Episode 33: My Treat At The End



This week we are sharing our process for creating a digital layout from beginning to end with lots of tips and discoveries along the way. There are also details for a little contest we are having as well.

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Joining the Discussion

Ali Edwards
Katie Nelson
Peppermint Granberg

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Posting Layouts to Online Galleries


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Should I use Shadows?


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71 Responses to Episode 33: My Treat At The End

  1. Sue S says:

    Did you guys know The Daily Digi is in the first issue (well what I think is the first issue) of Craft and Click “Bookazine.” I bought the first issue the other night on my iPad through my Mollie Makes app. Glad to see you guys in there :)

    • steph says:

      I did not know that! Thanks for sharing! I downloaded the Mollie Makes app but couldn’t find anything about Craft and Click :( Maybe it’s because I’m on the original, and now becoming obsolete, iPad. ;)

  2. Theresa says:

    Love the lemons into lemonade. I generally listen Friday a.m. before I’m off for the day – always brightens my day. You guys are just too fun.
    Since I’ve got to run I’m gonna throw out my “lemonade” guess (this was harder than I thought – too much concentration!!) But my guess for the switch/splice (not sure of the technical term) was at 49.21.

    • Theresa says:

      oops…forgot to put the end time 97.47 (gee I struggle finishing everything don’t I?)

  3. Ok, here’s my guess!

    At 2:37 (very close to the beginning!) you started “re recording” and at 1:06:28 you switched back again from the “re recording.”

    I hope I’m close!

    I loved the show and I loved the topic and the discussion!! I loved the input on what galleries to post to etc. That was very helpful!

  4. MonicaB says:

    Wow this was hard….You did a great job putting the two recording together. I’m going to guess the switch happened at 31:50 and it cut back at 1:14.

    These was another wonderful show. Thanks for all the great information you share.

  5. Leah says:

    Just a random guess…. 23min start and 52 min back to regular recording? I’m not even done listening yet but figured it was worth a shot ;) I might guess again afterward.

  6. I had to laugh at when Peppermint talked about a “bi-operating system” household. That is us. I am a Mac and my husband is a PC. The nice thing is that I didn’t have to worry about getting Office type software on my Mac because in the few instances where I need to use Excel or Word, I just borrow his computer. And it came in handy when he was emailed a calendar entry and couldn’t open it on his computer. iCal opened it just fine. Still listening, though…back to the show!

  7. I think the splice started at about 53 minutes, and ended during the 78th minute (1:18.?). Great episode! My kitchen is now almost clean (except where my 2 year old has come behind me and spilled Valentine’s sprinkles…).

  8. Gina says:

    Great show. I loved when you were talking about the ‘old days’, how I miss them. It was a different time and place. We were able to build relationships and keep up with our digi friends by viewing their layouts in the gallery. I remember meeting Ali in early 2003 at 2Peas and Steph at Scrapbook-Bytes in 2006. Good times. :)

    • steph says:

      Yes! They were good times!! Lots of those relationships that I still have today! :)

      So good to see you here, Gina! :)

  9. Jennifer says:

    My stab. . .
    started at 8 minutes 25 seconds at the beginning of the layout posting mail question

    and back to the original at 1 hour 15 minutes 53 seconds when you asked peppermint about her journaling

    Love the digi show!! I don’t need any extra incentive to listen closely but between this and March Madness tournament brackets, my competetive spirit is alive!

    • Jennifer says:

      Maybe that should’ve been 1 hour 29 minutes 28 seconds for the reentry point. Shoot, I am too competetive.

