We are back at it again!

Katie, Peppermint, and Steph were back together recording and answering YOUR questions about SLR/phone camera dilemmas, routers, and more! You can find this episode here.

Find all of the D4 episodes as well as the Daily Digi Digest episodes here.

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One Response to We are back at it again!

  1. Dawn N says:

    I was so happy to hear you all together again – like a family reunion :)

    I have a few more comments/questions:

    1. Katy – Lightroom start-over. I too was completely un-organized my first time with Lightroom and I have catalogs all over the place and I am still particularly clue-less in that program. I am sure that Lynda.com is very helpful – they always are. Did you have to delete and re-installed your software and started fresh? I have been wanting to start fresh and organize things right, but wasn’t sure where I need to begin.

    2. Printer & Ink…. I have an HP B300 series all-in-one printer, scanner etc… I used to buy the packs of ink and like Peppermint I felt like every few months I was getting ink no matter how many pictures I was printing (or not). and I always bought HP ink. This year I am also printing PL at home, and all my journals cards, some hybrid projects, etc…. I am printing a lot!. BUT I discovered an off-brand on Amazon.com ($10) a 4-pack of ink (B,C,Y,M). EZ Ink is the manufacturer. I have great quality photos, I feel like I get way more prints than I ever did with my HP inks, and the price is awesome. I was skeptical, but for $10 I gave it a try and I have been extremely happy.

    3. My Router question…thanks for answering again. I did end up buying a router that night I emailed you all. I researched a bit online, and feel we have a good one (and my poor hubby, I had him pay extra for the one with the USB slot for my EHD.) I have not hooked this up yet – but I am glad you reminded me again about the LaCie cloud drive. That will go on my wish list next.

    4. What other podcasts are you listening to? or recommend? You all answered this once in a podcast long ago… with times changing many of these have also since cancelled their podcasts… Any new suggestions?

    Again it was great to hear you three together again.

    -Dawn N