Episode 93: Wocka Wocka


The Topic

Wes Joyce (aka. Heather’s husband and photographer) joins the panel to talk about cell phone cameras: what to look for, which platform is better at what, how to get a good deal, and so much more.

Joining the Discussion:

Wes Joyce
Peppermint Granberg
Katie Nelson



From the Show:


Katie: iPad Mini
Peppermint: Luper
Steph: Lightroom Queen




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28 Responses to Episode 93: Wocka Wocka

  1. Rebecca says:

    The major reason that android is not as easy to develop, it’s because there’s so many different hardware. There are many manufacturers for android phone, and they have different screen sizes resolution and functions. That’s why you have to develop multiple versions of app on multiple versions of manufacturer phones. It’s not just the different operating system versions.

    The difference between sizes and the resolution, are especially cumbersome For photo apps.

    Sorry for typos. I dictated it in my car.

    • steph says:

      I checked with an Android developer I know and he said you actually only develop for the different operating platforms (Gingerbread, etc.) not the hardware. Developing for each different hardware device, it would be impossible because there are several thousand. Even just developing for the different OS currently running on phones makes it hard enough.

      • Becks says:

        I didn’t mean developing from ground up for each different hand sets, although reading what I wrote I did make it sound like that lol! I blame voice dictating.
        I meant for optimized results, you do need to program in the differences for different screen sizes and resolution, like this http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html

        For some apps like store apps it’s probably not much of a challenge, as long as all the buttons fit on the screen. But for apps that are visual and pixel centric, like photo apps, it can be a pain in designing and testing.

  2. Naomi says:

    Best ending to the show, ever!

  3. iDebbie says:

    Haven’t listened to the show as I am an iGirl all the way and see no point in listening to comparisons, but when I saw what Katie’s pick was I wanted to chime in that I love, love, love my iPad mini. I was even skeptical when I bought it last October at the same time that I bought the iPad 4 and iPhone 5, but I love it and use it so much more than my full size iPad. I still use my iPhone the most, but the mini is a close second. My next mini will have the biggest hard drive they make b/c I only bought the 16 GBs this time thinking I wouldn’t use it that much and highly regret it. Great pick, Katie! :)

    ps… now I’m a bit curious about the shocker ending. ;)

    • steph says:

      I think the comparisons might surprise you. From what I remember, we did more comparing of Apple to Apple and Android to Android.

      I would be interested in hearing, Debbie, if you use you iPad 4 as much as the mini and what you use each device for. I’m planning on my next device purchase being a mini and I’ve always known I would love the size. I wonder if it would replace my iPad or not.

    • Katie says:

      I never thought I would want an iPad mini, but it really is fabulous! It is the perfect size for my son and I have to admit that we all have mini-envy in my house now. lol!

  4. iDebbie says:

    I use both iPads, but the full size iPad is mostly set up in a stand on my desk and used for viewing videos or anything I might want to play or stream while using my iMac. I watch class videos on it, TV shows (Reality TV Peppermint! ;)), movies, webcams, etc. It’s much better for viewing b/c it’s HD. I don’t have a second monitor b/c my 27″ iMac takes up most of my desktop, so I use it for a second monitor sometimes too.

    The mini is used mostly for reading stuff like emails, RSS feeds, etc., and I also shop on it and download my purchases to it, then transfer to my iMac next time I’m on it. I watch some webcams or videos on it too if I want to sit down on the sofa away from my desk and the full size iPad, or outside in my backyard. For me with carpal tunnel and the beginnings of arthritis in my fingers it’s just easier to hold b/c it’s so light and thin. It’s easy to transport too, which is why I’ll also get the cellular one next time so I won’t be dependent on wifi. I do use my iPhone 5 the most though. That’s the one iDevice that’s always on me. Always!! ;)

    Personally, I will always want both sizes of iPad, but it’s the mini I will buy again when the next ones are released. I’ll use the iPad 4 for quite awhile now before replacing it. The rumors are that the next full size iPad will be very similar in design to the iPad mini, except full size. I’m encouraging my friends who want a full size iPad to wait until Fall. I also have a few friends who’ve bought the mini after I recommended it, and they all love it. Some have a full size iPad in one version or another but use their mini the most.

    I’ll listen to this episode tonight in bed. :)

    • steph says:

      Wow!!! That sounds like an amazing set up and great workflow! You have me lots to think about.

      I took my Mac on a long week long trip last week and we got along very well!!!

