Episode 117: The Light at the End of the Tunnel


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The Topic:

Listener, Joyce Wans, joins the girls to share some major projects she is working on  involving slides, scanning, Project Life, Project 365/52, old photos (and old people), what she documents as a woman that has never had kids, and lots and lots of laughs.

Joining the Discussion:

Joyce Wans
Peppermint Granberg

Katie Nelson

Picks of the Week:

Joyce: My Publisher Deluxe Hardcover Book (photo finish cover, lay-flat pages, super gloss printing)
Peppermint: Glisten & Glow HK Girl
Katie: Moment Phone Lenses Kickstarter
Steph: Sony Core



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61 Responses to Episode 117: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

  1. Joyce Wans says:

    I just love these shows you have with Joyce on them. I shouldn’t listen to them though because I realize I left stuff out. Oh well, just be an active listener and shout your improved comments at the screen. It’s fun! I do it!

    I forgot to include the link to VueScan Pro in the show notes. The website is http://www.hamrick.com.

    • Courtney M says:

      I love how you talk about yourself in the third person! Lol.

      PS: We should start a club: All of us that are determined to use every kit in the DigiFiles this year.

      • Judy says:

        That’s exactly what I thought. Project DigiFiles! Great for everyone, but especially good for those of us yet to jump on a “project bandwagon”. But I agree with Joyce…better start this one in February. :)

        • Lucrecia says:

          I want in on the project digi-files! I’ve been doing the month of challenges at The Lilypad, it’s been so fun!

          • Joyce Wans says:

            Is there some way we could set up a communication channel for us Project Digi-Filers? Maybe Steph will give us a “Project DigiFiles” entry on the The DailyDigi blog and we could update each other on our progress in the comment section. Maybe even once a month to bring it back up to the top and to let new DigiFile members learn about the Project and join if they want to. Each participant could make one comment and then add additional replies on our own original comment to make it easy to see how each of us is doing. For example, my first comment could be my commitment to join Project DigiFiles and the rest of the replies under my comment would be me telling y’all that I finished a page and a link to where you can see it. Hopefully at the end of the month I would have reported success with all the kits. It will be easy to give credits because we would be using only one kit per layout (or maybe one kit and one of the templates from that month). My stomach is tightening a little thinking about making such a commitment and showing the result in public but (1) my stomach could use a lot of tightening, and (2) if we could have a post each month I would only be committing for one month at a time and I can do that (don’t tell my stomach I plan to re-up indefinitely). This will require that I learn how to access my blog for posting but I just did that for Anna Aspnes so even though I am already forgetting exactly what I did, I could figure it out and write it down this time. Is this possible, Steph? Should I contact you off-line to see about details?

            • Courtney M says:

              I’m on the same wavelength as you Joyce, with a different (hopefully easier?) tracking idea.
              What if we started a Project DigiFiiles discussion on the DailyDigi Flickr page? Then we can all update it as needed, and we have an easy to use/see way to share our photos? No blog required, just upload them to the Flickr group. Plus, it would be easy to give encouragement since it’s all in one place? If it got too unwieldy, we could even start a new discussion picking up where we left off.

    • Lucrecia says:

      LOL Joyce you are the best!

  2. Summer says:


  3. Summer says:

    …..the show today you guys! I loved hearing Joyce and all her spunk! It made it a very fun show to listen to!

    Joyce, it was so nice to hear a fresh outlook! I love that you can look at things from a different perspective than the typical “i am scrapbooking for my posterity”. You are able to offer a lot of different ideas because you are doing it for you and because you aren’t not the mainstream of scrappers!!! Such awesome and inspiring ideas!!
    I used to be a HUGE journaler growing up. Some how lost that as kids were born. Thank you for that push to start doing more memory keeping for me!! You are awesome!
    THE OTHER LADIES: check this out http://www.hm.com/us/product/20654?article=20654-A THE OVERALLS HAVE MADE ITS COME BACK!!! LOL i instantly thought of the recent digishow which Katie said she in not inspired by the fashion industry lately. It was mentioned that overalls were due for a comeback! We will see how long it lasts. Probably as long as the rompers did—GROSS!!