  10. Erin Clayton says:

    Hi, I listen every week and look forward to any and all new episodes but have never commented before. I actually had to stop the show and comment on the comment Ali made about does anyone actually enjoy the journaling. I not only stand up but wave both hand up in the air to say, heck yeah, I LOVE the journaling! It is one of my favorite parts of scrapbooking. And I almost always do my journaling 1st and it is on my layout pretty much before anything else. It becomes a design element to my page and to me is the thing I will not scrimp on. The journaling is my gift, my story and my legacy and the reason I do this! So yes, Ali, there are scrappers who not only enjoy journaling but love it and I am proud to be one of them! :)

  11. Laurel says:

    Kudos to Steph! It’s really hard to guess-that’s what mine is-a guess. 32:43 and 54:56

  12. Quinna says:

    This is hard but so fun. Splice 21 minutes ended 43 minutes

  13. Donna says:

    Here’s my guess…started at 42:39 and ended at 75:17. I really enjoy the Digi Show and look forward to your show each week.

  14. Lyndel says:

    Thanks Peppermint for your help with my first world problems:
    1. Mouse without borders works great – put that second mouse away in the drawer – Yay! I’m moving a lot of content from my laptop to my desktop at the moment so it is perfect timing.
    2. My husband surprised me with an Android phone yesterday – first thing I set up was photo syncing with Dropbox – works seamlessly.

    • Peppermint says:

      I’m glad that I can be useful every once in a while!

      That photo sync on Dropbox is fantastic. I love that all my photos magically arrive on my computer.

  15. Sarah R. says:

    Great episode gals – I really liked hearing about workflow since I’m still trying to work mine out :) While I’m sorry to hear that you had technical difficulties, I appreciate that you all came back and re-recorded instead of throwing it out for this week (’cause I know that would have been the easier thing to do!) and also, thanks for the challenge! I had fun trying to figure it out! So, here’s my submission – 1st splice at 32:14 and 2nd splice at 1:15:25.

  16. MonicaB says:

    Hi Ladies, I love your show! Thank you for the discussion about message boards and galleries. I’m always so intimidated on message boards and so I would normally not do much on them. But now I realize as a digi scrapbooker this can take the place of the crops I use to attend. I miss that community of the crops and just thought that was over, but now I just need to figure out which message board I want to join in on because I know I can not do too many and still get any work done. Thanks again!

  17. Amy says:

    I haven’t listened to the show yet (that’s on the agenda for tonight) but had a quick question related to Lightroom. After hearing so much about how much everyone loves it, I’ve just purchased Lightroom 4. I want to begin digging in on learning how to use it – Any suggestions for the best way to get myself up to speed on the program? I definitely want to explore using it for organizing my digi supplies at some point but also just want to better understand how the program works overall since I haven’t had much exposure to it. Thanks so much!

    • Peppermint says:

      I’m a video learner, for the most part. So I recommend these Lightroom tutorials on Adobe TV. http://tv.adobe.com/product/lightroom/episode/highest-rated/

      A lot of the tutorial-type ones are for Lightroom 3, but the basic functionality and workflow of Lightroom hasn’t changed since earlier versions. Even the Lightroom 3 videos will give you a good idea of how to use the software and move around in it. :)

      • Amy says:

        Thanks, Peppermint! I’ll check them out! The flow in Lightroom just seems like such a huge shift in thinking for me which is really throwing me. Hopefully, the videos will help me.

  18. Erin Clayton says:

    I just had to chime in! You are going to LOVE Lightroom! I could not live without it anymore. :) The best thing I found was the Scott Kelby book (I have the LR3 book). The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers (I just checked and it doesn’t come out until May 18).

  19. Android girls rock! I am so glad we’re represented by Peppermint. However, I have to admit I do have ‘app envy’ when Stef and Katy share all the fun stuff they find. I laughed out loud while listening to this week’s episode when Peppermint was talking about the syncing feature of Dropbox as available for Android users only. ;-) I just upgraded to a new Android phone this weekend and the first app I got was Dropbox. It was so funny when, after it loaded, I got a screen telling me to go take a photo! And, I am definitely looking forward to the new Instagram Android app to come out!

