Episode 124: Spring Cleaning

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The Topic:

Steph, Katie, and Peppermint are doing some Spring cleaning today; answering questions and updating you on the things we get asked about most. Peppermint shares a shocking decision she’s been considering and a BIG announcement from Steph.

Joining the Discussion:

Peppermint Granberg
Katie Nelson

From the Show:



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75 Responses to Episode 124: Spring Cleaning

  1. Angie says:

    Ooohhh Steph I am going to CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. NanaAnna says:

    So sad…

  3. Courtney M says:

    Hey y’all, I really do love the times when you all just get together and chat. Loved the Spring Cleaning title!


    It’s always the insignificant things that cause great discussions :) What’s funny to me is that the thing most uncredited is fonts. And that’s always the one thing I want to know what it is!

    Have you ever noticed how there are a few iOS apps that do things that Android does natively? I think it was an episode with Kami when she talked about switching apple to android, (or it was Mr. Heather Joyce?) that mentioned some of the apps that Apple users adore, aren’t really necessary in Android because it’s native. I’m with Android for the same reason as you, I gave my soul to Google, instead of Apple, so it’s easier to just stay within that infrastructure. I’m still jealous of the Daily Digi app, and the Layout a Day app being iOS only, but those are the only apps that bug me. I think a lot of the photo apps are cool, but I’m not one to edit photos on my phone overall.

    I really have loved the Digi Show. It has given me confidence in my decision to switch to Digi Scrapping. I relisten to old episodes, and learn new things. I hope you three can do a show a month! I will miss hearing your voices in my kitchen, and while I clean.

    May the fourth be with us:) Haha. Star Wars joke.

  4. Michelle says:

    No more Digi Show??? So sad! I’ve really enjoyed the show. Will I still be able to access old shows?

    • steph says:

      Wendy has been working feverishly to get ALL of the old shows up here (from the PDS days). We hope to have them ready to go soon after the release of the last show.

  5. Lara Read says:

    So sad. Why didn’t you keep this one and stop one of the others? Not sure what to look forward to now :(

  6. louise says:

    I am so sad to hear no more shows… I have learned so much ! I listen to the shows repeatedly and will really really miss you all!

  7. Naomi says:

    OK, I haven’t listened to this episode yet, but judging by the comments I am seriously hoping you recorded this on April Fools Day!

    • StudioWendy says:

      Sadly, it’s true. I actually asked Steph myself to make sure!

    • steph says:

      It would be a horrible April Fools joke :(

    • bunnyfreak says:

      I was hoping it was an APril Fool’s Joke as well! I have listened since episode 1 over on the other platform. So going to miss this pod cast. :(

    • Katie says:

      We wouldn’t play that kind of mean joke. It’s true, but if you listen to the end of the show you will find that there will still be some fun things to look forward to. :)

  8. Leslie says:

    I really can’t believe you are stopping the podcast. The main reason I became a digi files member was to support the podcast.


    • StudioWendy says:

      It’s so sad because we feel like we’re missing our weekly lunch date with our girlfriends, right? But be sure to tune into The Daily Digi Digest where the girls will be making a monthly appearance. I’m thankful I’ll still be able to catch up with them and it’s not 100% cold turkey! I might have to start relistening to all the episodes again from the very start!

  9. While I’m sad to hear that this podcast (which I always look forward to and have learned so much from) will come to an end, I totally understand the reasons why and applaud your choice to put family first. One consolation is that I can listen to all the old shows over and over.

    I do listen to the Daily Digest, but will miss the format of the Digi Show, as you cover so many topics from scrapping to TECH support. lol

    Hugs to you, and thanks for all the time and effort you put into this podcast. You will be missed.

    • steph says:

      Thanks so much Lynn!! I agree that there is so much we do on TDS and that’s why I want to continue it over on DDD. :)

    • Lucrecia says:

      I agree with all of this! I feel like Steph, Katie and Peppermint are my digi-scrappin girlfriends. Glad the podcasts will still be available though!

  10. Debbie Hodge says:

    Oh, sad! And, now that I’ve been dabbling in podcasting, I completely understand. It’s been the scheduling that’s been the hardest part for me. It’s that one more split of my attention. Thank you so very much for the hours of education and entertainment. And I’ve been digging the digest and look forward to hearing you over there. Best best best wishes with your move and family.