    • Joyce Wans says:

      Summer, [the following would be in red to show blushing, if I knew how to do that (and it wasn’t too difficult!)] thank you for the kind words.

      [Back to black] I am intrigued by the 15-minute gap in your postings. My husband and I enjoy not-too-graphic crime shows such as Castle, NCIS, Person of Interest, and Artful Detective. We know the kinds of things that can be done in those 15 minutes. Should I be concerned? Worried? Terrified? Sympathetic? Sounds like those 15 minutes might make a good journal entry for you. If it turns out you just went to the bathroom and got a cold Diet Coke before you continued your post, maybe you should let me write the 15-minute story!

      Thanks again and remember: Scrap for your own sweet self and others will enjoy it if that the kind of thing they enjoy!

    • Katie says:

      Overalls? Really? *Sigh*

    • Steph says:

      My oldest daughter is beyond thrilled about overalls!! She has been waiting so impatiently for that trend to circle around!

    • Peppermint says:

      I saw overalls at Target today. I came around the corner and there they were. A whole rack of them. Stopped me dead in my tracks. I almost grabbed the woman next to me to make sure she saw them, too, but my lawyer wants me to stop grabbing people.

  4. Yin says:

    Hi Steph, Katie, Peppermint and Joyce,

    Well I just had to come and leave a message here today. I confess I only recently caught onto the fun of listening to The Digi Show (blush), but once I started I’m hooked! So today I’m doing spring-cleaning (something we do before Chinese New year holidays which is next week), and I had your company for the last hour just right there in my kitchen and you ladies made my chores so much fun!
    And just to say to Joyce, your message about scrapbooking for ourselves and not for the children really spoke to me. I definitely scrapbook because I love it, & because I love to record my memories this way, but sometimes wonder if in time anyone would care to know what we did or said or whatever. But yeah, there is much more to scrapbooking than doing it for the children though that is a big part of it, and thank you for that reminder!
    Off to tune in to a back episode!

    • Joyce Wans says:

      I’m glad to help with your cleaning (heavens knows I’m not going to actually physically help!). I’m also glad you are thinking about all your audiences for your scrapbooks. Your kids may (or may not) love looking through them now and that could change as they age. Your eventual grandchildren and great-grands, etc., will probably have varying levels of interest, too, depending on their personalities and the point that they are at in their lives. But you know for a fact you love those scrapbooks and that makes you the one audience you can be sure of. Scrap on!

      • Joyce Wans says:

        I just figured out that you are THAT Yin. I love to read your blog and I buy a lot of your templates.

        I’m going to RootsTech also! I wanted to attend Barb Groth’s session but it conflicts with a lab session I paid for to learn more about metadata. I plan to focus on their story-telling and book publishing sessions as one of my goals (that I think I forgot to mention on the podcast) is putting out some family history research in a way that will appeal to non-family-history buffs in the family. I am currently toying with what I hope will be a really cool idea involving digi-scraping, photobooks, and other stuff. It I can work it out, maybe I’ll be able to tell you more about it someday.

        {Yin commented on my podcast. How cool is that . . . }

        • Barb Groth says:

          So sorry you won’t be able to attend my session at Root’s Tech! I’m really looking forward to helping others get into making some digital genealogy scrapbooks. Hope to run into you there!!
          Thanks for sharing the comment :) What a small world!!
          I mention Daily Digi in my presentation and have a Guide I’m selling where I’ve added a link to the DailyDigi.com as one of my favorites!

          • Steph says:

            Thank you so much for sharing Barb! I was invited to attend Roots Tech, but I can’t make it this year. It sounds like lots of fun though! Good luck with your presentation!

          • Joyce Wans says:

            Hi Barb, I’ll bring a copy of the only family history scrapbook I have published (each page was digiscrapped and then printed in a photobook. Maybe we should make a little effort to bump into each other. My email is JoyceWans@Yahoo.com. If you are interested in trying to meet, email me and we can exchange phone numbers or even make tentative plans.