    • Peppermint says:

      That almost NEVER happens, btw. Adobe released the majority of their touch apps to Android tablets first, too. That’s the last time I remember Android having any sort of scoop on iPhone.

      Cannot WAIT for the Instagram Android app. I want to see what all the fuss is about.

  20. Melissa Shanhu says:

    Photo stream works in Windows 7 in the Control Panel, with iCloud

    Just a thought on importing video… not really on topic but I thought of it while you were chatting about importing the photos. With a Mac if you have AVHCD video that won’t import into iPhoto with just the SD Card you just use the cord and import the videos into iMovie

  21. Leah says:

    Just a quick comment about the Mac talking to you – it’s a one-time thing, and it stops talking after a few seconds. Then you are left with a beautiful, easy to use computer. :) I was forced to switch for work, and now I won’t go back! Also, wanted to tell you guys that I got the Deep program, and love it. It did take me a little while to figure out how it works, but now finding good pictures for photo collages or color inspiration boards will be *so* much easier. It’s also helping me remember things I’d forgotten about, like cute things my 4 year old did as a baby, since I don’t see my older photos very often with my current organizing system (by date).

  22. Amy says:

    great show ladies!!! it was reassuring to hear i’m not the only pc user with an iphone who struggles with getting the photos off the phone. and with all the flickr talk, i’m going to have to check it out now.
    for the splice guess, that was SUPER hard. i guess start at 54:59 stop at 1:01.

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Great show ladies! It is hard to believe you had to redo part of it. My guess is start 54:17 and stop at 1:38:15. I can’t wait until you tell us for real – it is like a super brain teaser.

  24. SharonKC says:

    okay, here’s my guess… I think the cut out is about 50:26 minutes into the show, and the cut back to the old is at 1:15:27. Lemons aside, you ladies are great! I so enjoy listening to you every week. Thanks!

    • SharonKC says:

      Wait!!! I just listened to the end….(yes, preemptive posting!).i still think the first cut is 50:26, but the second has to be 1:37:46. Lol. This was way too much fun! Thanks for the chance!

  25. Candy Clay says:

    My guess is 113:32!

  26. Candy Clay says:

    My guess is at 113:32 — but truly wherever it is it was a very smooth transition

  27. Rachel Bosworth says:

    Great show everyone and good job Steph with the editing. I can’t imagine all the effort that goes into coordinating a show like this every week. My guess is at 65.40-ish minutes and then at 98 minutes.

  28. Sarah says:

    My husband recently bought me an eye-fi card. In the settings for the card I can set it up to automatically upload my pictures to my computer and to my Flickr account. So I know my photos are in two places almost instantly. It also allows for adding my phone and my iPad and it will transfer my iPhone pictures to my computer and Flickr (but I turned that off because with the pictures in the cloud I have them in 2 or 3 places without adding them to Flickr.) I am loving my new card, and if (heaven forbid) my camera is stolen again, I won’t lose any photos.

    With iPhone photos, I recently found that if i take a picture in an app instead of the native camera , there is much less metadata. So I have started to only use the native camera and pull the images into the app I want to use. So it does add another step, but I feel like I have a good original.

  29. ChrisA. says:

    Just wanted to thank you all for “doing what you do”. I want you all to know how much you are appreciated for doing this show, your sites and sharing your knowledge and experience. I feel that I “know” each of you even though we haven’t met in person. I’m actually doing a program on Digital Scrapbooking at the library that I work for, and I printed out your Digital Scrapbooking Manual (will tell them to download the PDF, too) from the Daily Digi as a handout, along with providing links to your site and more. The Daily Digi is the #1 site I come to anymore for my digital “fix”. I so enjoy each and every episode! Keep up the great work (or pleasure)!


  30. Bunnyfreak says:

    This was difficult. My guess is 53:50 for the start and 1:25:27 for the stop.
    Love to hear that Ali doesn’t do layers. When I do graphic layouts I don’t always feel I need shadows; good to hear I am not alone.