    • steph says:

      Thanks Debbie! The scheduling is definitely an obstacle for me as well. But, equally as difficult is the amount of time I spending thinking, planning, and even worrying about the show. Getting together and chatting is the best part of the whole deal and the part I love the most!

  11. Vicki Bridges says:

    Say it ain’t so! Oh my my heart hurts….. while I understand I’m so sad. I have been concerned that you, Steph, were doing too much, so this makes sense. But personaly I’m going to pout for a good long time!

    As artists we have so few people in the “real world” that get us. And I always felt you, Katie and Peppermint got us. Please archive the old shows, I enjoy listening over and over. And a great big thank you from my heart for doing all you do! ….hugs always!

    • steph says:

      Feel free to pout Vicki! You are not the only one that has been concerned. I actually get lots of emails from readers/members/listeners that they are worried I’m doing too much. It helps to know I’m loved! :)

    • Katie says:

      Thanks Vicki! It’s been amazing to feel connected to so many digi scrappers all over the world. I have truly loved this experience!

  12. KristiG says:

    I completely understand why you made your decision and give you kudos for putting your family first and realizing (probably especially due to your daughter graduating soon) that these years are so short and fast and then your kids are out of your house. So I think it’s wonderful for you and your family that you are going to be available more and able to homeschool them. Selfishly, I am very sad, but I will get over it quicker than your kids would get over not having their Mom available. (Hope that came out right—meant it in a good way!) I’ve already enjoyed all of the DDD podcasts I’ve heard, but will now have more of an opportunity to catch up since there’s only one episode of TDS left. Can’t wait for the monthly reunion shows! Good luck on your move & other changes in your life. You will all be missed GREATLY!

    • steph says:

      This is so nice, Kristi, and so filled with truth! :) My oldest daughter graduating definitely contributed to it all. I don’t have any regrets about taking the time I did to homeschool her and her brother. I don’t want to wish I would have taken the time to do it with my youngest when she graduates, and it’s too late.

  13. KristiG says:

    Oh, and please PLEASE tell me you will keep the shows archived so we can relisten when we get sad and miss you! And will Izzy still keep his Paperclipping Digi Show episodes as well? I guess I should ask him, not you, but you might know?

    • StudioWendy says:

      Hi Kristi!

      Yes, the episodes will remain, and we’re working on getting individual posts up for The Paperclipping Digi Show too so you can find them all here in one place.

    • steph says:

      Kristi – Wendy worked hard today and finished this project up for all of our listeners. You can now find ALL of The Digi Show episodes ever recroded (under Paperclipping or not) here on the site. Use the calendar links in the sidebar or the guest names for quick navigation.

      A HUGE thanks to Wendy!

  14. Sue says:

    I wanted to add my thanks for the time you all have given to teach and entertain me for 124 + however many PRT episodes you did. I listened to everyone of them from the beginning. I will miss you. (long message follows)

    Thank you for explaining how to Pin something from Feedly! I picked up my phone and followed along as I listened – Success! Thanks also for all the wonderful Android tips, tricks, and apps you have shared over the years. also the other tips – still making my mason jar salads and using my wet brush. :-)
    As to your Android vs iPhone decision, just last week I was in a situation where I had to select a new smart phone for my work. (I have a Galaxy S4 for my personal phone – LOVE IT) When I went to the store to look at phones I seriously considered the iPhone (I am a iPad user and love it too, so I wasn’t concerned about the OS differences) what made me stick with Android was the screen size. Compared to the Android options the iPhone seemed too small for me. Just my two cents.

    I love your simple and process driven style. Power scrapping has made a big difference in my productivity. I love the PSE help you always add and knowing that it works for you makes me comfortable in my decision not to move to the CC.
    Finally, I haven’t missed posting a monthly roundup since March 2011 when I started. The one I post this week will mark the third full year of capturing my memories. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Last but not least. You are gracious and kind and so generous with your time. You had the vision to give us digi scrappers a place to call home no matter what shop or tool we preferred. You taught us much about what goes on behind the scenes and inspired us to “dare greatly.” Thank you for hosting this weekly podcast for all these years.

