages better :)

    • Peppermint says:

      That’s awesome!

      I wonder what the reasoning was behind the 12×12 size being a “standard size” to begin with? It’s always felt cumbersome to me, but there must have been some reasoning behind it.

  13. Amber says:

    *sigh* Still.. listening and haven’t read the other comments, but can I just say how much I LLLOOOOVVVVEEEEE color! And not in the way that I’m all intimate with ROY-G-BIV.. ;) I just love tweaking and combining and making things look great together. So digital scrapping is a PERFECT fit for me! But seriously, since starting digi, I’ve been ruined, lol. I can no longer walk into a fabric store and truly appreciate the pieces for what they are. Every.Single.Time. I’m working on a sewing project, I’ll see a print I love, but I’d love it even more if it was slightly more teal, or these two patterns look GREAT together as far as design and scale, but the colors don’t jive.. Ah well.. these are the first world problems I manage to suffer through.. ;)

  14. Katie (sakura-panda) says:

    I loved the color talk! I don’t use a lot of neutral colors myself, although I did buy some Kraft-like digital paper once after hearing so many Paperclipping and Digi-show guests rave about what a great background it makes. It’s been almost a year since I bought it and I haven’t used a single piece!

    My background paper is almost the last thing chosen for my layouts. If I pick it too soon (which I often do even though I know better) I will end up changing it many times before I settle on what I want to use. It’s nearly always something patterned and colorful too.

    My reasons for getting into digital scrapbooking never included tweaking supplies. I almost never recolor pieces in kits — if I want a different color, I’ll pick out a different kit. Maybe that is because I am both a paper and digital scrapbooker, and used to making do with what I have, but I think it is mostly because I don’t want to fuss with the individual elements. I buy kits for what they are, not for what I can make of them.

    I enjoyed the rabbit hole discussion, although since I’m only a consumer, I don’t have anything to add. I didn’t want to not mention it though, because I do enjoy those little glimpses into the “other side”, even when I have nothing to comment or contribute back.

  15. Lindsey says:

    Hey ladies! Paper scrapper here tuning in and I must say LOVE your show. Your panel always has such a good mix (from business to funny to things to ponder to put that in my cart) and it’s fascinating how this information really applies to my paper scrapping as well. I have collected a few digital overlays, stamps and templates. But the digi show is really coaxing me to the other side (not sure which is the dark side, guess it depends which side you’re already on). I am and EHD girl (had to throw in a lil digi acronym to show help me be accepted in the group) as of now with photos and digi products on there, but connect to a laptop and find it annoying to have to be near an outlet if I want to use my products. Then it hit me, maybe I need my supplies more accessible and I would use them more!? Curious if anyone has tried or has thoughts on Carbonite as online storage? Someone had told me Carbonite was their go to online storage (and 59 bucks a year) and wondering how it lined up against crash plan, drop box, the cloud, etc. I guess I’m of the old mentality where I want to be in control of my products rather than handing them off to an outside source and who knows if they will be in business tomorrow. Thanks for the never ending inspiration and motivation to include my computer in my memory keeping.

    • StudioWendy says:

      Not sure if it’s changed, but when I was looking the only two companies that would backup EHDs were Mozy and Crashplan. Mozy went to a different payment model that was too much for me so I quit and got a refund. Mozy was never able to successfully backup my EHDs anyway since I’m on a laptop and every time I’d unplug from them, it would mark them for deletion and then have to reassociate. It was never able to handle that. I’ve found that with Crashplan I need to leave my laptop plugged in and online every night or it cannot keep up with my high data volume. I’m pretty behind right now. But I still do local backups via time machine, and direct copy backups of my photos and important things so the only thing not truly double protected right now are my supplies. (Note to self: Leave laptop plugged in every night!)

      I really think every situation is a little unique and you’ll have to weigh the different methods and decide what will work for you and what you’re comfortable with.

    • Peppermint says:

      I don’t have any experience with Carbonite, but it’s my understanding that it’s not so much storage as it is encrypted back-up. So you couldn’t browse it like an additional drive on your computer, you’d have to “restore” things to a hard drive in order to use them. If you wanted cloud storage you would have to go with a service like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Amazon S3, etc.

      When you say you have to be “near an outlet” – do you mean for your laptop or your EHD? I get the feeling that you mean the EHD – so does that mean that your EHD is AC powered? You could get a USB powered “portable” EHD instead and then only have to worry about laptop power.

  16. Addie Otto says:

    I recently discovered the Digi Show and I’m working backwards through the shows. I’m listening to this one right now and wanted to chime into the 10×10 discussion. I LOVE 10×10 and I print bound albums at Adoramapix. They aren’t cheap but I love the size and that I can print a full 2 page spread without a gutter. I can even have text across the break without an issue.

    I print a book every time I have enough layouts to fill the book and print each volume chronologically. I just can’t be focused on there being gaps; they will eventually be taken care of.

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