  31. Becky says:

    Love the show! Can’t even guess where you had to splice – it sounded seamless! My question is about naming your layout file after it’s done. If you don’t use a title, how do you name the file? Or do you use a similar naming convention regardless of the page layout? Just curious. I’m trying to stay consistent but haven’t really found a good fit so my saved layouts are a jumbled mess. Thanks!

    • Laurel says:

      If my layout is about one of my children, I name it the child’s name along with a couple of words about the subject. Example: Jonathon scout camp.psd or Becca first dance class.psd

    • Peppermint says:

      I name all my pages with the date. It used to be the date I made the page, but I”ve started using the photo date instead just in case someone wants the chronological order – because the metadata of my page will show the creation date, so using the photo date gives me two layers of pleasing “future” people. Then after that I put a dash and . If I used a piece of word art then I use that, sometimes if I feel like I can nutshell the topic of the page I’ll use that, other times I just use the product name. So it would be something like 20120321-SomethingICameUpWithOnTheFly.jpg.

    • StudioWendy says:

      I name my pages by date (of the photo/event) and then description/title. When I’m ready to print, I copy them into folders by the person’s book they are going in until it’s printed.

    • StudioWendy says:

      I meant to add that I put the date first so that the pages are automatically sorted in order when I put them into my photobooks since I print chronological books.

  32. Becky says:

    Had to comment again :)
    Katie – it just makes me smile every time I think of you throwing a party for yourself. Awesome beyond words! Mine is in May and I might do something similar (although my hobbies aren’t as fun as legos – I’ll save that for my son’s birthday the week after).

    And this is also for Katie. As the resident Flickr guru, do you know of a streamlined way to find duplicates in Flickr? All my photos are there and I know there are roughly 2,000 duplicates. I’m faithful about uploading and being careful now, but early on I didn’t realize how tedious the process to find duplicates was and I wasn’t as careful so I’ve dug quite a hole for myself. Other than just biting the bullet and working through a bit at a time, I was hoping for some magic. Just wondering. Thanks! And happy birthday :)

    • Peppermint says:

      I’m not Katie (I wake up every morning saying that, actually. “I’m not Katie.” Then I sigh and move on with my day anyhow) but there’s this program called FlickrDeDupr and the website looks sketchy, but it’s just a little donationware app that can locate duplicates but it depends on the photo name being the same as well as the date taken metadata tag. So if you made a habit out of adding custom titles to your photos after uploading then it wouldn’t be all that helpful.


      I haven’t used it myself, but I read about it on a blog once and bookmarked it to check out one day because I endeavor to be like Katie and get my photo library uploaded at some point.

      • Katie says:

        I don’t know how I missed this comment until now, but I’m totally laughing! I have never heard of that, but I’m interested to try it.

        I’ve been looking for a way to find duplicates. I’ve just been looking for them in the “organize area” where I try to sort my photos by date and then I can usually find duplicates. Only works for digital pictures that come with the date in the metadata though.

        I’ll let you know if I find another way.

  33. linda says:

    Sounds like there is a changeover at 54.17 … to maybe 1.13.39?

    But really, it’s not noticeable – only because you asked us to find some spot! Thanks for the redo to get this episode out – I know it must be lots of work!

    Great to hear about everyone’s process. We all work so differently, I think the important thing to remember is to find whatever process feels fun for you and makes you want to scrap!

  34. SharonS says:

    Hi Girls! I always enjoy the show but I don’t comment much (have I ever commented? IDK). I wanted to let you know that thanks to your many conversations about Lightroom I made a purchase today! I was glad to hear that they have a Teacher/Student edition available so I was able to get 4 for less than the price of 3! I’ll be going back and listening to some of the many shows that have dealt with Lightroom.

    I loved Katie’s idea about a Lego party. When I see Lego things, I think of Katie before I think of my own grandsons, who have a rather festive (expensive) collection of Lego bricks at Nana’s house.

