Episode 39: Pin-Interest




Is Pinterest really a form of digital scrapbooking? How has Pinterest influenced and changed the digital scrapbooking industry? How has Pinterest changed the layouts we create? All of that and more in this episode!

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Joining the Discussion:

Heather Hess
Peppermint Granberg
Katie Nelson

From The Show:

The Digi Show http://pinterest.com/digishow/
The Daily Digi http://pinterest.com/dailydigi/
Steph http://pinterest.com/islandmomsteph/
Katie http://pinterest.com/ktscrapbooklady/
Peppermint http://pinterest.com/peppermint2go/
Heather http://pinterest.com/talktoheather/


Our Picks:

Katie: post on Paislee Press


Peppermint:  slimkicker.com


Heather Hess:  warewolf/mafia (party game)

Steph: iGo Charger and iPhone tip (tips available for most devices)

image image

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26 Responses to Episode 39: Pin-Interest

  1. StudioWendy says:

    Popping in…
    I’m with Steph on this one…It’s my understanding that it is only a contract, and you are not paying up front. In fact, I went through the process to sign up for the special introductory $30/month deal and with the academic $30/month deal and it definitely was only going to charge me $30 for the first payment when the Cloud was launched in May.

    Also, the Academic Design Standard CS box deal is $349 through Adobe’s online store (not $299). Individual institutions may have deals in their school stores that vary from the online deal.

    Adobe’s site said that Lightroom will likely be included later this year. It’s not an official promise, but I do believe it’s their intent. Like Peppermint said, I think they already had the upgrade for LR4 ready and weren’t able to integrate it at the same time. I suspect when LR5 is ready, it will be added to the Cloud option. I have absolutely NO INFORMATION on this, but I’d really love to see them also add Photoshop Elements to the Cloud too. That would clinch the cloud for me. LOL

    I wanted to clarify on downgrading from the Cloud to a box edition later. You own CS3, then switch to the cloud for CS6… then CS7 is out, you decide not to renew the month to month contract, you won’t be able to use CS3 to upgrade to CS7. Adobe’s new upgrade policy says you can only get upgrade pricing from one edition back. I have no information as to whether or not Adobe would offer a (former) cloud subscriber an upgrade price for a box edition. But, my guess based on their new upgrade policy that they wouldn’t allow it. But, this is just a guess!

    • Peppermint says:

      Sorry, that wasn’t the “new user” price, $299 is the upgrade price to the S&T version of CS6 Design Standard.

      • StudioWendy says:

        That’s interesting… I’ve never been able to find an upgrade price for the academic version. I’ve always had to purchase anew. I wonder if that varies by institution as well.

        • Linda says:

          my understanding of that you can’t upgrade from academic that is why there is such a price difference…but adobe is messing with our heads this year with all the math and pricing structure. :>

          • Peggy M says:

            Adobe has special rules for their academic software, as do most software manufacturers. There are no upgrades in their academic licensing (via box or licensing program). I believe that they also ask that you remove the programs after you are no longer a part of the institution allowing you the academic licensing as well. Two thoughts on this. First, theoretically, as for students, they could well be graduating before a new release is available, hence no need for an upgrade. And two, as pointed out earlier, they are already deep discounting the software to start with.

            Adobe isn’t the only software vendor moving to the cloud.

  2. Katrina (not Kennedy) :-) says:

    I’ve read somewhere that this may be the last year that Adobe even gives you a choice in the matter and that next year, it will be all Cloud based. Even Scott Kelby, the president of the NAPP isn’t happy about this and wrote an open letter to Adobe about it back in November. http://scottkelby.com/2011/an-open-letter-to-adobe-systems/

  3. Terra says:

    I am loving slimkickers!

