Listening and Looking For

Steph had a family emergency this week, so we had to cancel our scheduled recording. The good news is that after several days, and as many trips to the urgent care and doctor, her daughter’s asthma is finally under control.

We should be back on schedule next week. In the mean time, here are some of our popular shows for you to listen to again (or for the first time, whichever the case might be):

You can also check out the Daily Digi Digest and Capturing Magic podcast.

We are looking for someone to join in on a discussion about “Daring Greatly” and creativity. If you’ve read the book and seen it change your creativity and art as a scrapbooker, drop Steph a note with “Daring Greatly Discussion” in the subject (steph (at)

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One Response to Listening and Looking For

  1. Linda says:

    is a new site to save your kids art work…have you heard of it or have a review if you are using it.