    As for the start and stop time of the show, I have no idea! lol It was a seamless transition. So I’ll guess that you stopped at minute 35 and started again at 52.

    Thanks for all you do for the digi world! :)

  35. Kelsey Brown says:


    I am wondering if anybody is using FontViewer. I am wanting to organize my fonts into categories. ie: script, handwriting, serif, san-serif. But I can only come up with those 4 categories. I would appreciate a list that I can start from, but I would also appreciate a file that I could import into FontViewer. If anyone has suggestions let me know. :)

    • Peppermint says:

      I don’t use FontViewer specifically, but I use a font management program. Since I tend to choose fonts based on mood more than the all encompassing styles, mine are:

      — Modern (mainly sans serif fonts, but I have a few slab serifs in there that feel modern and clean to me)
      — Classic (these are mainly all serif, think Times New Roman, and for the most part I don’t dig into this category a ton)
      — Script/Calligraphy
      — Handwriting
      — Retro
      — Typewriter (this is why I don’t dig into the Classic category much, when I want a serif it’s typically that I want something that looks typed, so I just finally separated all those out)
      — Novelty (weird fonts, most of them are one offs, really anything that’s overly themed or weird)
      — Distressed (stamps, sanded, ink splattered, etc)
      — Layered (I have several font “systems” that can be layered, so I like them to be in one spot)
      — Swash/Ligature (This one only contains a few fonts, but they’re ones that are deceptive on a normal “font preview”. Most of their advanced features and additional glyphs are only available once I’ve used them in Illustrator or Photoshop, so I like to keep them in a separate category so it serves as a reminder to me that even though they look sort of plain on preview, they become pretty dynamic in normal use, almost all of them also appear in another larger category, also)
      — Favorites (this is the one I’m in most often, it’s where I put any font that I use over and over again and love)

      All that being said, I tend to use the same 2-3 fonts for all my journaling on pages, and I stick to about 4-5 for my everyday business use (ads, website, etc.) So really the only time I’m going heavy into font selection is for design reasons, which is why the “mood” or “feel” works better for me than more general style categories.

      I used to keep a category with just my business use fonts so I could activate the entire category on the fly, but then it became such a PITA that I just activated them permanently and moved them into my Favorites. I just switched to a new font viewer (Suitcase Fusion) because it’s supposed to have a plug-in that auto-enables fonts on the fly when I load up an Illustrator file that used a deactivated font – but for some reason that plug-in throws an error message for me whenever I start up Illustrator now, saying it can’t find some .dll file, so I have to look into that. It’s the whole reason I switched programs, so that I didn’t have to hunt down and activate font files.

      Is that more information than you ever wanted to know?!

      • Kelsey Brown says:

        Thank You! That gives me a much better starting point. Do you ever put a font in more than one category? I think I might have a hard time just picking one category.

  36. Lucrecia says:

    I was so happy to hear Peppermint say that she does not use titles on her pages. I have an internal struggle with this, and feel like I’m breaking a scrapbooking rule by not using them. I’m sure this is intensified by my heavy use of templates that all have a “title” layer I must delete. I journal on all my pages, so the story is told there – I don’t feel the need to try and come up with a billboard sign as well.

  37. StudioWendy says:

    On the topic of galleries, I just wanted to mention (since Steph referenced it) that Scrapbookgraphics (SBG) has a semi-open gallery. That means that we want our members to be able to post their layouts no matter what products they use. If you hang out at SBG, definitely feel free to post any layout you make. We just ask that you not post links to products outside Scrapbookgraphics. (Credits are perfectly fine, just no links.) We expect that if you’re posting in our gallery and hanging out with us, you’ll probably have at least some layouts with SBG products in them. We do discourage drive-by posting (posting just to fulfill CT obligations) or posting an entire gallery of layouts where none contain SBG products. I hope that helps clarify.