    There is definitely motivation knowing that there are others out there doing it too! I will admit sometimes I wish it was a little more like scrapping, “thinking about doing it counts”… lol

  4. Liz Moss says:

    To borrow from one of my scrapping bestie, Shanell, Oh My Heck! This episode was jam packed with info, tidbits, and other delicious goodies! I am a huge fan of Pinterest, despite its total time suckability. The RSS feed blew my mind and the Google images??! Katie should get a job as a Pinterest tour guru, like those ones at Disney that give you all insider info! I love how Pinterest has significantly decreased the time that paper trends make it to digi products. I recall just a couple of weeks ago, someone pinning a bunch of layouts with folded circles and that weekend a designer released a digi product emulating the look! It was amazing! Thanks for the amazing picks, links and conversation, you make my 45 minute commute every morning worth the while!

  5. Katrina says:

    I am so excited! I just signed up for Katrina’s class through the link. I really can’t wait to start. Thank you so much for discount on the course.

  6. Linda says:

    You guys are so freaking me out….adobe systems had this video http://www.youtube.com/user/AdobeSystems?ob=0&feature=results_video&v=vC1g-HgG3Mc&lr=1 and how they were talking about how pintrest can influence market places.
    Steph, the part where they talk about the breadcrumbs will FREAK you out….it did me and I am not really into my privacy as much as you are. :>
    I wanted to share my favorite pinner…. http://pinterest.com/marisalerin/
    her food choices makes me hungry but more important than that, she picks fun scrapbooking stuff both paper and digi.

  7. LeslieM says:

    I’m in Chrome and couldn’t get the Pinterest rss feed thing to work. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

    I am not the biggest Pinterest fan because it just seems too messy. I can’t get on and quickly find and look at things I’m interested in. I can’t “see it all” without spending a bunch of time scrolling through things I don’t care about and I’m still not sure I’ve “seen it all”. I wish I could assign a home board for my opening page.

    I like neat, organized things. I love my scrabook supplies organized by designer in nice little kit folders. I love feedly where I can set up my daily reading feeds with an open layout (all the feeds are already opened so I don’t have to click to open) and my weekly feeds (the ones I don’t *have* to see everyday) with the magazine layout (which gives you the little preview so you know if you want to read the entire thing). My feeds are marked read and I know I’ve seen everything. I like scrapbook forums that use the “new posts” feature so I can click on that button to see everything posted since I last visited. I love Kayla’s class on Photo organization, lightroom and keywording.

    Pinterest continues to visually overwhelm me. I go once or twice a week and poke around for 5 minutes and get out.

    • Peppermint says:

      Yes! Pinterest visually overwhelms me, too. I’m usually fully alert for about the first couple of page scrolls, after that it all blends together for me and I feel a bit overloaded.

      I do like going into my own boards, though, so from the personal organization aspect it’s nice. The giant mish-mash of my main feed, though, makes my brain start to smoke a bit.

  8. L Squared says:

    Another great show ladies!

    I have a question for you and the listeners. I’d love to hear how people label & organize their scrapped layouts on their computer. There have been brief mentions of labeling using photo date versus scrapped date, and in printed or to be printed folders. I’m trying to figure out what might work for me and would love to hear what is working for others.

    On another note – thanks so much for the RSS link for comments! I LOVE IT!

    • StudioWendy says:

      When I first started, I simply named by the title of the layout. But, when I went to do my photobooks, I was always scrambling to figure out what year they were taken in so they got in the right book, and the date because I do like them to be chronological in my books. So I started naming them date first (year-mo-day) so they sort well and then the title. I’ll also pop a name or two in there so I know which book(s) they go in. Then, I file them by year. I have one folder per year and I just plop them all in there together (TIF, JPG and preview). When it’s time to print that year’s book, I just grab all the JPGs, run them through my bleed check and then I’m ready to go.

      If it’s a special project, not my everyday layouts, those do get dumped into a special folder for that project.

  9. Deirdre says:


    Katie, I created a board for those pins I want to repin but don’t have time to find the right source for at the moment. It’s a way station:) I like it because if someone else sees it because it is a way to gentle clue your friend in too, if they notice that’s where the pin landed. I’ve included links on correct pinning for those who just don’t know how to correctly pin. Then I feel a bit absolved from having to say anything or be the “pin police”.