    See you next month,

  15. Okay, so first of all, I wrote this first part of my comment while I was listening to the show….before Steph’s announcement (which sorta felt like a small punch in the stomach… :-/)

    Re: Flickr — Katie, you have converted me to using Flickr as a sharing and backup tool. Thank you for all your remarks, advice, and honesty about it!! I even wrote a post on my blog recently about my new Flickr “habit:” http://vegetablog.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/using-flickr-to-archive-and-share-photos/

    Re: trace-and-cut– Steph, maybe I didn’t quite understand what you’re exactly talking about, so forgive me if I’ve misinterpreted, but I wanted to make sure that you knew that there is an option to trace only the outside of an image. In the “Trace” menu, after you’ve selected the trace area, click on “Trace Outer Edge” rather than just “Trace.” This will help you get the basic “silhouette” (in the generic sense of the word ;-)) rather than the software trying to find inner edges. You don’t have to mess with the high-/low-pass filters as much, then.

    And now, let me add my lament to the comments above (which I deliberately scrolled quickly past to start writing the above remarks so that I could hear the announcement on my own). While I totally understand how you’ve put so much thought into this decision, and I totally respect it, oh man oh man oh man oh man am I sad to hear this. TDS is literally my favorite podcast right now, and so I’m going to seriously miss you ladies–as the Digi Show panel (yeah, I know you’ll be around, and I follow your blogs…does that sound creepy?!!? I promise I’m not creepy– but it won’t be quiiiiiite the same). I have learned so much from you ladies and your guests (I’ve even dipped into digi-scrapping more because of you– certainly, I feel way more confident using my PSE7 (pathetically old) and LR4), and I appreciate everything you’ve put into the show. So…

    Thank you. You will be missed.

    • steph says:

      Not creepy! So sorry you felt like it was a punch in the stomach!! :( Thank you so much for all of the kind words!

    • Katie says:

      Thanks so much Natalie. And thank you for linking to your Flickr blog post. I totally agree with you that there are positives and negatives to the whole thing, but I’m glad you have found a workflow there that is a good one for you. I don’t know what I would do without Flickr!

  16. Claudia B says:

    Noooo. Waaaa. Now I sound like my 1 year old. No more Digi Show podcast? I had a feeling this day would come soon. Surely recording so many podcasts takes a lot of time away from other important things. We all struggle with work/family balance and you have to make the decision that is right for you. This is a sad, sad day. There is no other podcast that comes close to yours that covers the topic of digital scrapbooking (well the Digest comes close). Are you moving to Florida or California? I have always wondered why you don’t live there being such a Disney fan :-) Best of luck to you, Katie and Peppermint.

    • steph says:

      California is too expensive for me and Florida is too rainy. ;) But we will be within a few hours of Disneyland! :) YAY!

      THANKS for all of the kind words and good wishes!

  17. Jett says:

    I just finished hearing the news and trying to figure out how I’m going to fill that time once you guys stop recording. I’m a paper scrapper who has been listening to your show since it started. I’ve learned so much from the three of you all while it felt like I was sitting with 3 friends. You’ve made me bust out laughing many times, be close to tears and even talk back to the phone as if you could really hear me. Your conversations kept things so real and relatable. Thank you for sharing so much of you with all of us. You will be missed.

    • Joyce Wans says:

      Hi Jett, I’ve done that talking back to, in my case, the computer, too. I find that I don’t really get much of a response, though. Does it work better on a phone? Maybe because it’s designed for two-way communication?

  18. Lyndel says:

    Many above have expressed my feelings so well there is nothing left to say. So I’ll have my little cry then pick myself up and be grateful for every single show til now and grateful for what you will share with us in the future in whatever format that may be.

    The three of you and all your many guests have been a true gift. Thank you.

    Much love and best wishes

    XOXO Lyndel, Tasmania, Australia

  19. I will truly miss The Digi Show – it’s the end of an era!

    Thanks for the many hours of work you put into the show, it was one of a kind!

    Of course, I’ll be listening to the Daily Digi Digest, but I’ll still miss this show.

  20. Amy K says:

    Thank you so much for all you given to and shared with the community through this podcast (and elsewhere)! I’ve learned SO much from all your tips and tricks, and the picks of the week (which I’m already mourning the loss of). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to every single episode.
    You will be missed. All the best to each of you!

  21. Vicki Robinson says:

    Sigh. As I said in my interview last month, finding the Digi Digi show back when it was part of the Papperclipping Round Table was a revelation for me! Never before had I heard crafters discussing their art in such an intelligent and informational manner. I was so excited – I actually wanted to volunteer to be a panelist! You ladies broke new ground with your podcasts and made our gi-normous, world-wide community seem much more cozy and relatable. I know I don’t really “know” you three and while I understand all things change and I’m super happy a new version of the podcast will continue in another format, it still feels like I’m losing something special. Thank you you for the time and energy you’ve devoted to this indusrry – The Digi Show will be missed, but remembered fondly.