    • Katie says:

      So glad we got to help you get ready for the new year Yin! :)

  5. Becky says:

    Fun show! Joyce is definitely an active scrapper as well as listener! It was fun to hear her list of ongoing projects. I have several in the works and I hope to be as faithful to them as Joyce is!

    Based on your reviews, I too have a FitBit One. And I wear it on my bra. And yes, when the timer goes off I have to remember how odd it looks to have me reaching inside my shirt to turn it off. I try to keep it on the upper strap but I often carry my 18-month-old on my hip and she thinks it’s great fun to play with so the FitBit often ends up attached out of her reach . I’m scared of losing it so the pocket or waistband just isn’t an option (and I too don’t like things on my wrist). So there you have it. You’re not alone ladies!

    • Joyce Wans says:

      You can tell by the extreme age of some|many|most|OK, all of my current projects that I am not real strong on the follow through. I did commit myself (and my husband supports the idea that I should be committed) to finally making books of these old trips so that I can enjoy them again. I pulled everything (and I mean everything) pertaining to old trips and stacked it all up on my desk, the cupboards behind my desk, and the pass-through height counter into the kitchen behind the cupboards. The stacks are tall (but not as tall as they were – yea!) so I can’t miss that I still have plenty to do. My office is where a normal person’s dining table would be so it’s right in the center of our living/kitchen area. This both encouraged me to keep working so that I can see from one room to the next again and excited me that I would get to see the old trips again.

      The organizational plan of scan slides, scan ephemera, make books, print when there’s a sale, and then read and enjoy short circuits my more usual approach which was to scan some slides, make a book, and print it. Then later find the travel journal and the stack of little things I picked up on the trip. Then get disgusted that my book could have been so much better. Then leave the crap on my desk for a long time before shoving it back into the storage bins it came out of and trying it again in a couple of years.

      My organized way means that the reward, getting the books, only happens when all the less glamorous tasks have been done — and it seems to be working!

      Good luck, Becky, finding an organizational approach that keeps you moving forward!

  6. Tiffany says:

    I was listening yesterday, but my attention was divided. And then I suddenly heard Joyce say, “If there’s a bandwagon, I’m jumping.” I loved that quote and immediately wrote it down. I scrapped with it today. Thanks for the inspiration, Joyce!

    • Joyce Wans says:

      First things first: As soon as I read your comment I ran and told my husband I’m famous! I’m quoted on a fellow listener’s scrapbook page! He appeared as impressed as he could muster.

      Second, thanks for the link to your page. If I knew more about scrapbooking in general I could probably name more bandwagons that it represents. Here goes: Wood grain with extra points for the part showing the joining of the planks and the knot, no picture pages, quotes and I love your title work and choice of fonts, stitching, doodled stickers, whatever they call the background tree sketch, and scatters with the buttons and the stickers. Was this an intentional choice or are you just so cool that these flow out of you?

      I thought the little arrowhead at the right was so clever to subtly encourage people to keep turning the pages in your scrapbook and then I noticed it is to encourage people to move to the next page in the gallery — but maybe you could make it be a bandwagon on pages! Scrap on . . .

    • Courtney M says:

      I saw your layout before I heard the digishow. I totally thought of your layout when Joyce said “If there’s a bandwagon, I’m jumping.”

    • Katie says:

      Cool layout! I love knowing where the inspiration came from also. :)

  7. Thanks for the shout out and kind words!! Glad to share bottles Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat of shine with you! Thanks Peppermint!!

  8. P.S. My neighbor in my commercial office space is http://www.ctscrapbooks.com/servlet/StoreFront

    The owner is Amanda and she’s amazing! Her prices are FAB!

  9. Anna Aspnes says:

    Hi Joyce! Loved listening to your no nonsense approach to scrapbooking. My kind of lady :) Loved to hear you picked up a couple of my templates. Would love to see how the pages turn out. Have you considered trying some actions on your blue photos to mitigate some of the blue tones?

