Episode 87: More Boring Than A Bunch of Moms on Facebook


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The Topic

We are starting something new with this show: Digi Scraps. Take a listen to see what we are up to!

Joining the Discussion:

Peppermint Granberg
Katie Nelson


From the Mail:



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16 Responses to Episode 87: More Boring Than A Bunch of Moms on Facebook

  1. Melanie L. says:

    I love that you’re doing a shorter show instead of not recording at all. I need my Digi Show fix! I also wanted to comment on Vine and video. Like Katie, I’d prefer to skim over an article to glean what’s important to me rather than watch a video and have to watch the whole thing to get what I need. The short video is intriguing, however, but only for personal use. I don’t feel like I need to share everything and I like to edit things like that before sharing. Like Peppermint, I want to be able to look at something quickly at work without calling attention to myself. ;) Thanks again for another fabulous show (even though it’s short)!

    • Deirdre says:

      Just want to second what Melanie expressed. I’m so bummed when I start a tedious project and expect to listen to TDS for entertainment while I do it, and there isn’t a new show. The Digi Scraps is a brilliant idea. Obviously not as good as an indepth, long show but helps us addicts take the edge off:)

      I’m also curious what Katie thinks of Flickr’s new structure. Pro won’t be an option if you let it go, so I’m reluctant to not renew—but I really haven’t used the way I expected to.

      RE: Google+, I’ve read that people are starting to post more there—at least links to their blog posts, and giving the +1 (equivalent to a Facebook “like”) to friends’ posts because it plays such a large role in Google search rankings.

  2. Stacey says:

    I was just listening to episode 86, and wanted to comment on the Creative Cloud. While I can understand some of the outcry, I don’t fully understand those that are complaining about the cost. While I understand, having a monthly payment can be frustrating, it still is cheaper to subscribe monthly (even to Photoshop, only) than purchasing a new copy. As it seems they upgrade versions every year to two years, even if you upgrade every other version, you are still paying less than buying the box copy. I did the math when I was making the decision to join the CC a little less than a year ago, and it just made more sense, financially, for me as a hobbyist who wanted more than just Elements.

    And honestly, I love having the updates immediately, and have found very few issues. Knowing also that Adobe is very responsive when you submit “request,” I feel comfortable that any issues I may have will be fixed quickly. For example, when I first joined, I was extremely annoyed that I had to sign in every single time I opened my software. During one of the survies I took, I made mention of this. Wouldn’t you know, I no longer have to sign in every time I open my software. Actually, I haven’t had to logon since November.

    As for the software being an asset, I don’t know how all of that works, I’m just speaking purely as a hobbyist.

  3. mrshobbes says:

    On where the “young ‘uns” seem to be hanging out–because I listen and follow a lot of Korean pop (or Kpop), I found one place: Tumblr. Because of how its tagging system is built, the Tumblr dashboard is similar to how Twitter is. So you can type in any particular person, place, etc you want to follow and you can track that tag. It will bring up all Tumblr posts with that tag. You can decide which Tumblrs to follow from there. But I noticed a lot of users also use it like Twitter in that they’ll fire off a Tumblr post asking a question, tag it, and wait for answers. There are older users on Tumblr, of course, but for the most part it seems like a universe dominated by the tween/teen set.

  4. Shannon Kay says:

    I’m loving vine! It’s great for Disneyland and my fast moving toddler. I believe it’s 7 seconds.
    Here’s an example of mine – the parade at Disneyland

    There are a lot of things video is good for, but it’s usually not as easy to view and share as a picture. Vine is making that a little easier. they’re short, and most of them can be viewed with my phone muted without a lot of understanding lost. It’s almost like watching animated gifs.

  5. Penny says:

    I think the condensed version was a great idea for when your schedules are crazy. Thanks for thinking creatively so we don’t have to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS for the next digi show.
    I have a question unrelated to the show but related to designing…are the dimensional flowers in kits (like the blue one in Peppermint’s new kit-Philosophy-which is a beautiful kit by the way) scanned in or are they created in a program like Illustrator? I need this settled in my mind so I can quit thinking about it and just scrap. -Thanks.

  6. SarahT says:

    Hey girls! I know you all are fans of Flickr (especially Katie) and I logged in just recently because my pro account had lapsed and I had the money to renew it. I hadn’t been on the site in a while. When I logged on, Flickr had a whole new look and I was surprised to see that I had 1TB of storage. So…I didn’t renew my pro account. I also saw some information about going ads free and something called doublr (to get more storage, I’m assuming) I read some of the FAQ, but I’m not sure I understand it all. Could you girls take a look at it and give us the low down?? Thanks a million

  7. Laura says:

    An idea for a pick of the week… InstaWeather. It is a camera app like instagram but you can choose from several overlays that show your location and the weather at that given time. I recently used it in a Project Life spread that showed we had 6 inches of snow on Monday and 86 degrees on Sunday (only in Minnesota!). Very cool for project life pages.

  8. Peggy M says:

    I’m finally catching up on all the podcasts & the “Chelle & Katie” show couldn’t have come at a better time for me – over this past Memorial Day weekend. I *finally* started putting together the heritage book that I want to share with my nephews and niece. I have done heritage books – one for my parents which we had out at their memorial services and one for myself that is an ongoing project as I delve deeper into Ancestry.com (it’s a serious journey!). Since my parents and siblings are gone, I’m doing this digi album to share with my kids as well as my siblings kids so they have a way to know their family better.

    I especially enjoyed the info on the military records. I would love to get my grandpa’s, dad’s and brother’s records to add some “flesh” to the stories I’ve heard from them. When my dad passed, I found polaroids that he had tucked away from his time in Germany. He’d never spoken of liberating Germany and the photos were some I won’t scrap (or will hide if I do) but I really want to know more about his time there beyond what he shared. We talk about post-traumatic stress syndrome of our current returning soldiers, but nothing of those from WWII, Korea or Vietnam. They all kept their stories to themselves. I’m sure my dad never spoke of this time because of the trauma he found there.

  9. Peppermint…you eat Cheetos?! Gasp.