  22. L Squared says:

    Always hard to say farewell to a good friend like the Digi Show but I’m excited to see what this means for the Daily Digest and glad to know we’ll still get our fill of Katie and Peppermint, even if it is a little less often.

    I really appreciated the discussion about photoshop set up. I’d love to see a post at the daily digi with screen shots of how other people have their program window set up (team members, as well as Peppermint, Katie, and Steph).

  23. Amy says:

    I am SO going to miss the shows! I feel like I always got so much out of every show, especially a way to feel current with what is going on with technology and trends – as a stay at home mom, that isn’t always possible. As that same mom, I understand the need to make decisions based on the needs of our families and am glad that Steph is able to do that. The show has been AMAZING, and truly has changed my life for the better in so many ways. It has been an awesome run and I’m looking forward to staying connected to each of you through your blogs, the daily digi and the daily digi digest. Quite simply – THANK YOU for being there for me when I needed to connect with others who share my interests and passion. Wishing you all success and the ability to always “do what makes your heart sing!”

  24. Deirdre says:

    So sad. And grateful.

    Will my bathrooms ever be clean again? What life changing discoveries like salad jars, vsco app, and the magic hair brush will I now never know about? How will I be able to withstand the pressure to upgrade my PSE without Katie’s encouragement and example?

    I remember the early shows when Izzi teased Katie about her “curse words”—and when Peppermint joined the show and gave back to Izzi just as strong and funny. I was a Papercraft listener who just dabbled in digi, but listening to the show made me realize “these are my people” and I converted to mostly digi.

    I’ve learned so much about technology from the engaging way you share your knowledge, experience, and preferences. I hope you’ll be able to share on the last show when you’ll record again.

    Thanks for more than 125 great shows!

  25. Katie (sakura-panda) says:

    Peppermint — now that you have a Windows 8 laptop, have you considered looking at a Windows 8 phone? I’ve heard good things about them, but the last time I upgraded I was burned out from my Android OS Donut -> Gingerbread experiences and wanted something stable and enduring. Right now I have both iPhone 5 (personal) and Samsung Galaxy S4 (work) phones and I couldn’t say that I prefer one over the other. (Honestly, I like having both.)

    To Steph and everybody — thank you for all the time, effort and energy that went into making this podcast. I have more podcasts than time to listen and this one has always been my number one favorite.

    You have inspired my creativity and I’m grateful to have had the chance to learn so much about digital scrapbooking from you and your guests. When I found this podcast, I had been looking for a forum or site to keep up with digital trends and this podcast was exactly what I needed. While I’m sorry to see you go, I’m now hooked into blogs, workshops and other sites where I can seek inspiration; all of them are places I didn’t know about before learning about them on the show.

    Thanks so much for all you have done and good luck in all that comes your way! I’m looking forward to hearing you all on the The Daily Digi Digest podcast and seeing what other new challenges you take on.

  26. Katie says:

    It’s so nice to read all of these comments. It’s really sweet to know that people will miss the show – much better than if people were wanting you to leave. lol! Seriously, thank you everyone for all your kinds words and support!

  27. Totally heartbroken that you are quitting! I respect your decision but I am very sad. I only recently (end of Feb. or so) got all caught up in listening to every single episode so that I was on track.

    I am not a digital scrapbooker but I have learned so much from your show (I’ve always kept photo albums and have recently started Project Life). I like the photography shows the most, but have found something relevant and applicable in almost every single show. Thank you so much! You will be greatly missed!

  28. I’ve finished listening to the episode so I am back with a couple more things to say.

    First- Sorry I posted something kind about- I hadn’t hear that part yet. :)

    My “speak now or forever hold your peace” question is for Katie. I am very interested in uploading all my photos to flikr as a back up. Is it easy to choose which photos are public and which are private? I would want to keep most photos private, but perhaps make a few public to share. Thanks!

  29. Rachel Herron says:

    Steph, Katie and Peppermint,
    Thank you so much for all the past wonderful shows. You all have provided a wealth of information for a new digi scrapper such as myself. It has been an absolute joy listening to the show.

