Episode 90: The Picks We Keep On Picking



The Topic

We are talking about picks we keep on picking (and mention one or two new things as well).

Joining the Discussion:

Peppermint Granberg
Katie Nelson


From the Show:

Steph’s post If This Then That
Wemo by Belkin
Fitbit  and UP
Katie’s post about PicMonkey
New Trent charger



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18 Responses to Episode 90: The Picks We Keep On Picking

  1. Cara says:

    It’s so good to hear that you are still fans of If This Then That. I started using it back when it was picked the very first time to help me back up the photos from my phone. I have it set so that every time I take a photo, the picture automatically gets uploaded to dropbox. At first this was just convenient, but last week, my phone decided to play a trick on me and deleted every photo from September 2012 to April 2103! Luckily, every single one was already backed up in my dropbox account. Talk about life-changing. I would have been devastated to lose all those sweet photos. Thanks for such an amazing pick!

  2. Amy A says:

    Like eating a box of assorted chocolates, you sort them out and eat your favorites last, that is how I listen to my podcasts. I leave Digishow for last!

  3. SharonS says:

    I just finished enjoying the show (starting during my elliptical workout time this morning and finishing while shampooing the dining room) and immediately went back to the beginning because I’m pretty sure I need to study more on If This, Then That and some of the other picks you mentioned.

    I can’t go without telling you about the pick that changed *my* life. Last summer, I think, Katie picked My Fitness Pal and like most picks, I put it on the back burner to think about one of these days. In late August, I found out I have osteoporosis and decided I’d better lose some weight. I remembered Katie’s pick and logged in and started an account. I attained my goal weight in late February and have lost several “bonus” pounds. I posted a layout on Flickr this morning about my journey.

    Thanks for always keeping me entertained, for giving me good information about my favorite hobby, and even helping me attain my health goals!

  4. Heddy says:

    I ordered the Fitbit Flex about a month ago and it arrived on Friday. Then, on Saturday I played The Digi Show podcast and I heard you ladies talking about it on the show! What timing! Well, my review after a few days is that it’s awesome. I love that it syncs automatically to my Fitbit app and that the app sends me encouraging notes during the day, like “You’re half-way to your goal!”.

    The app also synches beautifully with my SparkPeople account and MyFitnessPal to log my steps.

    The app even sends you badges when you reach goals. And they’re sort of addicting to earn. All in all, a great app and step-counter.

  5. Pam in Missouri says:

    Here’s my tip for surviving Soarin': keep the edge of the screen in your sites and don’t be afraid to close your eyes or look down to your lap. You can enjoy the ride without getting a headache.

    • Tammy says:

      I’ve been on it enough now to know when I need to close my eyes – there are only a couple of spots that affect me: the golf course and the mountains with the horses :)

  6. L Squared says:

    I really enjoyed this how – although I’d seen salads in a jar on pinterest for some time it was Peppermint’s recommendation that made our family take the leap. We love them and are healthier for this pick!

    I’ve finally picked up Daring Greatly and though I’m only a little bit into it I’m appreciating it greatly. The discussion about scarcity made me think about this other Ted Talk – Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong. He discusses how we spend part of a pie of money matters most significantly if we don’t think the pies size can change. (put much more eloquently here http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_pallotta_the_way_we_think_about_charity_is_dead_wrong.html) I often think about how little of something I have but often I have enough – time for what I need. Also when I’m in moments of jealousy – why can’t I be happy for others and happy for myself – isn’t there enough happiness and gratitude to go along? I think so – what a great perspective change and I’m only a couple of pages in. I look forward to re-listening to the shows after I finish the book.

  7. Naomi says:

    I was hoping Peppermint might mention an app that I was sure she picked but haven’t been able to find which show it was on. I think it was a motivation app, mainly health and exercise but maybe you could set other goals eg saving money? I remember she said that you could choose your own reward and could upload a picture of the reward. Any ideas?

  8. Sue says:

    I just saw this infographic and thought of you.


  9. Bought my daughter a wet brush today at the salon. The lady thought I was a little crazy as my hair is a little short for the need until I explained it wasn’t for me!

  10. mrshobbes says:

    OMGAH I got so behind, but I’m catching up!

    I signed up for If This Then That when I first saw it on Christine Newman’s blog (or was it the TLP blog post that she wrote) and I loved the idea, but just thinking about what recipes or formulas to create totally overwhelmed me.

    I’ve hunted around here and cannot find the wet brush anywhere over here! It’s so annoying. I would order it through Amazon myself, except apparently they need a US address. Even if I asked friends to buy it for me, shipping and all that would likely cost more than the brush. So my best bet is for a traveling friend to get out and bring it home to me. :)

    And lastly, YES! I’d love to have a dream come true and “show up” on The Digishow, lol. It’ll be the online version of a paper scrapping crop, I think :)

  11. LeslieM says:

    Mysms.com works with evernote to save every text message forever. The bonus is you can install on your computer, sign up with your cell number and type texts on a regular keyboard and send them. :)

  12. Carole Mac says:

    Katie – thx tons for the reminder about PicMonkey – literally (used mainly for emphasis but truthfully feels like the right word) is saved my life. On a recent trip to Hawaii we gave my nephew (5yrs old) his first lil digi camera then when we got home, he promptly told me that he wants picture books of his pictures LIKE AUNTIE’s …however when I scanned the folder of his pics I was immediately concerned about how I would made a book with 78 pics of a stray cat we saw on the street or 45 of his dad waking up one A.M. etc… after some thought I realized one collage page then a full sized photo on the outside page would be the way to go but really didn’t want to fill all those lil squares myself with the pics. So long story lonnnggg.. sorry… PIC MONKEY was sent from heaven… or from Katie, same thing in my opinion!! thxoxoxoxo