  38. carrie says:

    I haven’t finished listening this show, but I wanted to comment on galleries before I forget! (cause there is always so much to take in) Here’s my overly wordy comment on galleries:

    I absolutely love the idea of galleries and forums. I love looking through posts, chatting about mutual digi love, learning from others and getting inspiration from all the LOs. I am a member of probably every gallery there is, but haven’t found one that works for me. I always start off with enthusiasm, but get interrupted and distracted– the kid needs help, the husband calls, the cats wants to sit on my laptop and watch youtube videos of birds (really, she does), it’s time to cook dinner, “ooo SHINY!!”, this LO needs to be this size for this forum and that many pixels and file size for that forum, this gallery has these requirements, that gallery as those requirements.

    I’m not against rules and requirements at all but that in my world they don’t fit well. I normally save a LO hi res and low res copy for posting on Facebook and Flikr for family sharing.

    Before listening to this show today, I tried again to post in a gallery. While I was saving my gallery friendly LO with the correct # of H x W and file size, I looked at the two other copies of my LO and thought to myself “three different copies of the same LO… is this necessary?”. My answer was no. I cancelled the save.

    I don’t have an external hard drive to store LOs, so beyond the redundancy (which annoys me) and time sink was the space issue. Do I really want a oodles of triplicates? If was to actively post in all the galleries I’ve joined, my “web size LOs” folder would a ridiculous number of gigs.

    Also, I am a multi-kit scrapper 80% of the time… no way can I keep track of what store I bought what at because I never thought to arrange my files that way and if I did, designers move shops enough to make that a disastrous filing system for me. I organize by designer in alphabetical order. The idea of changing a system that works for in order to post in a gallery doesn’t make sense.

    Today was definitely my epiphany day, thanks to you ladies: The Digi Show said it was okay to do what works for me! :)

    I do post in TDD’s flickr gallery regularly, which I enjoy. It makes sense because the LOs are already there. Every time I post, I browse the other LOs. I don’t feel like there is a ton of pressure to comment, but try to when I have the time. What I CAN do that’s quick, easy, and something I appreciate myself, is favorite a LO. To me, having someone press that little star on one of my pages is just icing on the cake because when I do its because I’ve been inspired. I may the the only one who feels this way, but it seems like the group is really functioning in the same “I’ve got 30 secs to look at all these layouts before my house explodes” reality.

    Concerning comments, I don’t mind not getting them, but I understand that they are important to others. I take the view that I’m scrapping for myself first and foremost. On several occasions I’ve been surprised by a LO I didn’t particularly think was my best work garnering lots of comments. This may not be the general way of thinking, but the difference for me between painting and scrapping I find I miss the peer review process. I want to know what I can improve and why one thinks it will be an improvement, not necessarily what I did right. I find myself holding back that constructive criticism instinct because I don’t feel it would be well received in the community. I’m such a nerd… and I have the philosophy that you can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge. I wish there was a place that reviewed LOs in that art critic kinda way. Perhaps that’s what all those classes I see around are for?

    Moving on, there is a FB group I joined recently for sharing LOs… I think that it might work better for me than the traditional galleries because I’m already there… just like the Digital Scrapbook Inspiration group does.

  39. Jennifer Olorvida says:

    Love the show! It keeps me motivated while I run on my treadmill :) During this episode, Ali mentioned that she uses about ten fonts over and over. I was wondering if she could make a list of those fonts. I love everything about her pages and would love to have a listing of her most used fonts.

  40. LeslieM says:

    I’m catching up and think this is the show where Peppermint mentioned Dropbox gives android users an extra .5G storage for linking your android phone photos to dropbox. I fired up dropbox (hadn’t used it in a couple weeks) and there was my offer! Thanks!

    I spend yesterday organizing ALL my class materials and tutorials to PDF and combining each class into one giant PDF for eReading purposes. It was so easy!