    • Joyce Wans says:

      Whoa! Anna, too! Two of my favorite template designers talking to little ol’ me! (Katie, of course, is a close personal friend that I hope to meet in person this year.)

      I was a photographer long before I was a scrapbooker so I have been working these blue ones to death (my death I think). Fortunately, other years’ slides have not gone as blue although there is a tinge in there for many of them. Some of them are just plain bad photos to begin with.

      [Talk amongst yourselves while I go work this out . . .]

      Ok, Anna, I hope you sense the expenditure of time and dwindling brain power I needed to use to remember how to put something up on my old blog, but there is now a sample page on http://joyceron.blogspot.com/.

      And by the way “couple of templates” doesn’t come close. I have converted more than 60 of them like this so they are ready to spring into action when I finish my scanning. I have only one last slide project that I started yesterday but because it has 1100+ slides it will be a while! Then there is the ephemera scanning and then the extra fun part.

      Stay foto inspired!

  10. Courtney M says:

    Joyce cracks me up. I’ve loved hearing her personality on the Digishow as now I read her comments in her voice.

    Katie, have you tried the Pandigital Photolink One-Touch scanner yet? You said you bought it after the scanning show, and I keep waiting to hear any comments about it. I’ve been hesitant because there are positive and negative reviews about the slide scanning part. Sadly, Joyce’s scanner is way out of my current budget, although I’d be happy to trek to Logan if she wanted to haul it out here :) We could have Gossners ice cream, and Fredrico’s ham and cheese salads.

    • Joyce Wans says:

      Courtney, I apologize for being in you head and reading the comments to you in my voice but everyone has to be somewhere and I guess that’s where I had to be!

      If the cracks you are suffering are severe, I would recommend a visit to the emergency room for a generous application of Dermabond (medical Super Glue) to seal up the cracks. The evening we recorded the podcast I was tackling some huge Costco potatoes that had been hanging around a little too long and therefore had big “eyes” growing small plants. I took a knife to them and the knife slipped and I became a victim of a potato-eye-removal-related self-inflicted stab wound in the base of my left thumb. For the second time ever in my life I went to an emergency room and the upshot is the doctor didn’t think I needed stitches, he just glued the wound shut. Now the glue is coming off, as it should, and I am getting nervous to discover what the end result is. And don’t worry, I took pictures in the emergency room including a lovely selfie.

      So, crack up all you want, there’s plenty of glue!

    • Katie says:

      Still haven’t had time to properly test out the scanner. I will do it soon though and report back!

    • Jennifer says:

      Can I come? You had me at Fredrico’s ham and cheese salad!

      • Joyce Wans says:

        Are you the Jennifer that I had lunch with in Logan in 2012? I just compared the photo I took of you then to the thumbnail by your name here and, frankly, they don’t look that much alike! I would love to see you again!

      • Courtney M says:


        • Joyce Wans says:

          So, are Jennifer and Courtney M the same person?

          • Courtney M says:

            No. My “Yes” was a reply to Jennifer wanting a ham and cheese salad. I don’t know why it dropped to your question….

            I’m too busy being me to be Jennifer too!

  11. Joyce Wans says:

    Just sayin’ I love, love, love the graphic!

  12. Steph says:

    Okay gang! I have a post going up in just a few hours at The Daily Digi with all the details for Project Digi Files a.k.a ProjectDigiFiles :)

  13. Katie (sakura-panda) says:

    Nearly all of my early childhood photos are on slides and I haven’t given them any thought until this discussion. My scanner has a negative tray for scanning negatives and I believe that other box holds an adapter for slides; I’ve never opened either box. That is a project I need to add to my list.

    Is the scanning software difficult to use? This *might* be a project I could give to my mom. She is firmly resisting digital technology but I think she would be willing to learn, if I gave her a project with detailed instructions. (Baby steps!) I can do the final editing if that doesn’t have to be done at the time the slide is scanned.

  14. Michelle says:

    I had to laugh when Joyce was talking about living in Logan for the summers. Many years ago I was one of the students that was displaced from my apartment to make way for the summer citizens. Fun memories :)