    For Steph – I have a new macbook pro and had a windows based laptop for years. I recently stumbled on a menu setting in the Finder window called Folder Actions. I was intrigued by it but didn’t really understand it. I googled the subject and found a video tutorial on how to use Folder Actions along with the Automator and the presenter uses the example of how to zip file to a folder automatically. Here is the link: http://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/quick-tip-use-folder-actions-to-speed-up-productivity-in-os-x–mac-45394. I am still learning the mac as well. I hope this tutorial helps you with your issue in getting all the digi files zipped each month.

  30. Barbara says:

    I will miss you TERRIBLY! Thank you, ladies, for being there for me on my drives, walks, and housecleaning days (few and far between, I’m afraid). I am heading over to make sure I’m subscribed to the Daily Digi Digest, ’cause going cold-turkey might cause awful withdrawal symptoms…

  31. Tosha says:

    I am so sad to hear the news that my favorite podcast is not moving forward but I totally understand why. Steph when you were on the PRT show, you showed me a whole new world to memory keeping. So let me say thank you so much for giving me the best podcast on my iPod and my favorite website TDD. Your journey is still moving on with your other podcast so I am happy to know I will still be able to hear from you and all your guest. I wish you the best in your move, I am moving to Idaho in July (yes from Florida to Idaho CRAZY I know)
    Like I have shared with you before I will always support you, Katie and Peppermint in your businesses.
    Love ya ladies and hope you girls Don’t stop the PARTY.
    Will be anxiously waiting for DDD.

  32. Hokiecoyote says:

    How sad, I will really miss you guys. I was totally a paper crafter before I started listening to your show and now I do more digital pages than traditional pages. I have appreciated all of your insight and tips and actually signed up for more google storage as I was listening to this podcast. There are so many apps, digital designer products and companies that I now use because of you. Thank you!

  33. Tammy says:

    There have been so many well-crafted, beautiful comments left already. I’m not much of a wordsmith and I’m sure I don’t have anything original to add. But, I didn’t want to NOT leave a comment.
    Steph, I really applaud your willingness to put your family first. As a homeschooling mom, I understand the need to sometimes make those hard choices.
    Peppermint, Katie and Steph, I’ve learned so much from all you! Your expertise is unparalleled. You have such a great chemistry and are so fun to listen to. I was so honored to be able to meet the three of you when you were in CA for CHA! You were as wonderful in person as you are on the air.
    Steph, I’m so excited for you in this move! I hope we’ll be able to meet up at Disneyland once you’ve settled in to your new home!
    Katie & Peppermint, I’ll continue “stalking” your blogs and hopefully you’ll make it out to Disneyland again & I’ll get to say hi.

  34. Sarah DG says:

    NOOOOOO!!! The Digi Show is my favorite podcast. Now what will I listen to on all my long drives to the city?! Sad, sad, sad. I will miss listening to you guys each week.

    Sarah DG

  35. Leonie-Australia says:

    I am so sad to here you are not doing the show anymore. I have loved this podcast so much and look forward to it every week. Thanks for all the great tips and discussions along the way though, best wishes!

  36. mrshobbes says:

    So, last week I powered through something like 10 episodes in two days (SO many chores done! SO many layouts scrapped!). Drat my offline job that had cut into my TDS listening! When the new episode came into my inbox, I was so excited–then I felt like I got sucker-punched (as I’m sure many felt). No joke, I sat on my sofa cradling my laptop with tears in my eyes. Then I totally compartmentalized and decided I would handle this on Monday :P Now, at the risk of (likely) experiencing a vulnerability hangover, here I go:

    And logically speaking, I know it doesn’t mean you are all disappearing from the online world. It’s just that the whole format of the show, for me, represented more than just a bunch of people who loved something I loved (scrapbooking) coming together to talk about it. Lots of times–since I listened to TDS usually while I scrapped–it was like I was at a crop of sorts (since I don’t have any one local over here that I can scrapbook with). You gals were company for when I vacuumed or did the dishes. You were girlfriends I giggled with (inwardly) during a long commute on the train.

    Most importantly, I felt like TDS is one of the few platforms available online today where the whole digital scrapbooking (and a goodly portion of paper scrappers) community could come together to talk about we love, with no thought of politics or which designers sold where or which CT was represented. You were all about coming together each week to share what made your hearts sing. It’s something I experienced so much back in 2007-2008, that I sorely miss today.