    1. I used the PrintFriendly Chrome bookmarklet to convert anything web-based. This included tutorials different designers offer on their sites and older digital classes where PDF instructional materials weren’t standard yet.
    I think I heard about PrintFriendly on an old DigiShow episode.

    2. I discovered a cool little program called PDF Combine that is free. I used it to combine individual PDFs. Now, for example, all my Jessica Sprague 2011 Photoshop Friday individual PDFs are combined into big PDF (with bookmarks).

    3. Uploaded all these documents into my Digital folder at dropbox and all of my classes and various tips and tricks I’ve accumulated over the years are in one spot!

  41. Sonja says:

    I’m a bit behind listening to the podcasts, so I just got to this one today, 4/24/12. Also, I haven’t read all the comments, so maybe someone else already covered this. I heard Steph say that she lost Hawaii pictures when she had an accident with her external drive. I had something similar happen to Germany pictures when a power surge zapped my camera card while I had my camera plugged into my laptop in Germany. I couldn’t get any of the 221 photos off the card, couldn’t read it, couldn’t even use it in the camera. I brought the card home and took it to CompuZone after I got back. They charged me $200, but they were able to extract all but one of the photos. I got 220 of my 221 photos back! If Steph still has that hard drive and it’s not smashed or something (even smashed, I’d still try), take it to one of these computer businesses and let them look at it. They might be able to salvage some or all of it. Just a suggestion. It worked for me!

  42. Katie (sakura-panda) says:

    So what are the times that the episode was spliced? Is that in the next show’s notes?

    I’m still a bit behind in my listening. This episode had a lot of good discussion that I want to comment on. Hopefully it won’t be hard to follow, considering this is not a recent episode.

    Online Galleries: I mainly post in just one gallery — the one attached to the forum where I hang out. I like “knowing” the people who create the layouts I look at and I want them to know me too. I do not post in the galleries of the stores where I purchased my kits; for some reason I’ve never considered that designers would be interested to see what *I* do with them.

    I periodically purge layouts out of the forum gallery so that not all of my layouts are online. I’ve been wanting to post them all *somewhere* so that I can point non-scrapbooking friends and family to them but haven’t really figured out where. I know Katie raves about Flickr, but my experiences with Flickr and my knitting groups haven’t been great and I’d like to go somewhere else.

    I have some layouts in Picasa, when I was trying to blog them (which I enjoyed doing but fell behind and never went back to it) but right now I am thinking I want to try SmugMug.

    Dropbox for Android: Like Peppermint, I use a Windows computer and an Android phone; unlike her, my tablet is an iPad. I recently opened a Dropbox account as an easy way to upload books to my iPad and never thought of using it for anything else.

    I use Photobucket to sync my Android phone photos online and even paid for the “pro” to get rid of all the blinky ads. (I can’t remember if it is the free or pro accounts that allow full resolution downloads.) Despite that, I still haven’t managed to include any of those photos into the photo libraries on my computer.

    Dropbox sounds like an ideal solution and I downloaded the Android app for my phone and have told it to sync my existing photos. I even got the extra 500 MB!

    Thanks for the Dropbox tip!

    Journaling and Titles: I’m not an introspective journaler. I still think of my scrapbooks as “enhanced” photo albums and what I put in for the journaling is whatever I think I would say to someone who was looking through my albums. One of the big attractions of scrapbooking to me was being able to write it all down and let my albums “speak” for themselves instead of hovering over people and talking them through all the things I think they should know.

    I also think of titles as captions. I’m not writing stories, just offering little explanations of what is there and the captions help to give the viewer an idea of what to expect. They are exactly the same, but coming up with a Short Caption is a lot less stressful than picking out a Perfect Title. At least it seems that way in my head.

    Sorry for such a long and rambling commentary. I guess the discussion at the beginning of the episode about comments making the community broke the filter I usually use to keep my comments shorter and more to the point. LOL

    Thanks for another great episode!

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