    • Katie says:

      I love the idea of using both sizes, especially thinking about the iPad as a second monitor. I use mine that way quite a bit now and my husband always laughs when he comes in and I have my iPad, iPhone, and computer all set up next to me. He says “do you have enough technology going?” and I always say “nope!”

      • iDebbie says:

        My hubby says the same thing when he sees all of my iDevices and my iMac running at the same time. LOL! I tell him I can never have enough iToys. ;)

  5. L Squared says:

    Steph – Can you please remind me what the photo scanning service is that you used that kept them in the US?
    Thanks for another great show!

    • Katie says:

      I’ll answer for her because I love them too – it’s scanmyphotos.com

      • iDebbie says:

        I use ScanMyPhotos and Scan Digital. Both happen to be located here in SoCal where I live. I use Groupons or Amazon Local Deals to get a better deal at both places. I think Scan Digital does the best job, but they’re also more expensive.

  6. LisaCP says:

    You gals are coveting the idea of a small tablet, so I just wanted to say that Barnes and Noble is still having a great price on their Nook HD and Nook HD+. While you can now get access to Google Play, a lot of the apps are still not available for the Nook — but the small one (Nook HD) is only $129 right now. I love mine. Nice and light weight — and the screen resolution is actually a bit better than the iPad mini.

  7. Teri Merkins says:

    I just want to say thanks! I was honestly afraid to listen to this show thinking it was going to be a bit of an Android bash-fest, but it was not. I just got a Galaxy S4 and LOVE it! So, again Thank You.

    • iDebbie says:

      Funny b/c I was expecting an iPhone bash fest. It wasn’t too bad, but definitely Android was favored. Never in my life. ;)

      • steph says:

        I won’t be changing either Debbie! Way too many apps that I’m not willing to give up. Also, as much as I complain about the app approval system, as a user, I love it.

        I have been wanting a Mini since before they were announced and am crossing my fingers I can swing getting one before my next Disney trip, so I can get autographs on it.

        With the ability to share info and items from Mac to iPad to iPhone and everything inbetween in the next iOS/OS update, I am betting I will be completely Mac….we’ll see.

        Glad the show wasn’t too painful for you Debbie!

        • iDebbie says:

          LOL Steph! I have too much money invested in apps to ever change even if I wanted to. I have over 1600 apps now. Yikes! Did I just admit that??? Well, I’ve had an iPhone since the original one was released, and once the app store opened I was like a kid in a candy shop. Now don’t ask how many I actually use b/c that would be even more embarrassing. ;)

  8. Rosann says:

    Ok, I love Apple products. I went today to upgrade to the iPhone 5 and left with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active AND the Galaxy mini tablet (comparable to iPad mini).
    My iphone 4s got me a $180 trade in credit and ATT is running a deal so I got the phone and table for $255 including taxes.

    I would not have been open to this if it hadn’t been for Wes. I am still in the market for a MacBook but I have abandoned the iPhone, at least for now. It’s not like I can’t go back later if I am not happy. Actually I have 14 days to figure it out. It’s been 3 hours since I made the switch and so far so good.

    I felt a little like a traitor and then I realized that I don’t know owe Apple anything. LOL. Given their price points, they owe me as a consumer everything I want. LOL.

    Great show.

  9. Crystal (Lukasmummy) says:

    Last time I upgraded my phone I wanted an iphone and the lovely lady in the shop talked me into getting the Galaxy S2 because the camera was better and there was no upfront fee. Mine came up for upgrade last week and I ended up going with the Galaxy S3 because it was £10 cheaper a month than hubby was previously paying for my S2. The S4 was the same price as my S2 was but we are trying to reduce some of the bills. I really loved the S2 but there aren’t words for how much better the S3 is. Hubby was looking at the S3 Mini but I like the bigger screen. Although I totally reserve the right to change my mind and make him get me an S4 when his is up for upgrade soon and he can have the S3 lol. Thanks for another awesome show. Hugs Crystal x

  10. I was listening to the podcast while commuting this morning. It ended when I was walking about halfway across the parking lot and I laughed out loud! The other people heading in to work must have thought I was nuts…LOL! Thanks for your sense of fun…all of you. :-)

  11. Suzy says:

    Great info! I don’t frequently use my phone for its actual function (phone calls). It’s an old smartphone & much too small to use effectively on the web. I’ve found myself using my husband’s Google Nexus phone when I want to get online. So he suggested, rather than update my phone, that I get a tablet. I’m saving up for the Galaxy Note 8. I like the smaller size, and since I currently use a Wacom tablet for everything I do on my computer, the stylus option makes sense. Excited to compare that camera to what I currently have in my phone, lol. Thanks for all the tips!