Taking the Week Off

Just a quick note to let you know that we took this week off due to the sickies at Steph’s house. :( I don’t think I have ever canceled a show due to illness before…so you know it’s been rough!

We will be recording on Tuesday and should have a new show up Thursday!

Feel free to post a comment with a favorite past episode recommendations for those going through withdrawls.

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10 Responses to Taking the Week Off

  1. Joyce says:

    Hi Steph, Thanks for posting that there isn’t a new show this week — I was getting worried. Now I know I should have been worried about you and about the sickies. I hope everyone is doing so much better now and that you took a picture or two for a page about that fabulous new rock group: Steph and the Sickies.

    • steph says:

      That does sounds like a rock group! I did take a couple pics of my youngest while we were at the urgent care at midnight one night. She started crying and told me to delete the pictures because she didn’t want “this” as a memory. :( so sad!

  2. Laurel says:

    Steph, sorry to hear you have the crummies at your house. If it makes you feel better, I thought of you and Katie while I was in Disneyworld this week. Take it easy.

  3. Oh, I hope everyone is starting to feel better, Steph! I was just in iTunes trying to refresh/download the episode called “Taking the Week Off” and was wondering why it hadn’t automatically downloaded already, as I just found time to listen to “Riley O’Riley” today. (And by the way, thinking back to guys I dated in high school, three were “Mc’s”, so I must have been thinking along the same lines as Riley, only not quite so literally!) I read the post on Facebook a couple hours ago (but missed the one on the 15th?) and thought it was the title of a new episode. :) Glad to hear I’m not going crazy, or maybe I am… but sorry that it is at the expense of your family’s health. It’s no fun having sickies in the house, and I can imagine it was pretty bad if it included a midnight urgent care visit.

    Take care and feel better soon!

    Rachel (McPeek – yep…I married one of those Mc’s from high school) :)

  4. Dawn N says:

    Steph – Thanks for the note, I went back and listened to last weeks 3 times thining I missed a note that you were going on vacation or something…. I wish you were, vaca sounds better than being sick. I certainly hope you are feeling better –
    Thanks for all you girls do!!!

  5. Jen L says:

    oh, that is so sad!! We went through the sickies last night. :( Hope everybody is better soon for the last days of school.

    I love the show you did about backups. Mine is going through right now. It is taking forever though! ugh. But so so worth it!

  6. Nikki says:

    So sorry to hear that! Hope your family gets to feeling better quickly. Hugs!

  7. Angie says:

    Hi Steph hope you are better. I just sat that Patti Knox is bringing back her art journaling class at the new creative passions store and I was wondering if you might think of having her back or doing another digital art journaling show. Thanks Angie

    • Angie Gladwell says:

      I just checked the latest podcast and it is art journaling. You rock Steph thanks so much!!!!!