Episode 46: Such A Ninny




Kristin Rutten joins the discussion today as we discuss different methods of gathering and putting journaling on the page. Fun ways to add details about your layout and some creative resources for obtaining them.

You can download this episode by right clicking and saving this link.

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Joining the Discussion:

Kristin Rutten
Peppermint Granberg

Katie Nelson

From the Show:


Peppermint: Memolane
Katie: Blue Lounge Microphone Stand
Kristin: MyMomMemories
Steph: 8 Things You Didn’t Know Your DSLR Could Do



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35 Responses to Episode 46: Such A Ninny

  1. Hey ladies! I had a little hoot hearing Kristin mention my name on the show today. Whenever I have repetitive/monotonous design work to do I listen in. LOVE it. Anyway, I’m just gonna link up the review I did on Scrap Your Real Life because I did LOVE it: http://christinesmith.net/scrap-your-real-life-review/

  2. Teri Merkins says:

    This is totally unrelated to the show (I think, cause I haven’t listened yet lol). A while back you had a show on using your digi supplies to make home decorations and you mentioned a gel medium. I was wondering if you could either tell me what show that was or tell me what gel medium is. I found a tutorial on Pinterest to print photos on transparency and then transfer them to canvas and I want to try it!

  3. Hi, Ladies! I’ve been catching up on The Digi Show podcast. It was fun listening to Episode 41, Riley O’Reilly. I reached the picks section and went “gulp”, then burst out laughing. So glad you “love me”! I do hope I get to meet all of you some day. I’m anxiously waiting for the arrival of my Sensu Brush. I’d forgotten I wanted that until I heard the episode. Now, I’m more than anxiously awaiting its arrival.
    Now with this episode I’m chuckling over the “I’m not a writer” comment.
    I recently watched a wonderful documentary on Harlan Ellison. “Ellison attended Ohio State University for 18 months (1951–53) before being expelled. He has said that the expulsion was a result of his hitting a professor who had denigrated his writing ability, and that over the next 40-odd years he had sent that professor a copy of every story he published. “*
    Now, that must have been some postage bill, since Ellison’s “published works include over 1,700 short stories, novellas, screenplays, teleplays, essays, a wide range of criticism covering literature, film, television, and print media. He was editor and anthologist for two ground-breaking science fiction anthologies, Dangerous Visions and Again, Dangerous Visions. Ellison has won numerous awards including multiple Hugos, Nebulas and Edgars.”*
    If you can watch this documentary, do.
    When he quotes these lines from Spider Kiss “The running line of what could be sensed but not heard was ominous, threatening, sensuously compelling in ways that spoke to skin and nerve-ends. It was like the moment one receives the biopsy report. It was like the feeble sound an unwatered plant makes in the instant before all reserve moisture dries from the tap root and the green turns to brown. It was like the sigh of anguish from the victim of voodoo at the instant the final pin is jammed into the ju-ju doll half a continent away. It was like the cry of a mother brought to see the tiny, crushed form lying beneath the blanket on a busy intersection. It was like the kiss of a spider.” I got goose bumps.
    I think his story and so many others, like Peppermint (though I cannot imagine her punching someone!), shows that criticism is something that should be grasped and wrestled with.
    I had an art piece criticized in the third grade. Looking back, I realize the teacher was ignorant; and, her praise of Oliver’s very realistic tree with the detailed leaves and disparaging of my splotch-like red masses on a tree trunk in a landscape just was silly. We were studying the Group of Seven, Canada’s impressionist painters, after all. She should have just had us all describe what we were trying to do in our paintings. It did discourage me from art. Then, again, I had a great career in science! But, now, I do art my way, and love it!
    (*quotes from Wikipedia)

  4. I’m obviously not much of a writer. I started three sentences with “Now”. I ought to have written this in Word and edited my comment before publishing. That, actually, is a suggestion for those who worry about their writing. Journal in Word, print it out, read it over, hand it to someone to read (I give many things to my husband for critique), and make corrections before putting the comments permanently on your page.

    • steph says:

      I just want to say it is an honor to have THE Ladydoc listening and commenting on The Digi Show! :) It would be a thrill to meet IRL someday!

  5. Teri Merkins says:

    I was disappointed that Kristin said her book was black and white for the Kindle, so I went to its Amazon page and sent the sample to my Kindle Fire. I’m happy to say that on my Fire, it is a beautifully colored ebook :) I can’t wait to read it!

    • Thanks for letting us know that Teri!! I wasn’t sure, since I have an older Kindle and everything is black & white on it. So glad to hear it’s color on the newer ones!! :)

  6. Sharon says:

    What a fantastic show! I love putting journaling on my pages for ME. Telling my story makes ME feel good and I do not concern myself with what others will think or say. This said, I have noticed when others look through my layouts the journaling often sparks a smile or other emotion. I am a paper scrapper who types my journaling and adds it to the page. I do love journaling in shapes and using journaling prompts. I would like to “like” my hand writing but it’s too big. Thank you for the many tips it was one of my favorite show yet.

    PS Katie, I too have a terrible fear of flying guess we’ll go by boat.

  7. Lucrecia says:

    I always love the shows on journaling! I find that my style depends on the page or the occasion. I do often ask my kids what they are thinking or feeling and try to incorporate that. My son may never care, but I bet his wife will and I know my daughter will be glad. I wish I had some of the big moments of my life documented from my point of view since I don’t have the best memory!

    LOVE the Scrap your real life book! Thanks so much for the coupon too! I’ve never before been so glad I procrastinated – waiting until the end of the show to buy it instead of as soon as I heard it mentioned and paused to go check it out! I have been toying with doing a My First 40 Years book but couldn’t figure out where to start. Now I don’t have to, I’ll just follow the prompts!