    (Not to say it’s not present any more, what with social media and all that. But somehow, it felt more intimate and cozy back then)

    Steph, thanks to you I was introduced to what is possibly one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. Each page of Daring Greatly spoke to me, and its lessons resonate throughout my life even today. Not just in what I choose to scrapbook and share–it’s spilled over to how I relate with colleagues, friends, and family. And each and every week you choose to come to this space and share your thoughts and be vulnerable? Thank you.

    Katie, I often felt while listening to you that sometimes you think the questions you ask or the things you share are either too simple or stupid or both (I could be wrong, it’s just an impression I get). I just want to tell you that **I** have thought them too, and YOU asking them during the show (when I couldn’t) has always made me love you. Everything from how to do cutouts on background papers to streamlining processes with a new app–it would happen that the moment I puzzled over it during a show, you would ask the exact question that was in my head. And then you would explain things so clearly that it made me love you a little more. And I will always, always be grateful for your monthly roundup prompts. Thank you :)

    Okay, I know that because I’m on your team I’ll always get my weekly dose of Peppermint Wit, but I will miss hearing your voice talking about Bravo shows and your plans for your cats podcast spin-off. During topics of intense interest and (some?) controversy, your voice of reason always calmed me down. How many moments have I experienced “But wait–don’t they know that–” and then you would speak and I would calm down in relief and think, ah, okay, that makes sense. Thank goodness for Peppermint! So thank you :)

    I absolutely understand your decision, Steph–and I want you to have more time with your kids and be the best mom and wife you can be! I am nothing but very grateful for you putting together this show (though I haven’t commented enough on it! I’m sorry!) and everything that has been shared thanks to it. It’s been an amazing ride, and I look forward to seeing what new changes will come. Good luck! :)

  37. Cathy R says:

    I can’t believe it! Say it isn’t so! But, of course, it is! I totally understand and applaud your decision to put family first: Time is so fleeting and our children are only young for such a little while…and isn’t that why those of us with children scrapbook (for the most part anyway. I know there are other reasons, too).

    I have listened to every single podcast, some multiple times. I will miss our weekly get togethers as friends who have never met but have so much to say to each other!

    Thank you, Steph, Katie and Peppermint, for all you have shared and taught us. The Digi Show will be missed by many but as I once read, as much as we dislike change, we might as well get over it, for change is the only constant! And how can we resent this change that can only bring such goodness for you and your loved ones?

    As previously stated by others, I will be haunting the Daily Digi Digest, Katie’s and Peppermint’s blog, too, so don’t think you are getting rid of me so easily! LOL!

    Godspeed to all!

  38. Peggy M says:

    I’m so going to miss you guys! I’ve enjoyed listening to the podcasts while in the car – and spend a lot of time there on the weekends. Listening was like having friends visiting in the car. While I totally understand the need to re-evaluate what you are doing based on what is going on in your lives, I will still miss you all. And yes, the digest will fill some of that space too.

  39. Becky says:

    I’m so thankful for each of you and all the shows you’ve done. I am feeling a sense of loss, not in the way when someone dies, but like when a friend moves away. Yes, you keep in touch but it’s not the same. So I’m sad but also very grateful. I’ll miss the conversations among you and all the bunny trails. Every show has given me something to ponder and think about and not always scrapping related!

    Blessings to all of you and thank you for being transparent and vulnerable enough to put this show together. I know it was challenging but it was worthy. I’ll miss it!!

  40. Laurel says:

    Man-I commented yesterday, but it must not have gone through.

    I won’t rehash what I wrote because it has been said so much more eloquently by so many others. I will truly miss listening to the three of you weekly! Even though we’ve never met in person, I’ve always felt (maybe strangely) that we’re friends. I’ve received help from all three of you over the years and appreciate all of the time you’ve put into the show. I understand and respect Steph’s decision, but it I’m sure I’ll still check my phone on Fridays for new digishow updates :)

    Thanks again for all of the tips/product recommendations, and most of all the many laughs over the years! I think you’re all amazing women.

    Best Wishes,


  41. Kendra says:

    I’ll miss this show greatly. You kept my commute sane and I had so much fun laughing along with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for daring to do this show for 125(+) episodes. I’ve listened to every one since the very first ones with Izzy and Noell and I will miss it. You have been a blessing to the industry and to me.