    Question for Peppermint: did you have to turn off your screen saver/sleep option when Crashplan was uploading?

    • Peppermint says:

      My monitors shut off after “x” number of minutes, but the computer itself never hibernates. I’ve always had bad luck with the Windows Sleep/Hibernate functions where I can’t seem to get the computer to come out of hibernation – so I have that deactivated.

  10. LeslieM says:

    I did not let my computer sleep when the initial Crashplan backup was uploading. I believe it will not backup while asleep. Leslie

  11. Lyndel says:

    Great show again ladies. Just love my Pin-Interest time and enjoyed hearing how you all use it for inspiration.

    Does anyone but me play the game of listening for possible alternative episode titles? Peppermint provided lots of possibilities – I particularly liked “I wanna know how to stalk people” and had to laugh out loud at “Frog on frog”!

    Thanks again for providing such an all-round satisfying listening experience.

    • Peppermint says:

      Oy, I say all sorts of ridiculous things in each episode, I’m sure. PLENTY of nuggets to choose from. I like that you’ve made it a game, though. Haha.

  12. Amy says:

    my question is more related to previous shows, ones about file storage. i feel like this has probably been discussed already, but want to get your feedback…i’m just figuring it all out… i have digital photos that go back to 2006. lots of them. over the years, and through 3 different computers, i have archived them to dvd. i have about 20dvds. some of the dvd archives are more organized than others.

    now i am doing more scrapping and really want to use many of those pictures but it is a huge pain to try and find the exact picture on the dvds.
    i am thinking about buying an external hard drive and copying all those photos to it. my thought is i would have a way to quickly browse and locate those files. i would keep all my dvd backups of course, and probably continue to back up new pictures to dvd – afterall i have two huge stacks of blank dvds from costco :O)

    what do you think? i’ve never had an external hard drive before so i don’t know if it will perform quickly enough for me, or will i feel frustrated? any advice would be awesome! i’m looking for a non-web option. thanks!

  13. Tania says:

    I am making preparations to step into the blogosphere and have my domain and WordPress site in the works…I was just curious what template Peppermint (aka minimalistic-design-goddess) goes with on WordPress?

    Also does anyone else hate how the iPhone autocorrects Pinterest to interest? I find myself posting about “interest” on twitter all the time accidentally and it drives me crazy (obv not crazy enough to turn off auto correct)

    Love the podcast guys…I listen at the gym and more than once I’ve stuck around longer than my average workout just so I can hear til the end of the episode…my waistline thanks you guys! (and Peppermint makes me laugh even on stairmaster which is no mean feat!)

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  15. Melissa Shanhun says:

    Had you guys heard about Pinerly?

    It’s a Pinterest management service for scheduling etc
    http://Pinerly.com if you want to take a look :)

    • steph says:

      Yes, I’m not sure about Peppermint, but the rest of us have access. We didn’t mention it because it’s invite only and I’m not sure we all had access at the time of recording. Also, it’s more of a business tool than it is a scrapbooking related tool. (btw, I removed the unique link from your comment).

  16. Katie (sakura-panda) says:

    I have played werewolf in an online forum — not a dedicated forum, but in an off-topic subforum of a DVR discussion board — and it was surprisingly fun. The games are not just straight werewolf (although the first few of them were) — they are all themed and usually include unpredictable twists and turns beyond the basics. I had to stop playing because I couldn’t put much time into it, although I still go back and follow the new games if I am interested in the theme. I’ve heard they are much more fun in person.

    On topic, I’ve never paid much attention to Pinterest. I have an account, and have pinned a couple of things, but I find it too overwhelming to spend much time there. Then again, I used to feel that way about blogs and since I started listening to The Digi Show, I have gone from following zero blogs to having “29 sources” in Feedly.

    I’m following The Daily Digi on Pinterest now and am eager to see where that takes me.

    Thanks for demystifying Pinterest for me!