  8. StudioWendy says:

    My PSE has always taken forever to open too. PSE10 is the first version that ever opened that edit vs. organizer window, and that does open really fast. But, PSE itself has always taken an eternity to open. And, I don’t keep a lot of actions loaded there. Only the one or two I’m testing at the time. I wonder how Katie gets hers to open so fast!

    • Lucrecia says:

      I’ve found that if I open an item or picture (right click – open with) it opens exponentially faster than if I just click on the icon the open the program itself.

    • Katie says:

      I need to look into this because mine is seriously fast and I have almost ALL of your actions loaded Wendy! :)

    • Melissa says:

      On my machine it’s about 20 seconds to load PSE and 10 to load PSCS5.5

      I created a shortcut on direct to the editor and the organizer so I don’t have have the splash screen load. :) Very handy!

      For eg it’s a shortcut to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 10\PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe

      I too am like Katie and have LOADS of actions, styles etc loaded :)

      PSE just likes us better because we use it more often! :) lol!

      • Katie says:

        I’m so glad to hear that Melissa. I guess PSE must know us better because we use it all the time. LOL! :)

        • steph says:

          BUT the thing is, you guys only know PSE, you so think it’s fast until you have something different. It’s like all of my neighbors in Idaho that would brag about how fast their internet was and then I found out their connections were 5mb as in FIVE megabytes! That’s all they had ever experienced, so they thought it was fast…it WAS faster than their dial up. But I was smoking a 5omb (fifty megabytes), so 5 was not fast to me! It’s all about your frame of reference. Just sayin!

  9. RitaQ says:

    Hey Steph… not being critical, just trying to be helpful… difference between AFFECT & EFFECT… think of Affect as an Action word (A for Action), Effect is the noun or thing. BTW, I am NOT an English teacher – more of a science geek, but spelling and grammar mistakes seem to jump out at me. I consider myself a lousy ‘writer’. However, my daughter, a horrible speller, writes the most compelling stories… go figure.

    Loved the show as usual.

    Sidenote to Peppermint… I just saved up my ‘pennies’ and ordered the Nikon D7000, upon your ‘advice’. Taking possession next week. :) Thanks for your help.

    • Peppermint says:

      I’m crazy jealous!

    • steph says:

      This is probably the most helpful description of affect and effect I have received. Thank you for sharing it. Hoping I can remember it long enough to try and apply it…lol! It’s so confusing for my little brain…lol!!!

      • Katie (sakura-panda) says:

        Whenever I’m trying to remember if it is “affect” or “effect”, I use the phrase “cause and effect” to remind me that effect is the noun and affect is the other one.

        For some reason, I have no trouble with using “affect” but I almost always have to stop and think about whether or not “effect” is correct.

  10. Just wanted to come by and say that Kristin’s Book – Scrap Your Real Life had the same effect on me. I was also reading it on a plane and every section had my mind racing with layout ideas that I could do. Its a great book and I know I will be going back to it on a regular basis as starting points for layouts. As someone who has lived in three countries so far it got me to thinking about differences across countries and how this would be a great theme for scrapbooking.

  11. Melanie L. says:

    Steph mentioned that she uses a program to create iBooks instead of a Blurb book and that it’s much easier to use. Did you mean creating a blog book or just a photo book? I have a Blurb book from the first year of my blog but I need to made a book for the subsequent years. It took me three straight days to make that Blurb book so I’m all for something easier. Which program did you use–iBooks Author? I see that there are extra templates you can get–is that necessary? Can you customize the layout for your needs? Thanks for any help you can give me. I love this show and, although I’m happy that you get to be on vacation, I really miss listening to you when you’re gone. :)

    • steph says:

      It’s iBooks Author. Super easy and you can embed video too. They work just like the Playbooks in iBooks version if you have seen them. Pretty slick!

  12. kiala says:

    I don’t know have you noticed. But this shows file name is TDS45…

  13. Becky says:

    Katie, if you would like another iPhone stand I can pick one up and send it to you since I live in the DC metro area. My hubby and I go into DC often so it wouldn’t be an issue.

  14. carrie says:

    So I am behind on my digi shows (or rather, since my hubby likes to listen, too, I should say *we*), but I was happy to once again see a topic relevant to me at the moment. I get stuck journaling often. I find journaling so much easier if I have prompts. I love Sarah Gleason and Crystal Livesay’s prompts a lot. Give me a launch pad and I’m okay… but that doesn’t mean I don’t have journaling that goes in 50 different directions. Oh well, that’s sooo me.

    Katie, I love the idea of 50 uses for a Golden Retriever! We just lost our kitty to stomach cancer and I wanted to do photo book in her memory, but I’ve been struggling with direction. I really LOVE the idea– our kitty was very “useful”. Thank you!

  15. carrie says:

    I stumbled onto a very interesting form of memory keeping in an unexpected place and I really love the format. Alanis Morrisette posts photos on her facebook page and in the comments she writes a note to herself, a revelation and favorite moment. You can check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/alanismorissette

    I really thought “how clever!” when I saw it. It seems like a relatively simple thing one could incorporate into different areas of memory keeping.

    • steph says:

      I’ve always said that Facebook is a form of digital scrapbooking! :) (along with blogging, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, and so many others).

  16. Gab says:

    Hi guys. I’m a long time listener, first time commenter and die-hard paper scrapper. Even though I don’t digi scrap I love listening to TDS and feel like you all are my friends. Like Steph, I’m a huge Disney fan and so would love to know the name of the book she mentioned with the history of all the Disney characters. Thanks!