  42. Luly says:

    You ladies have taught me so much about digitial scrapbooking and “tech” stuff in general – it has been an amazing educational experience during EVERY single one of the shows I’ve listened to. You were the reason I decided to switch to all digital scrapping for PL in 2014 – I’m loving it. I started my subscription to the Daily Digi last spring and I will continue forever…
    I will have to go back and start listening from the first show on my train commutes every day – at least I will be able to pretend for a while that you are still “the team” – the team that taught me so much about memory keeping, computer stuff and life in general!
    Steph – I just became an empty nester in the fall – and totally understand how you feel – you can’t go back and make up that time. Peppermint and Katie – the chemistry that you three have is special – I know you’ll miss recording more than the listeners!

    Many blessings to all three of you – can’t wait to hear you all on the digest (which I have also recently started listening to…)

  43. Melissa L. says:

    I just heard the news yesterday and wanted to pop in to add my two cents and many, many thanks. I feel like three of my favorite girlfriends are moving away. :-( I’m so very sad! The Digi Show is what brought me into digi-scrapbooking and helped me discover and refine the hybrid style that I’m using today. I’ve learned so very much because of the three of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hours that you’ve all put in making this the awesome podcast that it’s been. And Steph — as a homeschooling mama of four, I commend you for realizing your limits and putting your family’s needs first — no matter how loud we all pitch a fit! :-) Blessings to you (and Katie and Peppermint) as you make this transition. PLEASE don’t disappear — I’m counting on at least a monthly fix on D4 (as Peppermint and Katie have dubbed it). ;-) Thank you all….sniff, sniff…..

  44. Joyce Wans says:

    OK, no mushy stuff today (I’ll save that for next week).

    So, I leave you guys alone for just a little while and you quit the podcast? How can you possibly get that depressed that soon? I recognize that I hold a special place in your hearts but there are many other fine listeners that can substitute for me for at least a little while.

    You do realize don’t you that this change is all about me! I am the listener. I need to listen. I need to keep an eye on y’all to give your mothers a little relief from the constant supervision needs (I’m not naming any names, but the main one’s initials are S.t.e.p.h).

    And how can I continue my career as a famous podcast guest if the only podcast desperate enough to invite me on closes down? Did you even consider that in your decision making process? Really? You’re not getting the headset back, Steph. It’s mine and I’m keeping it! Oh, oh. I’m getting whiny now.

    So until next week’s mushy episode, love and hugs to all three of you,

  45. Trisha Hamilton says:

    I understand why you are ending the show, but I feel so sad inside. I have so enjoyed the dynamic the three of you have. It won’t be the same without you all together. I wish you all the best and even though you don’t know me, I will really, really miss you. :(

  46. Megan W. (Glumirk) says:

    Really, I think Steph is using all her time listening to Harry Potter audiobooks. ;)

    Seriously kidding, but since I never commented last week I might as will thank you guys for being my Harry Potter audiobook replacement that got me through my second pregnancy (when I finished the audiobooks only 5 months in), and the reason I only made it halfway through the series this last pregnancy. I used the audiobooks to help me through the hours of pregnancy-induced insomnia (and in the case if this morning, trying to go to bed early backfired when I couldn’t get back to sleep after the 3am feeding).

    Thanks for the show. The only good thing I can come up with is that now I will actually have the time to keep up with your other podcasts that I’ve been trying to listen to as well, especially with my first trip to Disneyworld coming up in November. And maybe I can finally re listen to all of the shows and try all of the tips, sites, and apps that you’ve mentioned through the years. Thanks for helping me catch up (although I will really miss the weekly episodes, just trying to be positive)

  47. Amber LaBau says:

    I’m going to be honest and say I haven’t read all the comments, so I’m sorry if someone has already covered this.. Regarding the layers palette and what your bounding box is – I’m like Peppermint and like to keep it the full canvas, but switched to the other for the rest of the show and have like it quite well.. One trick I learned for grabbing elements, though, other than scrolling through all 900 layers is to just ctrl+click on it on your canvas. That will select it for you in your layers palette, and you can select multiple items by doing ctrl+shift+click. One of the greatest time-savers I’ve come across!

    Also.. I will miss you.. :( I’m more of a silent-stalker-listener type than one who comments a lot, but I’ve been here with you all laughing and sighing and nodding my head right along with you.. Hugs to you all!! xoxo :)